Chalk Butterfly:

Chalk Butterfly: "Chrysalis" Part One

by Audra Red

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Alexander Price, a sweet and stunning young librarian, is trying to get his own bite of the Big Apple. The only thing holding Alexander back from the life he dreams of is a devastating secret; he suffers from a rare skin disease that makes the skin on his hands and feet as delicate as the wings of a butterfly.

Beyond shy, gorgeous Alexander has never been kissed, though his body craves the touch of strong, yet gentle man.

One unusual autumn morning on the subway, Alexander meets the handsome and rugged millionaire Daniel Sommers, who is instantly infatuated by the coy and delicate young man. Daniel longs to be the first man to open Alexander's eyes to love, the joys of sex and a life lived without secrets.

This is the first part of the Chalk Butterfly erotic romance triology. It contains 40,000 heart-clenching words that will leave you breathless and begging for more! Erotic fantasies and electric sexual tension promises sizzling sex scenes in part two!

Excerpts from Chalk Butterfly: "Chrysalis" Part One

"You can talk to me, right? I want that. I want anything, no matter how small."
Alexander turned, tears in his eyes again. "Why?"
"Because on the subway you were the only one wearing red," Daniel said simply. Alexander's eyebrow quirked up. "And because you hid your friends in the bathroom, and your cat hates me, and because, because I bet you're the worst public speaker in the history of public speaking."
"I'm a story teller," Alexander said quietly.
"A what?"
"I work at a library. I read stories to the children."
Daniel took a few moments to digest the information and then said, "Because you're the worst public speaker in the history of public speaking, yet by occupation that is what you do. That makes your brave."
"No," Alexander said softly. "I'm not brave."
"I've known you for a grand total of three days and I can see that you are," Daniel replied. "You're here and you're telling me all of this, and it seems difficult for you, but you're still telling me. Are you in pain? I think you are, and you're apologizing to me. Alexander."
"You don't understand," Alexander replied slowly. "This is my life, this grief." Immense sadness filled Alexander's eyes and he held up his bandaged hands once again. "My skin is as delicate as butterfly wings. They call us butterfly children, how easily we are rendered flightless."

Daniel couldn't help but slide a hand down his muscled stomach, hands toying closer and closer to the growing erection in his boxers. He wanted to feel ashamed for thinking of Alexander in this way, but it was impossible. The young man might have exuded innocence, but he also gave off intensely sensual vibes.
He pretended Alexander was as innocent as he appeared. This only made him harder and he had to release his cock from the confines of his boxers. He moaned as his cock was set free, and immediately began to stroke himself from his thick base to sensitive, wet tip.
He yearned for the young man, squeezing his cock hard as he imagined the young man writhing beneath him, neither of them touching. They would be so close, but without an inch of skin meeting. He stroked himself faster and faster to the thought of Alexander moaning at he gentle caress of Daniel's breath on his throat.
"Oh god," he moaned, hips arching.
He'd breathe hotly on Alexander's throat. He'd lower his mouth and let his lips brush the petal soft skin.
And then he'd open his mouth and devour Alexander.

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BN ID: 2940015115505
Publisher: written by rabbits press
Publication date: 09/05/2012
Series: Chalk Butterfly Trilogy , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Audra Red (1983-present), author of "The Chalk Butterfly Trilogy," is an ex-librarian and journalist turned romance and erotica connoisseur. She is currently working on a handful of gay romance novellas (two with writing partner Chloe West) along with spicing up her writing catalog by penning pure erotica shorts.

From heart-melting romance to titillating erotica, Ms. Red hopes to help bring the gay romance genre to a more mainstream audience.

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