Certainty from Uncertainty: A Text for Spiritual Enhancement

Certainty from Uncertainty: A Text for Spiritual Enhancement

by Peter J. Prato


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ISBN-13: 9780759644113
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/28/2001
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.77(d)

Table of Contents

Section 1
Certainty from Uncertainty3
The Process of Human Intuition5
An Overview of Historical Spiritual Expressions8
Chapter 1
The Spiritual Evolutionary Process10
Chapter 2
Spiritual Intuitions of Our Ancestors12
The I Ching14
Tao Te Ching15
Chapter 3
Early Western Intuitions of God and the Soul18
Chapter 4
Early Intuitions in Israel24
The Emergence of Hinduism27
The Reniassance29
Francesco Petrarca29
Dante Alighieri30
Meister Eckhart33
Chapter 5
Ancient Men of Science37
Nicholas Copernicus37
Galileo Galilei38
Johannes Kepler39
Isaac Newton39
Charles Darwin40
Leonardo da Vinci40
Chapter 6
Philosophers of the Enlightenment42
Rene Descartes42
Baruch Spinoza44
Wilhelm Gottfried Leibniz46
Chapter 7
Suceeding Philosophers48
George Berkeley48
Ludwig Feuerbach49
John Locke49
William James50
Rudolph Otto51
Nickolai Bredyaev51
Sarvepalli Radhakrisnan52
Karl Barth52
Arthur Schopenhauer53
Friedrich Nietzsche54
Henri de Lubac55
Chapter 8
Later Poets and Intellectuals58
Ralph Waldo Emerson59
Emily Dickinson61
John Greenleaf Whittier63
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow66
William Wordsworth67
John Newman69
Charles Fillmore71
Aiden Wilson Tozer75
Section 2
Chapter 9
Modern Science and Truth81
Non-Local Phenomenon Action-at-a-Distance83
Chapter 10
Mystical Thoughts of Modern Day Scientists86
Henry Margenau86
Erwin Schroedinger92
Max Ludwig Planck97
Albert Einstein101
Louis Victor de Broglie105
Sir James Hopwood Jeans109
Niels Bohr111
Werner Karl Heisenberg116
Wolfgang Pauli119
David Bohm123
Chapter 11
Contemporary Scientists127
Fritjof Capra127
John A Russell131
Arthur L. Schawlow131
Charles H. Townes131
Wolfgang Smith132
Christian Afinsen132
Werner Arber133
Sir John Eccles134
Thomas C. Emmel134
Deepak Chopra135
Larry Dossey136
Roger J. Gautheret137
Thomas Mc Donough138
Stephen Hawking138
Chapter 12
Philosopher-Scientists of Spitirual Evolution140
Henri Louis Bergson140
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin141
Pierre Lecomte du Nouy147
Chapter 13
Full Freedom for the Soul: the Grand Reunion154
Section 3
Chapter 14
The Miracle of the Origin of the Universe165
The Miracle of Planet Earth166
Miracles of Human Life168
The Human Brain171
The Autonomic Nervous System172
The Immune System173
Chapter 15
The Power of the Human Mind175
Diagnosis at a Distance177
Scientific Validation of Telepathy178
Other Examples of Telepathic Experiences179
Precognition: The Capacity to Know the Future180
Precognition in a Dream182
Preexistent Knowledge of the Past184
Astonishing Apparitions185
Other Miraculous Cures192
A Suicidal Depressive193
Scar Tissue That Suddenly Disappears194
Vital Functions Are Restored196
Healing in a Dream198
Spontaneous Remissions from Cancer199
Historical Remission from Disease or Injury201
Healed From a Crippling Injury201
Can Miraculous Healing Occur Amid Negative Beliefs?204
Can Conscious Mind Effect Matter?211
Unaccountable Mystical Knowledge213
Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli215
The Pauli Effect217
Miraculous Healing Knowledge225
Padre Pio225
Chapter 16
Near Death Experiences (NDE)234
Striking Similarities235
They Do Not Want To Return235
The Initial Release236
A Being of Light238
Amazing Accuracy240
The Point of No Return241
Section 4
Chapter 17
Omega Consciousness261
The Case for Evolution261
The Evolution and Expansion of Spiritual Thought263
A Look at the Miraculous264
Our Responsibilities266
Final Recognitions268
End Notes273

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