Change-Just Do It: Productivity Training Kit Cum OSP Business Strategy Card Game

Change-Just Do It: Productivity Training Kit Cum OSP Business Strategy Card Game

by Robert Teh Kok Hua


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This small book offers a long-awaited execution platform to help people turn abstract goals and dreams into reality. Whether you are a housewife, student, worker, boss, or chief executive, you may work more effectively with a force known as Objective-Steps Processing (OSP). OSP has helped the author work productively as a manager from the 1970s through the 2000s in multi-industry environments, encompassing property/facility management, foundation piling, construction of oil refineries, dredging, harbour work, transmigration projects, LNG loading docks, and operation and maintenance of seagoing vessels and salvage projects.

The robust OSP system is easily learned with practice of the OSP Business Strategy Card Game, as explained in the OSP Productivity Training Kit. Clearly defined core tasks are executed with balance of Yin and Yang, and facts and data are checked as part of a cyclical inspection. Once you employ OPS, you too may achieve change.

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ISBN-13: 9781504339926
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/28/2015
Pages: 56
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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Change â" Just Do It

Productivity Training Kit Cum OSP Business Strategy Card Game

By Robert Teh Kok Hua

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Robert Teh Kok Hua
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3992-6


Laws of nature

For ages, people have been talking about it. It is the ultimate solution to human problems. It holds the secret of success. It is the recipe for peace, harmony and progress. That magic word is change.

Unfortunately change is no magic wand. Nothing much has changed considering the world is basically trapped in the same old inefficiencies, and malpractices, of the past, culminating in wars, conflicts, revolutions, political unrests and financial meltdowns like Asian Financial, US Subprime and Eurozone crises etc. Despite such painful lessons, people seem content to engage in rhetorics about leadership, meritocracy, planning, organizing, creativity, productivity schemes, capital budgeting which have not worked to protect their own vested interests or seek refuge in some comfort zone.

The good news is whether you are a student, housewife, worker, boss, chief executive or government minister, there are ample scientific evidences pointing to the presence of a force or Tao within us to help us achieve our goals and dreams. To begin, you may choose to be positive. By being positive, you will soon be connecting your mind to a force within our being, doing the necessary and possible, the principal secret of success.

The author intends to share with readers a robust relational database execution platform (RDBM) known as Objective-Steps Processing (OSP) that connects the mind to an invisible force or Tao to help us change. It was conceived out of practical necessity while he was working as manager in diverse environments encompassing property/ facility management, foundation piling, construction of oil refinery, dredging, harbour work, transmigration projects, LNG loading docks and operation/maintenance of sea-going vessels and floating cranes or salvage works during the period 1970s-2000s. It has helped him to simplify and standardise tasks and work productively as detailed in the productivity handbook: "Change you can".

Being a condensed version, of the afore-mentioned productivity handbook, this book will focus on the essentials and application aspect of OSP. Because of its robustness, OSP is easily acquired with practice of an entertaining OSP Business Strategy (OBS) Card Game, (on normal 52 playing cards) as explained in Table B in Appendix I. More importantly, it enables people to think and act in oneness with a force or Tao within our being in simple steps namely: (a) laying bare workflow processes to expose hidden relationships (b) motivating the workforce to attain easy-to-recall targets set in mind and matter relationships.

Speaking of laws of nature, it was believed at one time that matter is made of earth, metal, water, fire, air and aether. However by following an atomism approach a process of continuously breaking down the unknown into smaller elements as suggested by Democritus, scientists have finally albeit after some two thousand years of conceptualization, achieved one of the biggest breakthroughs in science - discovery by Robert Boyle that compounds of gas like carbon dioxide can be broken down to their chemically indivisible building-block elements called atoms (read the book "Atom" by Isaac Asimov).

Additionally, the atomism approach, has enabled scientists to unlock secrets of the universe including the following :-

1. Cause-effect law of nature,

2. Conservation of energy,

3. Pair production,

4. Attraction of the opposites,

5. Dark energy permeating the universe.

6. Interactions between force and field to form matter.

7. Einstein's energy-mass equation: E=MC2

8. Contents of universe – matter, dark matter and dark energy.

9. Pauli exclusion principle,

10. Quantum mechanics.

From the afore-stated laws of nature, and other scientific evidences to be elaborated below, we can surmise that the universe is made of energy alternating in binary elemental (+1) and (-1) pulses to form mirror-image matters and anti-matters; clearly the universe is ruled by a mind and matter continuum. Scientists believe that the universe was born in a big explosion from a singularity. No explanation has been given for the Big Bang Theory. However, according to Einstein, the primordial void of space contains a negative pressure. By the laws of physics, such negative pressure indicates presence of a potential energy source. In fact, under the Standard Model of particle physics, it is well established that energy exists as forces and fields interacting in binary (+1) and (-1) elemental states to form matters and anti-matters [(+1)(-1) and (-1)(+1)]. Our heart beats in "on" (-1) or "off" (+1) elemental energy states under the control of an all-pervasive power source in the form of an electrical system called the cardiac conduction system as follows:

1. S-A node (sinoatrial node) — known as the heart's natural pacemaker, the S-A node has special cells that create the electricity that makes your heart beat.

