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Centipede Dragon: A Benevolent Creature

Centipede Dragon: A Benevolent Creature

by Alice Y Chen
Centipede Dragon: A Benevolent Creature

Centipede Dragon: A Benevolent Creature

by Alice Y Chen


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Who is Centipede Dragon? He is a part-centipede, and part-dragon, a magical creature who lives in an acorn tree in a village nestled by lake and mountains. Centipede Dragon is kind-hearted, who has observed and admires the camaraderie demonstrated by the villagers. He is thus inspired to help them with the power of his magical scales. Soon, he becomes ill due in part to his benevolence. When two children who live in the village discover him by chance, what will happen to Centipede Dragon? Will they help him? Will they discover his secret?

In this first book of a series featuring this magical half-this, half-that creature, "Centipede Dragon A Benevolent Creature" is sure to warm hearts with the story of helping others in times of need.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692333068
Publisher: AY Chen Illustration & Design
Publication date: 02/05/2015
Pages: 34
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.25(d)

About the Author

Alice makes her debut with "Centipede Dragon A Benevolent Creature" after nine years of allowing it to "mature" in her mind. A medical illustrator by training, Alice has been passionate about children's picture books ever since her teenage years, when she first wrote a book about an Inuit boy and his side-kick penguin pal, who were explorers in their imaginations. When she saw the original illustrations for David Wiesner's "Freefall" at an exhibit at her college, her fervent belief in the power of children's books was cemented. In the intervening years, she was busy with graduate school, establishing herself in her profession (for which she is equally passionate, see, moving different places, traveling, and getting married. In 2012, she re-booted Centipede Dragon. With help from a friend to edit and re-edit (and re-edit) the story line from its original 2005 version, she then unexpectedly went on a massive "drawing tear," cranking out illustration after illustration. "The images kept coming up in my head, and my hands couldn't keep up." After two years of submitting for publication while constantly reviewing and revising the book with no direction or indication as to why it was being rejected, she self-published. "Centipede Dragon A Benevolent Creature" is the first in a series of books about Centipede Dragon and his non-magical and magical friends who experience life together in a village nestled by lake and mountains. The second book is planned to be released in 2017.

Ever since Alice can remember, she has always been drawing. Whether it was "enhancing" coloring books or creating masterpieces on scratchboard, she has always gotten a feeling like no other after creating a piece of art. Alice was lucky enough to stumble upon the profession of medical illustration while marching down the path toward a career in scientific research (which she wasn't very good at). She embraced this new path that blended science and art, and nearly twenty years later, has loved every moment of drawing hearts, brains, livers, cells, and other equally wonderful body parts (see However, there has always been something that has been a greater constant in her life: children's books. She began early on writing a book entirely in rhyme in her teenage years. But frankly, she stumbled on the illustrations. "I couldn't seem to draw my character in any way but face-front, and I couldn't get down on paper their environment, even if it was all ice and snow." Many years intervened, and as she graduated from college her love of children's books was re-ignited with an exhibit about children's book illustration. There she met a ghost illustrator for the Mercer Mayer "Little Monster" book series (Ms. Fran Mitchell), who first introduced her to the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), an organization that helped aspiring and established authors and illustrators to hone their craft and get their works submission-ready. Once again, life intervened, and many more years later, she found herself still with this kernel of an idea still buried in her mind. Finally, in 2012, she finished a book she began in 2005 (you guessed it, that book was Centipede Dragon!). In two months she cranked out 13+ versions, fine-tuning, drastically changing and fine tuning again, the plot of the book. From the words sprang urgent inspirations for the accompanying illustrations, so she furiously drew and drew in between editing cycles. In 2014, she took the bold step into the world of self-publishing. "It's been an eye-opening experience, to say the least." Thus, when you purchase "Centipede Dragon A Benevolent Creature," know that you are buying years of perseverance and heart. And stay tuned, because this is only the beginning to the adventures of Centipede Dragon (

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