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Cengage Advantage: A Vous!, Worktext Volume I, Chapters 1-8 / Edition 2

Cengage Advantage: A Vous!, Worktext Volume I, Chapters 1-8 / Edition 2

by Veronique Anover, Theresa A. Antes


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Cengage Advantage: A Vous!, Worktext Volume I, Chapters 1-8 / Edition 2

À VOUS! is a complete introductory French program that makes learning French easier through its flexible and accessible approach. The program integrates the best aspects of theories in second-language acquisition and focuses on skills crucial to the learning and use of a foreign language. The program incorporates high-frequency vocabulary that is of interest to today's students, grammar explanations that are complete and comprehensible, a focus on all skills, task-based activities that simulate what students will do during their first travel- or study-abroad experience, and high-interest cultural topics that invite cross-cultural comparisons. This innovative and comprehensive approach to the introduction of French language and culture asks students to use their analytical skills while participating in a highly interactive and personalized learning experience. The Worktext version of À vous, 2nd Edition Volume 1 includes the complete front matter and back matter plus Textbook Chapters 1-8 PLUS SAM Chapters 1-8 in one convenient paperbound volume. Volume 2 also includes the complete front matter and back matter plus Textbook Chapters 8-14 PLUS SAM Chapters 8-14.

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ISBN-13: 9780495916963
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Series: World Languages Series
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Veronique Anover, a native of France, has been teaching French grammar, civilization, culture, and contemporary literature for more than 15 years. Dr. Anover also teaches Spanish grammar and Peninsular literature. Her areas of expertise are contemporary French and Spanish women writers and Second Language Acquisition. Her previous experience in textbook publishing is PLAZAS, Fourth Edition, Student Activity Manual and VIAJES, Second Edition, Student Activity Manual. Dr. Anover currently teaches French and Spanish language and Peninsular literature at California State University, San Marcos.

Theresa A. Antes has been teaching French and Applied Linguistics for more than 15 years. She specializes in Second Language Acquisition, and regularly teaches courses in SLA and in foreign language methodology. Her current research focuses on the use of acquisition of lexicon by second language learners. She has directed the first-year French program at the University of Florida for more than eight years and was Director of Elementary French at Wayne State University prior to that. In addition to À VOUS! Dr. Antes has published a book on French Linguistics with Yale University Press. She currently teaches courses in French and Linguistics at the University of Florida.

