Chakra Healing and Awakening for Spiritual Growth

Chakra Healing and Awakening for Spiritual Growth

by Brandon Alexander


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If you've heard of yoga or meditation, you've also probably heard of chakras. What exactly are chakras? What do they do? How do you go about "opening" them and what does that even mean? In this book, we explore the concept of chakras, what they represent, and how they can improve your life.

The topic of the ancient Hindu and New Age phenomenon of chakras is exciting and appealing to many. The knowledge regarding potential benefits of utilizing your chakras can be applied to practically anyone willing to get to know and understand themselves, acknowledge the unity of all things in the universe and how we are all connected, and build a strong connection between the body, mind, and soul.

The results from learning what chakras are and how to heal, balance, and open them include many positives, including better mental health, physical health, stability, spiritual insight, relationships, and self-esteem, among many other things. Aligning the chakras benefits everyone, but may especially benefit those who feel withdrawn from others or especially co-dependent on them, those who struggle with grief, loss, anger, sadness, detachment, insecurity, anxiety, paranoia, or depression, those who have faced heartbreaks and traumas and are struggling with the effects, and others who feel like they are consistently struggling in everyday life. In balancing the chakras, you can grow to become more confident and self-assured, more open to love, more stable, more compassionate, more successful in all aspects of your life, and more ready to accept and appreciate your blessings.

The chapters of this book address in detail the origin and history of chakras, where the chakras are located, how to balance and align the seven chakras, how to determine which chakras are closed and how to open them, connected cultural and spiritual beliefs, and specific mudras and meditations to.

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