Chaldean Magic: Its Origin and Development

Chaldean Magic: Its Origin and Development

by François Lenormant


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ISBN-13: 9789492355027
Publisher: VAMzzz Publishing
Publication date: 03/03/2016
Pages: 454
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Extensive biography with a bibliography is included in this book.

Table of Contents

Author's Preface 9
Editor's Preface 11

CHAPTER I The Magic and Sorcery of the Chaldeans 17
CHAPTER II Chaldean Demonology 37
CHAPTER III Chaldean Amulets and their Uses 51
CHAPTER IV Chaldean Sorcery, and its Dual Nature 69
CHAPTER V Comparison of the Egyptian with the Chaldean Magic 81
CHAPTER VI Contrasts between Indian and Chaldean Magical Systems 89
CHAPTER VII The Magic of the Ritual of the Dead 99
CHAPTER VIII Contrasts between the Accadian and Egyptian Magic 115
CHAPTER IX The Chaldiao-Babylonian Religion and its Doctrines 119
APPENDIX I. Tablet I. of the Creation Series. 129
APPENDIX II. Extract from a letter to The Academy 131
CHAPTER X Development of the Chaldean Mythology 135
CHAPTER XI The Religious System of the Accadian Magic Books 145
CHAPTER XII The Origin of the Myth of the Zi 151
CHAPTER XIII The Astrology of the Underworld 181
APPENDIX I. The Relationship between Hea and Oannes 203
APPENDIX II. The War of the Seven Wicked Spirits against thee Moon 207
CHAPTER XIV The Religions and the Magic of the Turanian Nations 211
CHAPTER XV The Early Median Mythology compared with that of the Chaldeans 217

CHAPTER XVI Finno-Tartarian Magical Mythology 239
CHAPTER XVII Further Analysis of Finnish Demonology 249
CHAPTER XVIII The Accadian People and their Language 259
CHAPTER XIX The Accadian Language 263
CHAPTER XX Differentiation of the Accadian and its allied Languages 277
CHAPTER XXI Altaic affinities of the Accadian Language 285
CHAPTER XXII Accadian and Altaic affinities 293
CHAPTER XXIII Phonology of the Accadian Language 305
CHAPTER XXIV The origin of the Kushito-Semitic religion 315
CHAPTER XXV The two Ethnic elements in the Babylonian nation 327
CHAPTER XXVI The Origin of the Chaldaio-Babylonian Cosmogonies 331
CHAPTER XXVII The Priority of the Accadian Population of Chaldea 343
CHAPTER XXVIII The Sumirian influence in Chaldean and Babylonian civilization 349
CHAPTER XXIX The Influence of the Kushite Mythology in Chaldean Faith 359
CHAPTER XXX The Turanians in Chaldea and ancient Asia 363
CHAPTER XXXI The Archaic Legislation of the Accadians 369
APPENDIX Sumir and Accad 377

Notes 401
Post Scriptum

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