Cell Encapsulation Technology and Therapeutics

Cell Encapsulation Technology and Therapeutics

Hardcover(New Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780817640101
Publisher: Birkhauser Verlag
Publication date: 06/27/2000
Series: Tissue Engineering Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 450
Product dimensions: 7.09(w) x 10.24(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Thomas M. S. Chang
Pt. I: Fundamentals of Cell Encapsulation
1: Encapsulation and Immobilization Techniques
Claire Dulieu, Denis Poncelet, Ronald J. Neufeld
2: Mass Transfer in Immobilized Cell Systems
3: Polymer Membranes for Cell Encapsulation
Taylor G. Wang
4: Biocompatible Encapsulation Materials: Fundamentals and Application
Ulrich Zimmermann, Christian Hasse, Mathias Rothmund, (et al.)
5: Modulation of Membrane Permeability
Augustine O. Okhamafe, Mattheus F. A. Goosen
6: Biocompatibility Issues
Paul de Vos, Reinout van Schilfgaarde
Pt. II: Encapsulation Systems
7: Calcium Alginate
Hua Yang, James R. Wright, Jr.
8: Immunoprotection of Islets of Langerhans by Microencapsulation in Barium Alginate Beads
Tobias D. C. Zekorn, Reinhard G. Bretzel
9: Agarose
Hiroo Iwata, Yoshito Ikada
10: Poly (ethylene glycol)
Amarpreet S. Sawhney
11: Long-Term Survival of Poly-L-Lysine-Alginate Microencapsulated Islet Xenografts in Spontaneously Diabetic NOD Mice
Collin J. Weber, Judith A. Kapp, Mary K. Hagler, (et al.)
12: Alginate/Poly-L-Ornithine Microcapsules for Pancreatic Islet Cell Immunoprotection
Riccardo Calafiore, Giuseppe Basta
13: Chitosan
SungKoo Kim, JoonHo Choi, Estela A. Balmaceda, (et al.)
14: Polyacrylates
Julia E. Babensee, Michael V. Sefton
15: Diffusion Chambers
Robert P. Lanza
16: Vascular Devices
Takashi Maki, Anthony P. Monaco, Claudy J. P. Mullon, (et al.)
17: Macrocapsules Based on Ultrafiltration and Diffusion
Krystyna Burczak, Yoshito Ikada
Pt. III: Applications of Encapsulated Cell Systems
18: Artificial Pancreas
Willem M. Kuhtreiber, Robert P. Lanza, William L. Chick
19: Microencapsulated Islets in Type I Diabetics: Clinical Experience
Patrick Soon-Shiong
20: Transplantation of Microencapsulated Parathyroid Tissue: Clinical Background, Methods, and Current Status of Research
Christian Hasse, Andreas Zielke, Ulrich Zimmermann, (et al.)
21: Bioartificial Livers
Jeffrey M. Macdonald, John P. Griffin, Hiroshi Kubota, (et al.)
22: Renal Replacement Devices: The Development of the Bioartificial Kidney
Sudarshan Gautam, H. David Humes
23: Encapsulation of Mammalian Embryos
Glen K. Adaniya, Richard G. Rawlins
24: Encapsulated Plant Cells: Techniques and Applications
Wei Wen Su
25: Implantable Microcapsules for Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
Gonzalo Hortelano, Tracy Stockley
26: Microencapsulation: A Novel Gene Therapy for Lysosomal Storage Diseases
Colin J. D. Ross, Patricia L. Chang
27: Growth Hormone Gene Therapy Using Encapsulated Myoblasts
Nahed Ismail, Gonzalo Hortelano, Ayman Al-Hendy
28: Transplantation of Encapsulated Cells into the Central Nervous System
Jacqueline Sagen, Suzanne L. Bruhn, David H. Rein, (et al.)
29: Removal of Urea in Uremia and Ammonia in Liver Failure with Emphasis on the Use of Artificial Cells for Encapsulation of Genetically Engineered Cells
Thomas M. S. Chang, Satya Prakash
30: Principles of Bioreactor Design for Encapsulated Cells
Branko Bugarski, Mattheus F. A. Goosen, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic
31: Culture of Anchorage-Dependent Cells
Delano V. Young

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