Change Lessons from the CEO: Real People, Real Change

Change Lessons from the CEO: Real People, Real Change

by Patrick C. Flood, Johan Coetsee


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"5 stars: Exceptional, a must read for any manager or leader"
Sarah Stocks, Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

"This book is a highly effective, meaningful and user-friendly guide for anyone trying to manage change in a modern organisation today"
inManagement magazine

"If you are looking for a book to give you some hints and tips as to how to manage change better, this will be able to do this. [...] There are some great insights for anyone who is responsible for leading change"
Kyomi Wade, Dialogue Review

Real stories from real CEOs on implementing successful change initiatives in any organization

Change is difficult. In large organizations with established cultures, managing change can be one of the biggest challenges for business leaders and managers. Using a wealth of real stories from real CEOs on how they managed major change initiatives—and the lessons they learned along the way—Change Lessons from a CEO gives professionals and business students powerful and effective guidance on successfully managing change initiatives in any organization. The book's uniquely flexible approach lets readers build their own models for change based on their unique organizational structure, culture, and situation. Throughout, the book emphasizes the importance of authenticity in the change leader's role and how to manifest that authenticity throughout a change initiative. With examples and case studies from multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, and small and medium-size businesses, this book is a valuable tool for leaders of any organization of any size.

  • Offers real-world insight from CEOs and leaders
  • Ideal for CEOs, managers, leaders of non-profit organizations, consultants, and students in business programs
  • Includes case studies and first-hand accounts of successful change initiatives in a wide range of businesses and organizations of all sizes

Change is inevitable. Managing change initiatives successfully can be the difference between organizations and teams that thrive and those that come apart at the seams. For business leaders and students, this book offers practical and proven guidance for doing change right.

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ISBN-13: 9781119943143
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/21/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Dr W.J. Coetsee is a highly experienced teacher, researcher and consultant with 20 years international experience in change management. He is noted for his entertaining lectures and ability to link up scholarly theory (i.e. Organizational Behaviour, and Change management) with business practice, analyzing problems and developing cutting-edge organisational development solutions. An international speaker, he has presented his approach and assessment tools at conferences and workshops in USA; UK and Ireland. At the Executive and Development Centre at Newcastle Business School his main training focus is on authentic leader development; designing and implementing insight tools, and change management interventions. He teaches on Executive MBA programmes in leadership and change; organizational behaviour, international HRM, at the Corporate and Executive Development Centre, Newcastle Business School, City Campus East Newcastle upon Tyne.

Patrick C. Flood is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Head of the HRM and Organisational Psychology Group at Dublin City University. He joined DCU in 2007 and is a frequent contributor to Executive Education programmes on leadership and change management. He currently holds affiliations at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and Northeastern University, China.
Patrick has taught extensively on executive and management development programmes in North America, Europe and Ireland. He has taught change management at London Business School, University of Maryland, Syracuse University, Australian Graduate School of Management, Rotterdam University, Vlerick-Leuven Business School as well as some 30 private and public sector companies including Pirelli (Milan). He currently holds affiliations at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and Northeastern University, China.

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Table of Contents

Preface xi

Acknowledgements xv

CHAPTER 1: Your Journey to Leading Change Authentically 1

Chapter at a Glance 1

Beginning Cases: Preparation 2

Chapter Introduction 4

What is Authentic Leadership and What is it Not? 5

Becoming Authentic 9

Leading Change Authentically 26

Chapter Summary 29

CHAPTER 2: Change Readiness: Are You Ready for Leading Change? 33

Chapter at a Glance 33

Beginning Cases: Preparation 34

Chapter Introduction 36

Mental Models 36

The Dark Side of Leadership: Narcissism 41

Mental Toughness: Don’t Give Up 49

Less Ego, More Humility 53

Resuscitate Your Passion for Life and Work 56

Chapter Summary 58

CHAPTER 3: Leading Change: Winning Hearts and Minds 63

Chapter at a Glance 63

Beginning Cases: Preparation 63

Chapter Introduction 66

Framing the Change 69

Shaping Behaviour 79

Creating Capacity for Change 92

Chapter Summary 96

CHAPTER 4: Getting Employees Ready for Change 101

Chapter at a Glance 101

Beginning Cases: Preparation 102

Chapter Introduction 104

Understanding Readiness for Change 105

Variables Influencing Reactions Towards Change 109

Creating Change Readiness: Leadership Behaviours 121

Rethinking Resistance to Change 124

Managing Resistance 129

Chapter Summary 130

CHAPTER 5: Understanding How People Change 135

Chapter at a Glance 135

Beginning Cases: Preparation 135

Chapter Introduction 137

Understanding Individual Level Change 138

The Nature of Habits 138

Stages of Change 139

Endings and New Beginnings 145

The Experience of Change 148

Principles of Individual Level Change 154

The Relationship Between Individual Level and Organizational

Level Change 155

Chapter Summary 157

CHAPTER 6: Coaching For Change Success 161

Chapter at a Glance 161

Beginning Cases: Preparation 161

Chapter Introduction 163

What is Coaching and What it is Not 164

Principles to Keep in Mind When Coaching Adults 166

Implications of Using Adult Learning Principles for Coaching 168

Skills Needed to Coach 170

The Coaching Process 174

Critical Success Factors for Using Coaching During a Change

Programme 185

Chapter Summary 186

CHAPTER 7: Change Politics and Change Levers 189

Chapter at a Glance 189

Beginning Cases: Preparation 189

Chapter Introduction 191

Power and Politics 192

Change Management Practices Revisited: Designing Your Own Change Strategy 202

Understanding Change Levers 207

Chapter Summary 214

Conclusions 217

Index 229

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