2. A-V node (atrioventricular node) — the A-V node is the bridge between the atria and ventricles. Electrical signals pass from the atria down to the ventricles through the A-V node.

3. His-Purkinje system — the His-Purkinje system carries the electrical signals throughout the ventricles to make them contract. The parts of the His-Purkinje system include:

• His Bundle (the start of the system)

• Right bundle branch

• Left bundle branch

• Purkinje fibers (the end of the system)

Furthermore, by the Anderson Cloud Chamber Experiment, a beam of light (photon) from space was found to split into mirror-image pair of negatively charged electron and positively charged positron upon impact with a 6 mm lead sheet in cloud chamber. Clearly such a beam of light is energy (photon) that originated in the primordial void prior to the Big Bang. By the law of electromagnetism, energy interacts as forces and fields deflecting electrons in a direction perpendicular to its motion. During lightning, such forces and fields are routinely converted to existential states of electrons (-1) and positrons (+1). Hence, there exist ample scientific evidences, showing that the universe is ruled by an energy source residing in the primordial void of space alternating in smaller binary energy states of (+1) and (-1) keeping the universe in a state of constant change and us living and alive.

Given the above-elaborated concrete scientific evidences, it is not farfetched or speculative for Max Planck to observe that matter originates and exists by virtue of a force. We must assume the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. It is here that physics and metaphysics begin to overlap. - actually demanding a re-integration of science, philosophy and spirituality in order to fully understand how both our world and we work. Planck explained that "the universal energy or quantum web as illustrated in countless experiments responds or reacts to human thoughts, expectations, beliefs and even emotion. Afterall, thoughts, expectations, beliefs and emotions are really nothing more than another form or expression of the same thing : quantum energy. In other words, our thoughts are essentially connected to everything and everyone that exists in our environment." (Read "The Synthesis Effect" by John Mcgrail).

Other instances of mind and matter continuum include the ability of the first unitary cell of living things to divide itself into similar cell types over time, to form into different organs in its future body at exactly the positions needed serving unique meaningful purposes of lives. Our brains themselves are constructed in a binary left and right pair imparting a Yin and Yang harmony or balance enabling us to think and act in accord with the binary energy laws of nature. Our body is able to produce enzymes to keep us immune from attack by different diseases by intent, specific to addressing the different external attacks.

Looking back, ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu had postulated in his book" "Tao Te Ching" that the universe is ruled by a higher order called force or Tao. Other influential Chinese philosophers Fuxi, King Wen, and Confucius had similarly observed such a higher order manifesting as Yin and Yang harmony of nature. In particular, Lao Tzu had advised people "to live selfless lives in accordance with nature, not to go against the way of things and not claiming greatness, to achieve real greatness" and that "through serving the needs of others, our own needs will be fulfilled", and "after you have attained your purpose, you must not parade your success, you must not boast of your ability", "it is a good sign that a man's higher nature comes forward, bad sign that man's lower nature comes forward". The Tao and Te dualism is akin to the parallel law of meaning postulated by physicist Pauli Wolfgang and psychologist Carl Jung. Dr. Wayne Dyer had observed that the Lao Tzu's thoughts have been the most influential thoughts on human behaviors. (Read "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your lives").

This being a book on change, and not Tao, it suffices to discern the essence of Tao of relevance to change as follows (see David Villano's book "Tao Te Ching", the numbers within bracket refer to reference nos. of the principles):

(A). The Tao creates all from nothing. It is everywhere. It is the creator of all people and it is everything we can and cannot see. Each person and object is created with perfect balance: weak and strong, soft and hard, silly and serious. Without balance, we are doomed: An arrogant man may lose his friends; a violent man may die in a violent death. All things come and it and return to it. It is always within you whether you know it or not. (6, 28, 34, 42 & 59)

(B). The Tao always existed and always will; something never born can never die. Those who allow their lives to be guided by the Tao are happy and fulfilled.(7)

(C). Keep your thought simple. Work at what you enjoy. Be truthful when speaking. Be honest when arguing. Be fair when making rules. Don't compare to others. Resist the urge to prove you are better than anybody else. (8)

(D). If you acquire more wealth than you need, the value of money will be lost. Wealth is no better than poverty. Fame is no better than ordinary life. Money and popularity do not bring happiness or fulfillment. Be satisfied with what you have, and what you have will bring contentment. A contented person is never sad or disappointed. (9 & 44)

