Chandos Ring Book Two: I Hear Strange Cries at Jupiter

Chandos Ring Book Two: I Hear Strange Cries at Jupiter

by Mark Chandos

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Mark Chandos, author of Chandos Ring, presents the second volume of his masterwork of American poetry and philosophy (I Hear Strange Cries at Jupiter). The poetry contained in Chandos Ring represents the first successful long poem in the modern American Idiom. It tells a story of future man and future woman, as humans depart a dying earth to fill the galaxy with new man-like creatures. It is an unparalleled achievement of imagination and language. Chandos Ring chronicles a new personality of Western man, and a creative act of eternal communication.

From Chandos Ring, Book Two:

If you cannot brush from eyes my spiders,
which, silent, test two legs the air,
then you are beyond my hurt. Do not cry.

Beneath your lids, you still watch and vision
tremors; do not suffer, child, the phantoms
themselves do not have your power to dream.
Then sleep long, I shall not call you back.

Look, Wakeda. Talk to him. Gently.
Two strange fingers search between your thighs.
If you do not move your lips, then sleep long,
I shall not turn back your death.

Gently. He was a good soldier. Open his vein.
Pool the stench of iron Earth. See, it makes a steam.
When the fortunate cry for life I give this
rare liquid from my bank of red drink.

Mark Chandos', Essay on New Philosophy: Chandos Grid rewrites all previous Western Philosophy on a more honest foundation of truth. His discovery of the mechanism of Story Theory in the making of the human personality revolutionizes all Western thinking about our civilization. In his essay, Philosophy of a Space Faring Civilization, Chandos isolates the agency of human magic as the single apparatus in the human mind. Poetry and imagination are the singularity of men - not science. The results of his work intend a profound change of thinking in the West. Mark Chandos changes the world of men.

All who look for great poetry and original thought must consult Chandos Ring. Mark Chandos gives America an original and timeless achievement in language and story.

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