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Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness

Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness

by Keith Sherwood


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Accumulating karmic baggage—the dense energy carried from one lifetime to another—is a common hazard for many. This debilitating energy can negatively influence one's personality, relationships, physical health, and spirituality.

The author of Chakra Therapy offers a step-by-step approach to overcoming karmic baggage and energy blockages. Keith Sherwood's easy techniques can help you activate the chakras, strengthen boundaries (the surface of auras), arouse the kundalini, and embrace personal dharma. He also teaches how to take care of your energy system and condition it for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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ISBN-13: 9780738703541
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 07/08/2005
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 724,413
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Keith Sherwood is a master of the four classical Yogas and the author of nine books on energy work, healing, and transcendent relationships. The exercises, mudras, and meditations that he has developed are used throughout Europe and North America by healers and energy practitioners to heal physical disease, deep traumas, karmic wounds, and energetic blockages. He lives in Berlin.

Table of Contents

Part One - Knowing Yourself

Chapter One: 3 Introduction; What is Karma?; What is Karmic Baggage?; Effects of Karmic Baggage; Karmic Baggage on the Spiritual Level; Karmic Baggage on the Mental Level; Karmic Baggage on the Emotional Level; Karmic Baggage on the Etheric Level; Karmic Baggage on the Physical-Material Level; Karma and Culture; Who Do You Love?; What You Will Learn
Chapter Two: 21 Getting to Know Your Self; The Functional Nature of the Self; The Self Is You . . . Sort Of;  Consciousness in the Natural World; Individual Human Consciousness; The Bodies of Desire; Artha; Kama; Dharma; Moksha; The Functions of Mind; Koshas; Indryias; Pranas; The Aspects of Mind; Manas; Buddhi; Chitta; Ahamkara
Chapter Three: 35 Let's Talk a Little About Energy; The Tattvas; The Structure and Function of Unqualified Energy; The Three Forms of Unqualified Energy; Prana and the Breath; The Yogic Breath; The Aprana; The Chakras; Stimulating the Seven Traditional Chakras; The Kundalini-Shakti; Sensing Unqualified Energy; Shifting Your Orientation; Reorienting Yourself; Centering in the Back of the Heart Chakra
Chapter Four: 55 Strengthening your Boundaries; Surface of Personal Body Space; Apranic Boundary; The Surface of the Auric Fields; The Auric Fields; The Structure of the Auric Field; Function of the Auric Fields; What Weakens the Surface of the Auras; Strengthening the Boundaries; The Commitments
Chapter Five: 67 Interpenetrating Worlds; The World of Spirit; The World of Intellect; The World of Soul; The World of the Lower Mind; The World of the Chakras; Worlds of Exercises; Splitting Your Attention and Activating the Front of the Heart Chakra; Looking Inward in  the World of Spirit; Looking Inward in the World of Intellect; Looking Inward on All Worlds Simultaneously; Actithe Seven Traditional Chakras; Spirit-Looking Inward on Seven Dimensions; Intellect-Looking Inward on Seven Dimensions; Soul-Look-ing Inward on Seven Dimensions; Lower Mind-Looking Inward on Seven Dimensions; Looking Inward on All Worlds Simultaneously

