Challenging Concepts in Neurology: Cases with Expert Commentary

Challenging Concepts in Neurology: Cases with Expert Commentary


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ISBN-13: 9780199664771
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 03/21/2016
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Krishna Chinthapalli, Clinical Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK; Neurology Specialty Registrar, St George's Hospital, London, UK,Nadia Magdalinou, Clinical Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK; Neurology Specialty Registrar, St George's Hospital, London, UK,Nicholas Wood, Galton Professor of Genetics UCL, Vice Dean for Research, UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK; Honorary Consultant, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, UK

Krishna Chinthapalli is a Clinical Research Associate for the Epilepsy department at the Institute of Neurology, UCL, UK. From 2009 to 2012 he was Honorary Clinical Fellow at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), and from 2010 until 2014 he was Neurology Specialty Question Group examiner for the Royal College of Physicians. In 2010 he receieved the Annual Governance Day Audit Prize from the NHNN. He has published numerous articles in medical and scientific journals and has spoken at the 29th International Epilepsy Congress, Rome in 2011. His research currently focuses on 'Recruiting patients and families with epilepsy for genome-wide association studies and facial morphometry' at UCL.

Nadia Konstantina Magdalinou is a Clinical Research Associate at the Institute of Neurology, UCL, working with Professor A Lees. From 2010 to 2011, she was a Sub-investigator in a DONIPAD study (testing efficacy of Donepezil in Posterior Cortical Atrophy) and a CONCERT study (trial of Dimebon added to Donepezil in patients with Alzheimer's disease). She has published several articles in scientific journals.

Nicholas Wood is Professor of Neurology and Head of the Department of Molecular Neuroscience, and Galton Professor of Genetics at UCL Institute of Neurology. Until 1999 he was Senior Lecturer od Clinical Neurology at the Institute of Neurology, and Head of Clinical and Molecular Neurogenetics Unit at NHNN. He has been awarded grants from Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council for his research, and has published numerous articles for medical and scientific journals. He is currently on the editorial boards for journals Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry, Neurogenetics and Human genomics. In 1999 he received the Linacre Medal from the Royal College of Physicians, London. He sits on the medical advisory panels of various charities and has been elected to the BRAIN Board of Management. He regularly lectures on the ION/NHNN MSc course in Clinical Neuroscience, has recently been appointed to the Galton Chair of Genetics, and is Research Director of the newly established UCL Genetics Institute.

Table of Contents

1. Becoming blind in one eye: Neuromyelitis optica, Ruth Dobson and Gavin Giovannoni
2. Seeing double: Idiopathic intracranial hypertension, Anish N. Shah and Paul Riordan-Eva
3. Recipes no longer a piece of cake: Posterior cortical atrophy, Natalie S. Ryan and Martin N. Rossor
4. Getting your head out of a spin: Vestibular neuritis, Diego Kaski and Adolfo M. Bronstein
5. A delayed diagnosis in delirium: HSV encephalitis, Benedict Daniel Michael, David Joel Stoeter, and Hadi Manji
6. Writer's cramp: Dystonia, Anna Sadnicka, Mark J. Edwards, and Kailash P. Bhatia
7. Being moved to tears: Carotid-cavernous fistula, Jonathan D. Virgo, Sui Wong, and Gordon T. Plant
8. An urgent and frequent symptom: Neurogenic bladder, William M. Stern and Jalesh Panicker
9. Not moving a muscle: Myotonic dystrophy, Dipa Raja Rayan and Chris Turner
10. A painful oculomotor nerve palsy: Subarachnoid haemorrhage, Vino Siva, Marios C. Papadopoulos, and Daniel C. Walsh
11. A complex sleep disorder: Disorders of sleep, Joel S. Winston and Sofia H. Eriksson
12. Symptoms come and go but the lesions get bigger: An unusual form of multiple sclerosis, David Paling and Declan Chard
13. Symptoms falling on deaf ears: Mitochondrial disorders, Krishna Chinthapalli and Graham Warner
14. Difficulty breathing and moving: Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome, Jennifer Spillane and Dimitri M. Kullmann
15. Paroxysmal sensory and motor events: Cerebral amyloid angiopathy, Ross W. Paterson and Laszlo K. Sztriha
16. Picking out an inherited disease: Adult onset Niemann-Pick type C, Ignacio Rubio-Agusti and Robin Lachmann
17. A worsening acute psychosis: Antibody-mediated encephalitis, Umesh Vivekananda and Dimitri M. Kullmann
18. An unusual case of basilar stroke: Posterior circulation infarct, Fiona Kennedy and Martin M. Brown
19. Will I walk again, doctor?: Spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Sara Ajina and Angela Gall
20. Parkinsonism with little response to levodopa: Multiple system atrophy, Karen M. Doherty and Henry Houlden
21. Non-convulsive status epilepticus, Jan Novy, Krishna Chinthapalli, and Marco Mula
22. A life-threatening drug reaction: Antiepileptic drug rashes, Suchitra Chinthapalli and Edel O'Toole

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