Central Asian Security: The New International Context
Central Asian Security: The New International Context

Central Asian Security: The New International Context

by Roy Allison, Lena Jonson

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This volume is the first comprehensive scholarly analysis of the strategic reconfiguration of Central Asia as Russia has become more disengaged from the nations in the region and as these nations have developed new relations to the south, east, and west. The international implications are enormous because of the rich energy sources—oil and natural gas—located in the Caspian Sea area. The authors assess a variety of internal security policy challenges confronting these states—for example, the potential for conflict arising from such factors as a mixed ethnic population, resource scarcity, particularly in relation to water management, and an Islamic revival. They also examine the security policy content of relations between the Central Asian states and regional and international powers—specifically the stakes, interests, and policies of Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, and the United States. These internal challenges and the evolution of relations with external powers may result in new cooperative relationships, but they may also lead to destabilizing rivalry and interstate enmity in Central Asia. It is important to identify new patterns of relevance for future security cooperation in the region, but the potential for a new security system or for new institutions to manage security in the region remains uncertain. These issues are explored by a team of prominent specialists from Western Europe, the United States, Russia and China.

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ISBN-13: 9780815798538
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
Publication date: 05/13/2004
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About the Author

Roy Allison is head of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London: He is the coeditor of Security Dilemmas in Russia and Eurasia (RIIA, 1998), the editor of Challenges for the Former Soviet South, (Brookings /RIIA, 1996), and coauthor of Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy, (Oxford University Press, 1996.) Lena Jonson is a senior research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. She is the author of Keeping the Peace in the CIS: The Evolution of Russian Policy (RIIA Discussion Paper, 1999), Russia and Central Asia: a New Web of Relations (RIIA, 1998), and coeditor of Peacekeeping and the Role of Russia in Eurasia (Westview Press, 1996.)

Table of Contents

About the authorsxiii
1Central Asian security: internal and external dynamics1
Introduction: the new international context1
Central Asia as a regional security complex5
Regional security dynamics10
Internal and external factors of Central Asian security12
Evolving security arrangements in Central Asia18
2Central Asia: common legacies and conflicts24
A history which both binds and divides26
Pursuing conflicting national strategies30
Hard times, growing rivalries and increasing security risks37
Will cooperation work? Prospects for the future43
3Islam in Central Asia49
Islam in Central Asian society49
Radical Islam and the Central Asian states53
The 'Islamic factor' and the role of Russia57
Central Asia and the wider Muslim world61
Prospects for the future65
4Water in Central Asia: regional cooperation or conflict?69
Water insecurity in Central Asia70
Regional initiatives in the water crisis72
The role and impact of external actors on the water management crisis77
Prospects for the future84
5Russia and Central Asia95
The vision96
Economic and energy relations101
Military and security relations104
Russia and regional dynamics110
Russia and the strategic scene in Central Asia114
Prospects for the future119
6The United States and Central Asia127
The US vision of Central Asia128
Energy relations135
Military-security cooperation and conflict resolution138
The USA and the strategic scene in Central Asia140
Prospects for the future145
7China and Central Asia152
The vision of Chinese-Central Asian relations152
The normalization of relations154
Economic and energy relations155
Military and security cooperation159
Islamism and separatism in Central Asia and Xinjiang161
China and the strategic scene in Central Asia165
Prospects for the future168
8Iran and Central Asia171
The normalization of relations between Iran and Central Asia174
Economic and energy cooperation178
Security relations and Iranian responses to conflicts in Central Asia and Afghanistan184
Prospects for the future: Iran and the strategic scene in Central Asia191
9Turkey and Central Asia199
The visions of a Turkic Commonwealth201
Economic and energy relations203
Military and security cooperation207
Regional dynamics210
Turkey and the strategic scene in Central Asia213
Prospects for the future216
10Structures and frameworks for security policy cooperation in Central Asia219
Security structures sponsored by the Central Asian states220
Security structures sponsored by regional/external powers226
The role of the United Nations and the OSCE in promoting security in Central Asia237
Prospects for the future240
11Conclusion: Central Asian security in the regional and international context247
The stakes, interests and policies of regional powers248
The potential for conflict and cooperation within Central Asia253
External powers, security assistance and shifting alignments in Central Asia260
The Central Asian security complex reconsidered263
Central Asian security: future trajectories264

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