(E). Empty your mind of your thoughts and your heart will open up to all things and all people. (16)

(F). Good teachers are trusted because they place their trust in us; when their works is done they say nothing, allowing their students to feel proud and empowered by their achievements. (17)

(G). When you act with your heart, it is said that you are "following the Tao". When you act with your mind, "you are ignoring the Tao". Those who follow the Tao are filled with peace and happiness. But any attempt to explain or describe the Tao will be useless. People who understand the Tao do not talk about it. People who talk about it don't truly understand it. When you are in harmony with Tao, winning and losing do not really matter. Your anger is tamed. Your intellect is forgotten. You have got no point to prove. You have neither friends nor enemies. All people are treated the same. When you are at peace with yourself, others are at peace with you. This is the highest state of being. Chaos and conflicts are resolved with the heart, not with logic and rules. (18, 35 & 56)

(H). The Tao teaches us perfection. The perfect traveler has no destination but his adventures inspire a thousand stories. The perfect teacher has no lesson but his students master all subjects. The perfect ruler has no power but the people place their trust in his judgment. In each case they are defined not by who they are, or by what they do from day to day, but by their openness to all things, all people and all ideas. (27)

(I). The Tao is the source of all harmony. Striving for one extreme more than the other upsets the balance that brings us peace and brings harmony to the world. Within the Tao, you will see the connection of all things. And you will see harmony is fragile easily broken by greed and arrogance. (29 & 39)

(J). When presidents and kings follow the Tao, they rule without force. They understand that making unfair demands on the people is like swimming against the current in a river. The best leaders do not use laws to govern the people. The best parents do not shout and scream to discipline their children. Their ability appears effortless; and it is: they accomplish much by doing nothing. This is the practice of "non-doing". Great leaders achieve result but they do not boast about them; they lead but they do not conquer. When leaders are honest people are satisfied. When they are dishonest, people are angry and place their trust in others. When our leaders stray from their path, we see results: a few people are wealthy while the rest are poor; a few people are powerful while the rest have littled influence over how they are governed. (30, 53 & 58)

(K). Weapons are the tools of fear and hate. Those who follow the Tao will only use weapons in self-defence. When such force is needed, it is with sadness, and the conquered are treated with respect and dignity. (31)

(L). When you let yourself be with the Tao all that should be accomplished is completed without thought or effort. Actions come naturally. You may not know your destination, yet each step of the journey feels right, leading to a place that seems unknown and yet also familiar. If our leaders understood this lesson, all people they serve will be content, happy and living their lives exactly as they should be lived. They would be without desire, and they would be at peace. (37)

(M). Allow the Tao into your heart and it will never leave you. Peace and prosperity begins with one person and then moves to one family, and then to one neighbourhood, and then to one city, and then to one country. It will grow and grow. When we ignore the Tao, we replace it with our own ideas: laws, justice, morality, worship, faith. When people think they know the answer to a mystery, they close their mind to new ideas. When people accept one religion, beliefs in other religions cause arguments. The same is true of the Tao; when you think you understand it, the power is lost. In ancient times, people who follow the Tao set an example for others – in the way they live each day – but they did not teach. To know the Tao, you must stop to understand it. This is the cause of world's chaos and confusion. (38, 54 & 65)

(N). Avoiding trouble is much easier than recovering from a bad decision. Doing things correctly from beginning to end is far better than doing all over again after a careless mistake. Those who follow the Tao accomplish much in life because they focus on each step of the journey not the destination or the end result. Non-doing is what happens when we take one step at a time. (64)

(O). The greatest rules put the needs of others above their own. Their power is used only to remain a good and loyal servant to the people. This is why people trust and follow them. (66)

From the above-stated essence of Tao, we will notice that the Tao resembles the energy source or negative pressure originating in the primordial void of space mentioned earlier ruling the universe with Yin and Yang harmony or balance. The Yin and Yang harmony is akin to the force-field interactions that create matters and make things happen. Above all, there is a form (Yang) and substance (Yin) or intent and purpose relationship ruling the universe. The further discovery of the Exclusion Principle, which says that no two leptons of the same quantum state, may at the same time be at the same place, provides us with yet another vital evidence of such mind and matter relationship. Based on the Exclusion Principle, various molecules and compounds are formed serving meaningful life purposes as may be verified by an examination of the Periodic Table. Scientists have commented that without the Exlusion Principle, the universe would have become a rather boring place being made mostly of hydrogen-like masses. The underlying mind and matter or form and substance relationship can be further verified by a corresponding energy transfer upon change equivalent to the rest mass of force carrier particles exchanged.


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