Chambers Card Games for Families

Chambers Card Games for Families

by Peter Arnold

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ISBN-13: 9780550101983
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication date: 07/29/2011
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Peter Arnold is an author and editor, most of whose 50 or so books concern sports and games. He has written histories and encyclopedias of boxing, cricket, football and the Olympic Games, and wrote the official FIFA guide to the 1994 Football World Cup in the USA. He has also worked as editor and main contributor of part-works on boxing and football, and has ghost-written instruction books for a West Indian Test fast bowler and a Canadian world snooker champion. Peter devised some of the mental games for the television series The Crystal Maze. Several of his books are on table games, including some on individual card games, and he has written three books on gambling, one of which was described by a New York author as 'the best history of gambling'. Many of his books have been published in the USA and in foreign-language editions.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Card Games

Accordion 3

Bango 5

Beggar My Neighbour 7

Bismarck 9

Casino 13

Cheat 19

Chinese Ten 21

Clock 24

Commerce 26

Crazy Eights 29

Cribbage 31

Cucumber 38

Demon 40

Fan Tan 43

Farmer 46

Fifty-One 49

Go Fish 51

Golf 54

Gops 56

Jubilee 59

Klondike 61

Knaves 63

Knockout Whist 66

Linger Longer 68

Menagerie 70

My Ship Sails 72

Newmarket 74

Nomination Whist 77

Obstacle Race 80

Old Maid 82

Omnibus Hearts 84

Pelmanism 87

Pig 89

Pip-Pip 90

Pontoon 94

President 99

Rams 104

Ranter Go Round 108

Rockaway 110

Rolling Stone 113

Romanian Whist 115

Rummy 118

Scotch Whist 124

Sequence 127

Sixty-Six 129

Slap-Jack 134

Snap 136

Snip-Snap-Snorem 138

Spade the Gardener 140

Stealing Bundles 142

Switch 145

Thirty-One 147

Twenty-Nine 149

War 151

More About Playing Cards

Card Games Basics 154

Card Games Glossary 157

Court Cards 161

Playing Cards with Children 163


Games by Number of Players 166

Games by Alternative Names 167

Games by Age of Players 168

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