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A tale of the street life of two young city girls chained to the game. Growing up in the heart ot Spanish Harlem was not an easy task. Meet Jaz, and attractive hispanic girl with a complextion and body any man would kill for. She learns to use her beauty as an advantage to get and keep what she wants. Subjected to prison life, Jaz experiences crucial love and lust that will lead to a new coarse image in her jouney. Jaz and Trouble stay true to one another, always riding out the good and the bad together. Troubnle and Jaz become fierce and faithful to what life has in store for them. Both with very fatuous ways, Jaz and Trouble are influenced by two different lifestyles. Early in their sucess they are diunited because of tribulations from the game. Together they will master the setbacks and conditions from the pressure of hustling at such a ripe young age.

With the influence and backbone of one of the neighborhood's main fellas, Chase and a project chick named Chyna, he becomes the enforcer and the only one who can help make moves possiblem although similar in potential, they are different when it comes to their goals and dreams. Trouble is intrigued by the street life and has a major priority to keep the game up to par during Jaz's incarceration. Will her skills get her the empire she's always wanted? When it all boils down to what life has in store for Jaz and isn't thier dreams and lifestyle, it's each other... Til death do them part. Will it be a successful trip to the top? Find out this amazing story of two friends who rather die than betray each other and what they stand for,

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BN ID: 2940012824783
Publisher: Deja Vu Publications
Publication date: 01/29/2007
Series: TWOFOLD , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 242
File size: 315 KB

About the Author

Deja Vu Publication made it's debut in 2007 headquartered in New York's East Harlem where it remains today. It's founder, Ms. Deborah Cardona envisioned a publication company that would attract talented authors as well as give her the freedom to bring her urban tales out to the general public. Chained, Two Fold and A Better Touch, her first publications were ground breaking books that first established the company.

Ms. Cardona decided to enter into the publishing field when she found that her stories were not only thought provocking, but it also showed it's readers that there are choices one can make in life for the better. Now the main goal is to guide other authors who come into the Deja Vu family to achieve it's highest potential through knowledge and keep the readers in mind to bring forth the best books that will thoroughly entertain them.

In the very near future we will be publishing many books with different aspects of the urban lifestyle as well as books to entertain audiences of all ages.

It is our goal to provide avid readers with books that they can relate to whether they live in the projects of the big city or within the manicured grassy home in the suburbs, we want it's story lines to grab the readers and take them into the lives of the characters in it's books.

Our main objective in publishing is to concentrate on the quality of the books we publish. We most importantly would love our readers to critique our books and inform us on how they feel our books can serve them better.

We are developing a long list of titles from our talented authors and invite you to please review our website regularly to check out titles we will release in the future.

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Chained 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jaz and Trouble are thick as thieves and have been down for each other since they were young. They have dreams of money, cars, houses, and clothes but as they try new endeavors something happens that delays the plan. Now each female is on their own now physically but know they can count on each other mentally. Trouble says that she is going to hold it down for Jaz until she can find her way out of her problem. Will Trouble be able to run thangs while Jaz finds a way out? Can Jaz and Trouble find love, happiness, and prosperity as they go in to their own world and reunite later on top...? Or will the situations that they go through lead them in total different places. Favorite Character(s): Jaz: She stayed true to her heart and still uses her hustler instincts to help her with her situations.... Trouble: Baby girl just held it down through the whole book... never let them see you sweat should have been her model... Least Favorite Character(s): Perez.... I wanted to hurt him for what he did to Jaz... But he got what he deserved... What did you like about the book? It had many different sub plots and it did great flowing... Everything came together so smooth at the end... What did you NOT like about the book? Just wanted to more of what happened to Trouble... Rate the book: 4.0... Would have been a 5 but I wanted need to know more about Trouble. Did you learn anything from this book? You can not help who you love Patrice Grimball DEJA VU BOOK CLUB