Celtic Indian Boy of Appalachia: A Scots Irish Cherokee Childhood

Celtic Indian Boy of Appalachia: A Scots Irish Cherokee Childhood

by Rickey Butch Walker


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There have been many books written about the poor country hill people of the Appalachian Mountains, as well as the Indians of this historic place. In Celtic Indian Boy of Appalachia: A Scots Irish Cherokee Childhood, Butch Walker tells his personal tale of two cultures that influenced the stories of his upbringing. His roots are deeply planted in the mountains and valleys of the southern foothills of Appalachia; so springs forth this raw story of his life. Nothing is hidden from the reader as you are taken from the cotton fields, to the creek bottoms, and backwoods in a tale of heartache and adventure. People from all ages and backgrounds can appreciate stories from a Celtic Indian childhood that has not been forgotten. In the age of our fast paced and technologically advanced society, when most do not know the meaning of hard work, it is nice to be reminded of a simple time that revolved around family and living off the land. Celtic Indian Boy of Appalachia takes a personal approach to history, where memories become real; it takes you back to a time long forgotten in the hills and hollows of the Warrior Mountains. You will feel his sting of a poverty driven area; you will cry at his heartaches; you will feel the pain of needs to be met; and you will laugh at the little joys that meant so much to him, but all these things would be considered minor in today's world. Butch Walker's stories are true and full of life; his struggles and trials were real. Some folks might call people like Butch Walker, hillbilly, redneck, or just plain country; to him, the old ways and ways of the wild were just life, as it is, not retouched. Celtic Indian Boy of Appalachia is Butch Walker's best work yet; because it is from his heart, it is personal, and it is not sugar coated. I hope you find as much joy as I did while you laugh, cry, feel the triumph, and the pain of a Celtic Indian boy growing up in the southern foothills of the lower Appalachian Mountains.

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