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Cengage Learning
Cengage Advantage Books: Calculus: The Classic Edition (with BCA Tutorial and InfoTrac) / Edition 5

Cengage Advantage Books: Calculus: The Classic Edition (with BCA Tutorial and InfoTrac) / Edition 5

by Earl W. Swokowski


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Cengage Advantage Books: Calculus: The Classic Edition (with BCA Tutorial and InfoTrac) / Edition 5

This ADVANTAGE SERIES edition of Swokowski's text is a truly valuable selection. Groundbreaking in every way when first published, this book is a simple, straightforward, direct calculus text. Its popularity is directly due to its broad use of applications, the easy-to-understand writing style, and the wealth of examples and exercises, which reinforce conceptualization of the subject matter. The author wrote this text with three objectives in mind. The first was to make the book more student-oriented by expanding discussions and providing more examples and figures to help clarify concepts. To further aid students, guidelines for solving problems were added in many sections of the text. The second objective was to stress the usefulness of calculus by means of modern applications of derivatives and integrals. The third objective, to make the text as accurate and error-free as possible, was accomplished by a careful examination of the exposition, combined with a thorough checking of each example and exercise. And,as part of the ADVANTAGE SERIES, this new version will offer all the quality content you've come to expect from Swokowski sold to your students at a significantly lower price.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 2900534435386
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 06/16/2000
Edition description: REV
Pages: 1184
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.30(h) x 1.80(d)

About the Author

Earl Swokowski authored multiple editions of numerous successful textbooks, including CALCULUS; CALCULUS OF A SINGLE VARIABLE; FUNDAMENTALS OF COLLEGE ALGEBRA; and PRECALCULUS: FUNCTIONS AND GRAPHS, all published by Cengage Learning Brooks/Cole.

Table of Contents

1. PRECALCULUS REVIEW. Algebra. Functions. Trigonometry. 2. LIMITS OF FUNCTIONS. Introduction to Limits. Definition of Limits. Techniques for Finding Limits. Limits Involving Infinity. Continuous Functions. Review Exercises. 3. THE DERIVATIVE. Tangent Lines and Rates of Change. Definition of Derivative. Techniques of Differentiation. Derivatives of the Trigonometric Functions. Increments and Differentials. The Chain Rule. Implicit Differentiation. Related Rates. Review Exercises. 4. APPLICATIONS OF THE DERIVATIVE. Extrema of Functions. The Mean Value Theorem. The First Derivative Test. Concavity and the Second Derivative Test. Summary of Graphical Methods. Optimization Problems. Rectlinear Motion and Other Applications. Newton's Method. Review Exercises. 5. INTEGRALS. Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals. Change of Variables in Indefinite Integrals. Summation Notation and Area. The Definite Integral. Properties of the Definite Integral. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Numerical Integration. Review Exercises. 6. APPLICATIONS OF THE DEFINITE INTEGRAL. Area. Solids of Revolution. Volumes by Cylindrical Shells. Volumes by Cross Sections. Arc Length and Surfaces of Revolution. Work. Moments and Centers of Mass. Other Applications. Review Exercises. 7. LOGARITHMIC AND EXPONENTIAL FUNCTIONS. Inverse Functions. The Natural Logarithmic Function. The Natural Exponential Function. Integration. General Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. Laws of Growth and Decay. Review Exercises. 8. INVERSE TRIGONOMETRIC AND HYPERBOLIC FUNCTIONS. Inverse Trigonometric Functions. Derivative and Integrals. Hyperbolic Functions. Inverse Hyperbolic Functions. Review Exercises. 9. TECHNIQUES OF INTEGRATION. Integration by Parts. Trigonometric Integrals. Trigonometric Substitutions. Integrals of Rational Functions. Integrals Involving Quadratic Expressions. Miscellaneous Substitutions. Tables of Integrals. Review Exercises. 10. INDETERMINATE FORMS AND IMPROPER INTEGRALS. The Indeterminate Forms 0/0 and ¥/¥. Other Indeterminate Forms. Integrals with Infinite Limits of Integration. Integrals with Discontinuous Integrands. Review Exercises. 11. INFINITE SERIES. Sequences. Convergent of Divergent Series. Positive-Term Series. The Rational and Root Tests. Alternation Series and Absolute Convergence. Power Series. Power Series Representations of Functions. Maclaurin and Taylor Series. Applications of Taylor Polynomials. The Binomial Series. Review Exercises. 12. TOPICS FROM ANALYTIC GEOMETRY. Parabolas. Ellipses. Hyperbolas. Rotation of Axes. Review Exercises. 13. PLANE CURVES AND POLAR COORDINATES. Plane Curves. Tangent Lines and Arc Length. Polar Coordinates. Integrals in Polar Coordinates. Polar Equations of Conics. Review Exercises. 14. VECTORS AND SURFACES. Vectors in Two Dimensions. Vectors in Three Dimensions. The Dot Product. The Vector Product. Lines and Planes. Surfaces. Review Exercises. 15. VECTOR-VALUED FUNCTIONS. Vector-Valued Functions and Space Curves. Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals. Motion. Curvature. Tangential and Normal Components of Acceleration. Kepler's Laws. Review Exercises. 16. PARTIAL DIFFERENTIATION. Functions of Several Variables. Limits and Continuity. Partial Derivatives. Increments and Differentials. Chain Rules. Directional Derivatives. Tangent Planes and Normal Lines. Extrema of Functions of Several Variables. Lagrange Multipliers. Review Exercises. 17. MULTIPLE INTEGRALS. Double Integrals. Area and Volume. Double Integrals in Polar Coordinates. Surface Area. Triple Integrals. Moments and Center of Mass. Cylindrical Coordinates. Spherical Coordinates. Change of Variables and Jacobians. Review Exercises. 18. VECTOR CALCULUS. Vector Fields. Line Integrals. Independence of Path. Green's Theorem. Surface Integrals. The Divergence Theorem. Stoke's Theorem. Review Exercises. 19. DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. Seperable Differential Equations. First-Order Linear Differential Equations. Second-Order Linear Differential Equations. Nonhomogeneous Linear Differential Equations. Vibrations. Series Solutions. Review Exercises. Appendices I: Mathematical Induction. Appendices II: Theorems on Limits and Integrals. Appendices III: Tables. Appendices IV: Table Of Integrals. Answers To Odd-Numbered Exercises. Index.

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