Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets

by Sarah Smith

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Celebrity Diets by Sarah Smith

Diet Plans that Celebrities Use
Sarah Jessica Parker, Matt LeBlanc, and Renee Zellweger have all been quoted as being clients of Fred Pescatore - author of the Hamptons Diet.
Kim Cattral and Julia Roberts attribute their good skin to the Dr. Perricone Diet.
Jennifer Aniston (of Friends fame) is known to have used the Zone diet.
Bill and Hillary Clinton have used the South Beach Diet.
Dr Phil McGraw (of Oprah fame) has authored the 'Shape Up' diet .
Again many other celebrities have used the controversial Atkins diet.
Sarah, the Duchess of York has endorsed both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.
Oprah Winfrey has used the "Total Body Makeover" from personal trainer Bob Greene.
Winner of reality series "The Swan" successfully used Nutrisystem to shed 25 pounds.

I. The Zone Diet - Jannifer Aniston
a. Orange Peacan Chicken Salad
b. Pamesan Crusted Fish with Sugarsnap Pea Salad

Jennifer Aniston’s Typical Daily Diet
a. Halloumi Cheese Salad
b. Grilled Chicken and Baby Greens

II. Vegetarian Diet

Alicia Silverstone Kind Diet
a. Healthy Green Bean Salad
b. Orecchiette Broccoli Pasta
c. Fettuccine with Cherry Tomato Sauce
d. Watercress, Mint, and Oea Pasta
e. Mushroom Eggplants

The Zen Macrobiotic Diet - Renee Zellweger
a. Macrobiotic Wild Rice, Miso soup, Seeweed and Vegetables
b. Miso Salmon
c. Grilled Marinated Tofu

The Raw Food diet - Demi Moore
d. Broccoli with Toasted Almond
e. Thai Vegetable Wrap
f. Tomato Salad

III. High Protein Low Carb Diets

Timothy Ferris - The 4 Hour Body: Slow Carb Diet
a. Grass-fed Rrganic Beef Steak with Pinto Beans
b. Tomato, Bacon, and Egg Breakfast

South Beach Diet - Nicole Kidman
a. Lemon Scallop Ceviche
b. Filet medalion with Artichoke
c. Pan roasted pork Chop Steak

The Hampton's Diet – Sarah Jessica Parker
a. Hazelnut and Mustard Chicken
b. MacNut Salmon Steak with Pea Puree
c. Smoked Salmon Salad and Lime Dressing

Dukan Diet – Jennifer Lopez
a. Grilled Steak and Green Salad
b. Salmon with Asparagus
c. Chicken Porched Egg Salad

The Paleo Diet - Megan Fox
a. Steak and Mushrooms
b. Herbcrust Lambrack
c. Carpaccio di tonno Salad
d. Celery and Carrot with Salmon dipping sauce
e. Smoked Salmon Egg Salad

Gluten-Free Diet - Victoria Beckham

IV. Baby Food Diet - Lady Gaga
a. Cold Tomato and carrot soup
b. Chilled Prawn and Pea Soup
c. Chicken and Apple Orange Lime Juice Smoothie

V. The Cabbage Soup Diet - Beyonce
a. Leek and Cabbage Soup
a. Broccoli Tomato Cabbage Soup
b. Onion Tomato Cabbage Soup

VI. Cleansing Detox Diet - Gwyneth Paltrow
Master Cleanse and The Lemonade Diet– Jennifer Aniston
The Maple Syrup Diet - Beyonce
The Grape Diet
Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet - Angelia Jolie
a. Kale-Apple Smoothie
b. Ginger Winter Green Smoothie
c. Perfect Purple Detox Smoothie
d. Cilantro Surprise Smoothie
e. Lemon-Lime Detox Smoothie
f. Mango-Lime Detox Smoothie
g. Mango Ginger Favorite
h. Tropical Pineapple Smoothie
i. Mango Green Smoothie
j. Lime Green Smoothie
Fruit Flush
a. Kiwi fruit salad
Egg Grapefruit Diet
Grapefruit Diet
The Vinegar Diet – Megan Fox
Ultimate Tea Diet - Giuliana Rancic
Green Tea For Weight Loss
Dr Joshi's holistic detox diet – Kate Moss

Dr Perricone's Prescription Diet – Courteney Cox
a. Smoke Salmon and Vegetable Roll
b. Salmon katsu with dill sauce
The Blood type diet – Liz Hurley
The GenoType Diet – Oprah Winfrey
5-Factor Diet – Eva Mendez
The 3-Hour Diet

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