Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors: Tides of Turbulence

Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors: Tides of Turbulence

by Beckett Baldwin

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The continuation of the previous volume; picks up where Volume#3 of "Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors" left off and the aftermath of "Ed's Mono-myth" trilogy...The sequel to the 'Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors' series and picking up where 'Planet Empyrean' left off.
It's been five years since Hellde has shown his face. The heroes are all sleeping while Draco is plagued by his terrible past due to the tainted history of the Sugoi clan and all of the great sins that they'd committed in the past that has caused a great deal of wickedness and torture that has become his past to this day and age. Temptations were leading Draco back to the dark path of revenge against his own father. The horrible prejudice and discrimination of the Sugoi s, as well as with their slaughter was making him darker in nature.
An explosion went down; waking everyone else up and stopping the fire. Little do they know that everything was orchestrated by the leader of the "COG" him-self. Calling him-self Cicatrix, whose nothing compared to his real name. Cicatrix makes his debut as he pushes Draco to new heights while telling him that in order to take revenge on his father, he must neither do two things; defeat two people who stand in his way or kill-Evan for his blood, knowing that Evan contains solar energy, the power that'll grant him the strength to finally kill his father and take full revenge in retribution for his fallen clan.
Events continue to happen as the team learns about who Cerberus originally is; the fiend Hellde Sugoi who made a pact with not only Tia-mat, but also two other sinister antagonist that're hell-bent on coming back. Draco continues to be plagued by his past due to the tainted history of the Sugoi clan and all of the great sins that they'd committed in the past, while the "COG" prepares for one final counter assault. Doing all they can to slow them down so that Hellde shall become "Ala_Sugaar" and destroy them once and for all. Minerva's dark side re-emerges and Draco's alter-ego is raised once again; attempting to kill the young Ken Slayer for his own pleasure. All while telling him about the future events that're happening and how they're going to affect everyone else around them.
Eventually it leads to Cicatrix killing off the rest of the "COG" and reminding Draco of his current path of revenge; encouraging more dark thoughts into his head. He leaves out of the scene while the Empyreal group takes the time to go to planet Sun-Sky, where Cerberus is waiting for them. They make it to the planet where Eliza and Ed lived, only to see it infected by none other than the return of the antagonist; Ala_Sugaar (one step closer to becoming Hellde Z. Sugoi again.) He unleashed his dark spell which brought back his dead children as the men of unholy fire. He even awakened the three headed "Red/Blue Hong" spirit inside of Draco and changed the scenery back to Empyrean, where he plans to take it over for his own usage.
This is the fourth of the seventh volume of the story, where now the heroes must fight against Cerberus and stop him from completing his final and most deadly of forms. No matter what will happen. Also, someone is watching the shadows, awaiting to make their move. Plus, another short story of how the hybrid known as "Cicatrix" came into the whole picture, and how he plays as the ultimate key to either Empyrean's salvation...or complete and utter destruction.
Also, another short story of how Draco went through his journey to get vengeance on his father, and all of of the horrendous acts he's committed to him and everyone he loves as well.

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BN ID: 2940151201322
Publisher: Nook Press Publishing
Publication date: 09/07/2014
Series: Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 434
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About the Author

Author of both "Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors" and "Saintly/Angelic Warriors". In 2007, he graduated from Bellevue West High School, completing his first novel and starting a series. In 2011, he published "The Beginning(Book#1 of Celestial/Terrestrial)" while digging up old files and reviving "Saintly/Angelic Warriors: The Commencement" and having it published soon. After two months since the publication of the first "Celestial/Terrestrial" series, he published On May of 2012, he published "The Sacred Training(Book#2 of Celestial Warriors)", and taking a break of publication before working on the other Chief Work.On September of 2012, he published the third book of the "Celestial Warriors" series, and took a two year hiatus afterwards. In 2013, Garland graduated with a BA in Graphic Design/ minor in English Literature and Creative Writing, and a month later, published Saintly/Angelic Warriors: The Commencement. Continuing to work on his two chief works. On September of 2014, Garland publishes the fourth book of the "Celestial/Terrestrial" series, after two years has passed since the third book's publication. He currently now works on Saintly/Angelic Warriors and songwriting, while going to school for screenwriting, and making sure to continue his success. As of February of 2015, Garland, aka. "Beckett Baldwin", will be attending "Southern New Hampshire University", to pursue his Master's Degree in English Literature & Creative Writing/Screenwriting, to become a Screenwriter. Giving his Chief Work, "Celestial/Terrestrial", a two year hiatus, to finish up "Ed's Journey" trilogy, as well as work on his other Chief Work, "Saintly/Angelic Warriors", before the release of the sixth book of the "Celestial/Terrestrial", is to be released. During this time, he currently works as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Writer, for various other projects that clients request from him. As well as an Authorpreneur, a professional author and entrepreneur.

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