Chained To His Chariot: Paul, A Faithful Servant

Chained To His Chariot: Paul, A Faithful Servant

by Joseph Kennedy


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Chained to His Chariot continues the story of Paul's life from Illyricum, where The Invalid Warrior ended to his rented house prison in Rome where he is about to be evicted. With old age rapidly overtaking him, the Apostle was aggressive as he was in his youth. Blindness, illness, threats, abuse could no more deter the old man than they could deter the young man. Paul's life and legacy should be an inspiration to every Saint; and especially to unbelievers.

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ISBN-13: 9781440420702
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/10/2008
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

.Joseph Kennedy has lived a long, varied life. From a school teacher to truck driver, from California to Siberia, he has walked with God most of the way. Saved at age seven Christ turned his life from a budding sadist and pathological liar to a gentle person who loves the truth. Telling a lie or half-truth, or propagating a lie is completely foreign to his character. His writing career began when he was in the fourth grade at Anderson Street school. It resumed when he was in high school writing silly love stories which the other students read as fast as he could write a page. He started into college as a journalism student, but he soon dropped out of school. He was a married man with three little sons when he went to Tennessee Temple University in 1966. Writing was only a glimmer in his mind at that time. He took only one course in creative writing, and went into Christian education. He wrote many editorials and essays during that time, and school handbooks, but no effort was ever made to publish anything for money.

Kennedy switched to state education in 1973. He began writing a monthly publication titled "Youth Truth" while he was in bus evangelism. The bus evangelism carried him around several states. "Youth Truth" was mailed to all the children Kennedy could get an address for. In this publication he started the story of Irene which Kennedy developed into his first book.

In 1980 Kennedy was fired for teaching Bible to his students. Unable to obtain a suitable job in education, he went to work driving big, over-the-road trucks until retirement in 1992. He went to Latvia where he taught Bible and creation in a Russian high school. It was here he wrote a booklet on Bible doctrines for the local missionary, a book that was translated into Russian, but never used. He had come to love the Russian people, so he began to plan to go to real Russia. After studying maps of Russia for months, he decided to go to Tomsk in Siberia. Tomsk is the most northerly large city in Siberia. In Tomsk he taught Bible and creation at Tomsk State University, a teachers' school. Russian students and staff were astonished to learn that there is a God, and that God created the universe. They were also surprised to learn that Japan was not begging to surrender when we dropped the atomic bomb on them.

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