chakra stories: the lonely hearts' club - series 1: book 4

chakra stories: the lonely hearts' club - series 1: book 4

by Sandra M Chaussee


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Did you know that YOUR BODY HAS A STORY TO TELL? By reading these CHAKRA STORIES, you will learn what kind of information is stored in your ROOT, SACRUM, SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, THROAT, THIRD EYE, and CROWN; how to REPATTERN your thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and how to use SOUND to heal your mind, body and spirit!

The CHAKRA STORIES in SERIES I are: Book 1: ROOT CHAKRA (GROUNDING): Billy the Red Balloon, A balloon learns that being "up in the air" isn't necessarily more fun than being on the ground.

Book 2: SACRUM CHAKRA (RELATIONSHIP): Ophelia, A "Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained" story about a Medicine Woman who rescues a beautiful orchid whose natural habitat is being destroyed by dragon bulldozers.

Book 3: SOLAR PLEXUS (PERSONAL POWER): Smiley, An unhappy clown confronts the King of Beasts and becomes a lion tamer.

Book 4: HEART CHAKRA (PASSION): The Lonely Hearts' Club, A mysterious sea creature inspires a group of losers to manifest their hearts' desires.

Book 5: THROAT CHAKRA (CREATIVE EXPRESSION): Learning to Crow, A mischievous crow helps a young girl "get the frog out of her throat" so she can express her Authentic Self.

Book 6: THIRD EYE (INTUITION): Friend or Foe, A female river guide pits her intuition against a group of rednecks' explosive pranks to restore harmony to the community.

Book 7: CROWN CHAKRA (ESSENCE): Identity Crisis, If you are not your job, the role you perform, what you've accomplished, or the mistakes you have made, who are you?

*Book7: CROWN CHAKRA (TRANSCENDENCE): Isis and the Caveman, Navy man meets marine biologist woman-a marriage of opposites-with a sacred sexuality twist! *Alternate text for Mature Readers


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About the Author

SANDRA CHAUSSEE is a healer, teacher and writer whose mission is to help individuals learn and grow. A rebel at heart, her provocative teaching style challenges the status quo in the personal and professional lives of her students, urging them toward change and transformation.

SANDRA insists curiosity is key in living a vital, meaningful life and is the one thread that runs through her work and writing and the one quality that has contributed most to her authenticity. To become real in an unreal world, might well be SANDRA'S reason for being.

SANDRA resides in Portland, Maine, with her silky terrier, Max, where as a Certified Professional Sound Healer, Healing Touch and Shamanic Practitioner, she melds her passion for Sound, Touch, and Story into her healing practice, JAGUAR WOMAN SOUNDS. She welcomes questions and comments from her readers and students who may contact her on Facebook and/or at

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