Chains of the Incubi 2: Nightmares and Illusions

Chains of the Incubi 2: Nightmares and Illusions

by Lily Green

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Chains of the Incubi 2: Nightmares and Illusions by Lily Green

From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Eve Snow Psychic P.I. Series, Ralph's Gift, The Whispering, The Taken, The Magaram Legends, Seasons of Love, In the Blood, Miss Bookworm and Mr. Sex Symbol, One Wrong Step, Friend Zone, Eternally Soul Mates. And now, there's the Chains of the Incubi Series...


Cassie is losing hope to rid herself of the Nightmare and the Incubi of it that seek to possess her. Their torture grows stronger as she grows weaker, and no one can keep them from pulling her back into their Hellish Dimension. She gets it now. It�s not just a dream � it�s real, and her life, and maybe her very soul, is in mortal danger.
If she asks for help from her parents or her kindly school advisor, they may be snatched away. She did not know if she could trust her friends; jealousy and lust seem to overcome friendship as they lusted after Paulo. Until she realizes that she isn't the only one in the clutches of the Incubi � those horrid monsters mark people like her, to feast on them like they feasted on the running flesh of those that have succumbed long ago to the incubus nightmare.
And the worst betrayal is the discovery that Paulo might be in the center of it all!
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READER ADVISORY: This series contains GRAPHIC sexual content that readers may find objectionable, including explicit language, abuse, violence, and erotic themes.

�Saul. This is some kind of� pursuit map, isn�t it? A trophy listing your� conquests. Isn�t it?� Cassie�s voice was cold and sharp-edged.
He didn�t answer but looked exceedingly grim and nauseous. His mute unresponsiveness was annoying her and she rounded on him.
�How do you do it? How do you make us have those nightmares? Or am I the only one? How do you make me dream THAT? Why? So you can break in somehow and do THIS to me � mark and bruise and hurt me?!�
�NO! I never hurt you. I�d never hurt you or harm you. Never.� Cassie saw a flicker in his eye, the shadow of a lie. She was certain of it.
�Really?� she sneered at him, and then turned back to his possessions she�d collected together. A trophy map. Notes. She read. ��She is amazing, my Beautiful. She glows and I watched her from a distance so she does not see me. She mustn�t see me watching.� Why mustn�t I see you stalking me?� She resumed reading. ��Her light is fading. She is not as bright as before. This, I have done to her.��

Other Titles in this Series:

1 - Dance of Desire
2 - Nightmares and Illusions
4 - Thwarting Demons

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BN ID: 2940148649717
Publisher: Publications Circulations LLC
Publication date: 10/26/2013
Series: Chains of the Incubi , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Lily Green is 41, divorced, and lives in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. She has two sons � Michael, 22 and Todd, 18.
Lily has a dark past � she was adopted as a child by a well-meaning, homey schoolteacher and her husband, a bartender. Her adopted father abused her as a child, and in her late teens, she decided she had had enough and reported the incident both to her mom, and the local police. Her mother, instead of coming to her aid, decided to evict her. Lily, therefore, had to move into the city and fend for herself, working odd jobs to put herself through college. She married Howard, a fellow student, and father to both her sons. They parted ways when Todd was 3.
Michael is in medical school � an intern � with a pre med degree in Psychiatry. Michael resides in L.A. Todd is a student at San Francisco University, taking up Dance as his major. Both Michael and Todd are single.
Her former husband is Howard, head of an architecture firm. Though he and Lily are estranged, he helps put the kids through college.
Lily herself was a dance choreographer � and now teaches Development of Dance Techniques and Dance Theory -- part time.
She is known to date men several years her junior, as she finds most men her age or older to be �too serious� and �boring." She has a healthy appetite for sex, but finds getting into a serious relationship for long periods �a waste of time." She feels she has yet to find a man her equal both intellectually and physically. She does not believe in �love� � she defines relationships as a meeting of minds and a consensual approval of helping the other grow.
Lily is into organic food and is a health and exercise buff (though mostly incidental--the exercising helps �clear her mind�). She is into �centering� and yoga. She has yet to give up smoking, though. She loves to shop but within reason. Anything excessive and lavish has to be justified, she feels.
Lily is deeply into social work (she is a member of the local LGBT group as a generous donor for free HIV testing drives, among other advocacies.). She is also an advocate for animal adoption. She describes herself as �a city girl with a small-town heart."

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