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This group of revised papers, taken from a conference held at the University of Wales in Lampeter in 2000, reflects the diversity of the different forms of saints' cults and hagiography within the Celtic regions of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany and Cornwall. Written by leading scholars, these fifteen studies focus on evidence from the mid 4th to early 20th century, evidence which includes saints' Lives , poetry and prose narratives referring to saints, holy wells and shrines, songs, relics, church dedications, archaeology and iconograpphy. Among the saints discussed are St Patrick, St David, St Birgit and St Brendan.

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ISBN-13: 9780708317495
Publisher: University of Wales Press
Publication date: 01/28/2003
Series: University of Wales - Pocket Guide Ser.
Pages: 339
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 5.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jane Cartwright is Lecturer in Welsh at the University of Wales, Lampeter. She is the author of Y Forwyn Fair, Santesau a Lleianod (1999) and has published widely on Celtic hagiography and medieval virginity literature.

Table of Contents

       Jane Cartwright
1.    St David and St Davids: some observations on the cult, site and buildings
       J. Wyn Evans

2.    Welsh hagiography and the nationalist impulse
       Elissa R. Henken
3.    Twelfth-century Welsh hagiography: the Gogynfeirdd poems to saints
       Nerys Ann Jones and Morfydd E. Owen  
4.    The harlot and the hostess: a preliminary study of the Middle Welsh Lives of Mary Magdalene and her sister Martha
       Jane Cartwright

5.    The early chronology for St Patrick (c.351-c.428): some new ideas and possibilities
       John T. Koch

6.    Reading Muirchú’s Tara-event within its background as a biblical ‘trial of divinities’
       Thomas O’Loughlin

7.    Miracles and wonders in the composition of the Lives of early Irish saints
       Dorothy Ann Bray

8.    The Northern Lectionary: a source for the Codex Salmanticensis?
       T. M. Charles-Edwards
9.    Fasting, flesh and the body in the St Brendan dossier
       Jonathan M. Wooding

10.  The process and significance of rewriting Breton hagiography
       Bernard Merdrignac

11.  Saints behaving badly: sanctity and transgression in Breton popular culture
       Mary-Ann Constantine

12.  Magpie hagiography in twelfth-century Scotland: the case of Libellus de nativitate Sancti Cuthberti
       Thomas Owen Clancy

13.  Saints, stones and shrines: the cults of Sts Moluag and Gerardine in Pictland
       Penelope Dransart

14.  Pre-Reformation saints’ cults in Cornwall – with particular reference to the St Neot windows
       Joanna Mattingly
15.  Alba Longa in the Celtic regions? Swine, saints and Celtic hagiography
       Karen Jankulak
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