Centralia, PA: Devils Fire

Centralia, PA: Devils Fire

by Andrew Shecktor


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Moved by previous visits to the Centralia, and ultimately by a trip to the now deserted town, which was bought out by the state following an unstoppable mine fire that began in 1962, the author was inspired to write a fitting eulogy. The novel is a fictional accounting based on fact and metaphorically presents the mine owners and industrialists as Satanical manifestations in need of exorcism. It is a wonderful mix of period fact with fiction - there is much to learn while enjoying a fanciful journey through the author's imagination.
Sample from the book:
"More water! More water damn it! The fire is spreading!" From behind a fire pumper a soot covered black-faced fireman came running and shouting. "Around the other side! Quickly!"
Three more fire fighters joined in, sweat pouring from their brows in the 83 degree heat, made many times hotter by the raging fire, dragging limp cloth hose toward the quickly spreading fire that was reaching out in anger from the pit. "Charge the line," screamed a scrawny teenage fireman. The hose they were carrying quickly filled and whipped along like a disturbed snake.
The fire, in the pit of an old abandoned strip mine near the Odd Fellows cemetery was started once or twice a year to burn excess municipal rubbish, but had never gotten out of control, as did this one. This fire was started on May 27 to clean up rubbish and municipal waste in preparation for the Memorial Day celebration, and was then extinguished by the fire department and was thought to have gone out. It had again re-kindled on May 29 and was put out late in the evening. It again re-kindled on June 12, though not as bad. Now it had re-kindled yet again, this time with a vengeance, as if set by Satan himself. None of the locals had ever seen such an inferno. This was no ordinary fire. The flames leaping from the ground formed shapes resembling demons from Hell, the heat was melting fire apparatus staged many hundreds of feet from the pit.

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