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ISBN-13: 9789051839982
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 01/01/1996
Series: Studia Imagologica Series
Pages: 299

Table of Contents

Terence BROWN: Preface. Joep LEERSSEN: Celticism. Daniel DROIXHE: Ossian, Hermann and the Jew's Harp: Images of Celtic Languages from 1600 to 1800. Hildegard L.C. TRISTRAM: Celtic in Linguistic Taxonomy in the Nineteenth Century. Timothy CHAMPION: The Celt in Archaeology. Fiona STAFFORD: Primitivism and the 'Primitive' Poet: A Cultural Context for Macpherson's Ossian. Patrick SIMS-WILLIAMS: The Invention of Celtic Nature Poetry. Mícheál MAC CRAITH: The 'Forging' of Ossian. Donald E. MEEK: Modern Celtic Christianity. Ann RIGNEY: Immemorial Routines: The Celts and their Resistance to History. Annie JOURDAN: The Image of Gaul during the French Revolution: Between Charlemagne and Ossian. George WATSON: Celticism and the Annulment of History. Terence BROWN: Cultural Nationalism, Celticism and the Occult. Christopher HARVIE: Anglo-Saxons into Celts: The Scottish Intellectuals 1760-1930. Howard GASKILL: Herder, Ossian and the Celtic. Luke GIBBONS: The Sympathetic Bond: Ossian, Celticism and Colonialism. Index of personal names.

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