Part Two - Protecting Yourself

Chapter Six: 85 The Collective Field of Maya; Subfields in the Field of Maya; The Three Gunas; Tamasic Energy; Ragistic Energy: Sattvic Energy; Subfields in the External Environment; Subfields in the Internal Environment; Integrated or Independent Subfields; Function of Qualified Energy; Hermetics; The Prinof Universal Mind; The Principle of Correspondence; The Principle of Vibration; The Principle of Polarity; The Principle of Rhythm; The Principle of Cause and Effect; The Principle of Gender
Chapter Seven: 109 The Kali Yuga; Karma is Your Roadmap; The Mental Attention; The Intent; Combining the Intent with the Mental Attention; Exercises 1-5; The Second Attention with Emphasis; Shifting Emphasis; Exercises 1-3; The Power of Prana; Combining the Mental Attention with Prana; Moving the Mental Attention; Creating a Scanning Tool; Scanning in the World of Spirit; Scanthe Auric Field; Scanning for Qualified Subfields
Chapter Eight: 127 Conscious Energy Concentrations; CECs and Subtle Forms of Life; Strucand Function of CECs; Complex Subfields; So What's Normal . . . Any; Power of CECs
Chapter Nine: 137 Complex Subfields; Controlling Waves; Cords; Bumpy Strings; Vasanas; Vasanas Along with Samskaras; Samskaras; Scanning for Bumpy Strings; Scanning for Vasanas; Scanning for Samskaras
Chapter Ten: 147 Individual Mind and Ego; If It's Not Real, What Is It?; Development of the Individual Mind; Structure of the Individual Mind; The Ego; Structure of the Ego; Function of the Ego; Scanning the Ego

Part Three - Expanding Yourself

Chapter Eleven: 159 Structure of the Human Energy System; The Chakras; Collective Functions of the Chakras; The Chakras Within Personal Body Space; The Muladhara Chakra; The Svadhistana Chakra; The Manipura Chakra; The Anahata Chakra; The Visuddha Chakra; The Ajna Chakra; The Sahasrara Chakra; The Splenic Chakras; Activating the Splenic Chakras; Companion  Chakras; The First Pair; The Second Pair; The Third Pair; First and Seventh Chakras and Minor Energy Centers; First Pair Meditation; Second Pair Meditation; Third Pair Meditation

Chapter Twelve: 183 Meridians and Minor Energy Centers; Structure of the Meridians; Function of the Meridians; The Ruling Meridians ; Yin Yu and Yang Yu Meditations; The Chao Yang-Chao Yin Meditation; Minor Energy Centers; Pressure Meditation
Chapter Thirteen: 197 Structure and Function of Chakras Outside Body Space; Structure and Funcof the Higher and Lower Chakras; Chakras Eight through Thirteen; Moving Beyond the Seventh Chakra; Exercise: Connecting Will, Love, and Pleasure; Activating the Eighth through Thirteenth Chakras; Activating the Lower Chakras; Activating the First Three Chakras Below Body Space; Actithe First Seven Chakras Below Personal Body Space

Part Four - Overcoming the Non-Self

Chapter Fourteen: 211 The Amazing Aprana; Structure and Function of the Aprana; Activating the Aprana; Activating the Aprana on the First Seven Dimensions; Selectively Activating the Aprana; Releasing Karmic Energy
Chapter Fifteen: 225 Releasing Personas; Projected Personas; Dominant and Subordinate Per; Releasing Personas; The Seven-Step Process; Awareness; Acceptance; Enjoyment; Identification; Becoming a Persona; Permission; Finding a Perto Release; Releasing a Persona
Chapter Sixteen: 239 Energy Bodies and Corresponding Vehicles; Energy Bodies; Bodies of Desire; World of the Chakras; Functions and Aspects of Mind; Splenic Bod; The Function of Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles; The Spirit; the Intellect; The Soul; Bodies of Desire; Splenic Bodies; Chakra Bodies; Funcand Aspects of Mind; Disruption of the Energy Bodies and CorreVehicles; Projections; Stress; Shock; Trauma

Chapter Seventeen:

257  The Ejection and Recollection of Energy Bodies; Fragmentation; Preparafor the Recollection of an Energy Body;What Are Intrusions?; Symptoms of Intrusions; Structure and Behavior of Intrusions; Scanning for Intrusions; Removing Intrusions; Isolating Intrusions; Recollecting, Cleansing and ReinteEnergy Bodies; Recollecting Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles; Cleansing Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles; Reintegrating Your Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles

Chapter Eighteen: 271 Giving Up the I Idea; It's Your Choice; From Friendship to Union

Glossary: 277
Index: 298

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