Change Through Signs of Body, Mind and Language

Change Through Signs of Body, Mind and Language

by Floyd Merrell



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Change Through Signs of Body, Mind and Language by Floyd Merrell

This short yet comprehensive text introduces readers to the world of semiotic analysis. It helps us to understand and be aware of how we make and take signs, which interdepend, interrelate, and interact with the world just as the world does with them and with us. Following the concepts originally offered by philosopher Charles S. Peirce, Merrell proposes that any conception of the world is a matter of signs, both linguistic and extralinguistic, as much as it is a matter of the world itself. In a lively, approachable manner, Merrell untangles the complexities of semiotics. Without diminishing their meaning, he defines disarming terms in easy-to-understand language. His clear explanations of complex concepts, his vivid examples, and his thought experiments offer readers a challenging yet simplified initiation into the process of inventing something new through signs of everyday life. This welcome, down-to-earth treatment of semiotics illuminates what is often obfuscated and will serve as an exercise in self-discovery.

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ISBN-13: 9781577661368
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
Publication date: 06/01/1900
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1Getting into the Swing of Things1
If the Music Feels Right, It's Right1
A Way of Knowing3
What's It All about, Really?8
2Peirce's Signs11
The Sign Itself11
A Tale of Three Signs15
Finally, the Categories20
On What There Is Not24
3Bodymind Flows27
Living Dancing27
Doing Living28
Languaging Living31
Give Him a High Nine34
4Up and Down the Semiosic Mainstream37
But Why and How Ten?37
Let's Get Physical, That Is, "Real"42
Starting at the End and Swimming Upstream45
Continuing Down the Semiotic Ladder48
Slipping Even Further Back50
Keeping to the Basics51
Ultimately It's How You Feel about It54
5Worlds of Our Own Making57
Imagining and Realizing57
Signs of the Gut60
On Trying to Outsemiosize Semiosis63
It Just Keeps Flowing Along68
A Slight Digression71
Why Peircean Semiotics Is Different75
6Seriously Sensing Signs77
How to Begin77
Signs of Motion and Change79
Perceiving and Saying Signs80
You Got Rhythm?81
What Does It All Mean?83
7Signs from Deep Down87
Kinesthetics: The Sixth Sense87
8Digging Deeper into the Sign95
The Triadicity Vortex95
Of the Nature of the Paradox96
The Sign's Nature and the Nature of Motion and Change99
9Manual Signs and Their Consequences101
Back to Basic Body Moves101
Further Abstractions102
Three-Dimensionalizing the Strip103
Dance as the Supreme Model of Semiosis106
10When Signs Become Strange Bedfellows109
On the Liar109
The Way of All of Us Potential Liars112
When Seeing Is Not Necessarily Believing113
Ghosts in the Linguistic Machine115
Rendering Accounts117
AppendixLooking at Peirce's Signs119

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