Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times; The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2012-13

Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times; The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2012-13


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ISBN-13: 9781609804947
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
Publication date: 10/08/2013
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

PROJECT CENSORED, founded in 1976 by Carl Jensen at Sonoma State University, has as its principal objective the advocacy for and protection of First Amendment rights, including freedom of information. In 2008, Project Censored received the PEN/Oakland Literary Censorship Award. Most recently, Project Censored received the 2014 Pillar Award in Journalism and New Media, given annually to persons of conscience, conviction, and achievement who stand up for what’s right and what’s true in the face of corporate and political intimidation. For more information, visit www.projectcensored.org.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Solutions in a Time of Climate Meltdown: The Most Censored (and Indispensible) Story Sarah van Gelder 13

Introduction Andy Lee Roth Mickey Huff 25

Section I Censored News and Media Analysis

Introduction 35

Note on Research and Evaluation of Censored News Stories 39

Chapter 1 Top 25 Censored Stories from 2012-13 and Censored News Clusters 41

The Top 25

Top 25 Story Summaries, compiled by Andy Lee Roth 41

1 Bradley Manning and the Failure of Corporate Media 41

2 Richest Global I Percent Hide Trillions in Tax Havens 42

3 Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens a Regime of Corporate Global Governance 43

4 Obama's War on Whistleblowers 44

5 Hate Groups and Antigovernment Groups on Rise across US 44

6 Billionaires' Rising Wealth Intensifies Poverty and Inequality 46

7 Merchants of Death and Nuclear Weapons 47

8 Bank Interests Inflate Global Prices by 35 to 40 Percent 48

9 Icelanders Vote to Include Commons in Their Constitution 49

10 A "Culture of Cruelty" along Mexico-US Border 50

11 Bush Blocked Iran Nuclear Deal 50

12 The US Has Left Iraq with an Epidemic of Cancers and Birth Defects 52

13 A Fifth of Americans Go Hungry 53

14 Wireless Technology a Looming Health Crisis 54

15 Food Riots: The New Normal? 55

16 Journalism Under Attack Around the Globe 56

17 The Creative Commons Celebrates Ten Years of Sharing and Cultural Creation 57

18 Fracking Our Food Supply 57

19 The Power of Peaceful Revolution in Iceland 58

20 Israel Counted Minimum Calorie Needs in Gaza Blockade 59

21 Monsanto and India's "Suicide Economy" 60

22 Pennsylvania Law Gags Doctors to Protect Big Oil's "Proprietary Secrets" 61

23 Transaction Tax Helps Civilize Wall Street and Lower the National Debt 62

24 Widespread GMO Contamination: Did Monsanto Plant GMOs Before USDA Approval? 63

25 Israel Gave Birth Control to Ethiopian Immigrants Without Their Consent 63

Censored News Clusters

Whistleblowers and Gag Laws Brian Covert 65

Plutocracy, Poverty, and Prosperity James F. Tracy 85

Human Rights and Civil Liberties Susan Rahman Donna Nassor 101

Technologies and Ecologies of War Targol Mesbah Zara Zimbardo 113

Health and the Environment Susan Rahman Liliana Valdez-Madera 127

Iceland, the Power of Peaceful Revolution, and the Commons Andy Lee Roth 143

Chapter 2 Déjà Vu: What Happened to Previous Censored Stories? Mickey Huff Nolan Higdon Andrew O'Connor-Watts Jen Eiden Allen Kew Emmie Ruhland Aaron Hudson Rex Yang Sam Park Amitai Cohen Michael Kolbe Matthew Carhart 155

Chapter 3 Can't Touch This: Junk Food News and News Abuse Mickey Huff Michael Kolbe Nolan Higdon Sam Park Jennifer Eiden Kimberly Soiero 177

Chapter 4 Media Democracy in Action: Free Press and Free Speech Advocates that Make a Difference compiled Mickey Huff, with contributions Daniel Ellsberg, On Civil Courage Josh Wolf, Journalism that Matters William Creely. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Christopher M. Finan, American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression Acacia O'Connor, National Coalition Against Censorship and Kids' Right to Read Tony Diaz, Librotraficante Beau Hodai, DBA Press Sunsara Taylor. Stop Patriarchy John Collins, The Weave Ken Walden. What the World Could Be 207

Section II Critical Thinking, Media Literacy, and Narratives of Power

Introduction 249

Chapter 5 Digging Deepen Politico-Corporate Media Manipulation, Critical Thinking, and Democracy Elliot D. Cohen 251

Chapter 6 Diffusing Conspiracy Panics: On the Public Use of Reason in the Twenty-First Century Truth Emergency James F. Tracy 271

Chapter 7 Censorship That Dares Not Speak its Name: The Strange Silencing of Liberal America John Pilger 287

Chapter 8 Screening the Homeland: How Hollywood Fantasy Mediates State Fascism in the US of Empire Rob Williams 297

Section III Case Studies of "Unhistory" in the Making-And How to Build a Better Future

Introduction 311

Chapter 9 Exposing The Financial Core of the Transnational Capitalist Class Peter Phillips Brady Osborne 313

Chapter 10 Apple Exposed: The Untold Story of Globalization Nicki Lisa Cole Tara Krishna 331

Chapter 11 The "New" American Imperialism in Africa: Secret Sahara Wars and AFRICOM Brian Martin Murphy 353

Chapter 12 The Sixth Mass Extinction Julie Andrzejewski John C. Alessio 365

Chapter 13 The New Story: Why We Need One and How to Create II Michael Nagler 387

Acknowledgments and Judges 407

Report From The Media Freedom Foundation President Peter Phillips 413

How To Support Project Censored 419

No News Is Good News Marcia Annenberg, cover artist 421

About The Editors 423

Index 425

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