Table of Contents

To the Student. An Overview of the Textbook's Main Features. Acknowledgments. 1. QUI ES-TU? Vocabulary: Basic conversations; Introductions; Making plans. Structures: The alphabet; Tu vs. Vous; Numbers 0-30; Numbers 31-69; Le verbe être. Culture: Greetings and goodbyes in Francophone countries; University system in France. 2. JE SUIS COMME JE SUIS. Vocabulary: Describing yourself and others; Talking about your personality; Daily activities; professions, pets. Structures: Negation; The verb avoir; Adjectives agreement and placement; Regular and stem changing -er verbs; Indefinite articles. Culture: Portrait of some French and Francophone "speakers"; Is there a "typical" French person? À l'aventure! La Guadeloupe. 3. MA FAMILLE ET MES AMIS. Vocabulary: Sports and Leisure activities; Family members; Days of the week and months of the year. Structures: Yes/no questions; Definite articles; Possessive adjectives; On and il y a; Numbers 70-1,000,000. Culture: The French and their pets; Mother's Day in the Central African Republic. 4. MON APPARTEMENT. Vocabulary: Describing an apartment or house; Prepositions; Household chores; the weather. Structures: The near future; the verb aller contractions with a; Telling time; Regular -ir verbs; Prepositions and contractions with definite articles; The verb faire; Telling time. Culture: Housing in Francophone Europe; Winter in Quebec. À l'aventure! La Wallonie. 5. MA VILLE. Vocabulary: Specialty shops and food; Clothing. Structures: Regular -re verbs; Partitive articles and expressions of quantity; The verbs mettre, porter, and essayer; The pronouns y and en; The verbs prendre, comprendre, and apprendre. Culture: Brasseries; French supermarkets. 6. MEW GOUTS GASTRONOMIQUES. Vocabulary: Expressions with avoir ; eating at a restaurant; Foods; Table settings. Structures: The verbs vouloir, and boire ; review of the partitive; Adverbs; The verbs devoir and pouvoir; Negative expressions: ne…plus, ne… jamais, ne…rien, ne …. Personne; . Interrogative adjective quel. Culture: French bread and cheese; French and Francophone African table manners. À l'aventure! La Provence. 7. LES INFOS QUI M'ENTOURENT. Vocabulary: The media; Events in our lives. Structures: Passe compose with avoir; Negative and interrogative sentences in the passe compose; Passe compose with être; Passe compose with y, en, and adverbs; The verbs lire, dire, ecrire. Culture: French television; TV guides in France. 8. MES RELATIONS AMOUREUSES ET AMICALES. Vocabulary: Daily routines; Romantic and friendly relationships; Personal relationships. Structures: Present tense of reflexive verbs; Reflexive verbs in the near future; Reciprocal verbs; Passe compose of reflexive and reciprocal verbs; The verbs quitter, partir and sortir. Culture: A Moroccan wedding; Interracial and intercultural marriage in France. À l'aventure! La Louisiane. 9. QUAND J'ETAIS ADOLESCENT. Vocabulary: School life; Concerns of adolescents; Child-rearing; Parts of the body and body image. Structures: Formation and uses of the imperfect tense; The imperfect with y and en; Interrogative pronouns; forming questions in the imperfect; Indefinite and definite articles with parts of the body. Culture: French teenagers and their parents; Problems of adolescents in Francophone countries. 10. MON BOULOT. Vocabulary: Work; Directions. Structures: Imparfait versus passe compose; Passe compose and imparfait to express point of view; The meaning of certain verbs in the passe compose and imparfait; Giving commands; Giving commands with reflexive verbs. Culture: Working conditions in the Francophone world; Looking for work in the Francophone world. À l'aventure! La Tunisie. 11. MES FINANCES. Vocabulary: At the hair dresser's; Banking and personal finances. Structures: Direct object pronouns; Direct object pronouns in commands; Past participle agreement; Comparative; Superlative; The verbs venir, revenir and devenir. Culture: Expenses that the French have; Consumers in Tunisia. 12. MES REVES. Vocabulary: Emotions; Ideal situations and your ideal self; Travel by train and plane; Making hotel reservations; tourist activities. Structures: The conditional tense; Prepositions used with continents, countries and cities; Relative pronouns qui and que; Relative pronouns dont and où. Culture: French advertisements; The French and wine. À l'aventure! Le Quebec. 13. MA VIE BRANCHEE! Vocabulary: Modern technology; Extreme sports and other hobbies; Fitness, exercise, and physical activities. Structures: The verbs connaître and savoir; The future tense; Disjunctive pronouns; Indirect object pronouns; Combining pronouns in a sentence. Culture: The internet in Africa; The French and soccer. 14. MON BIEN ETRE ET MA SANTE. Vocabulary: Health, internal organs, medical problems and remedies; Emotions; dietary habits; Expressions of emotion, desire, judgment, doubt and certainty. Structures: The present subjunctive; The subjunctive of irregular verbs; Subjunctive vs. infinitives; The subjunctive with expressions of emotion and desire; The subjunctive with expressions of judgment and doubt. Culture: How the French attain well being; Traditional medicine in Africa. À l'aventure! La Province de Quebec. Appendice A: En cours de français. Appendice B: Les États-Unis et le Canada. Appendice C: L'alphabet phonetique international (API). Appendice D: Conjugaison des verbes. French-English Vocabulary. English-French Vocabulary. Index. Credits.

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