Changing Circumstances: Looking at the Future of the Planet

Changing Circumstances: Looking at the Future of the Planet

by FotoFest International


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This book is an expansive presentation of international contemporary photography, video, and new media art addressing the challenges presented by global change.
The book shows the works of 34 leading international artists, focusing on the ways in which photographic, video and digital art reflects on our relationship, as individuals and as a society, to the natural environment around us. An important aspect of this presentation is how individual artists are using their work to address the impact of human behaviour on the natural environment. The purpose of the book is to provoke, through visual art, new ways of thinking about how we see our role within the natural environment and our connection(s) to the rest of the planet – and how this affects our future. Changing Circumstances looks at ways in which artists and scientists are re-visioning our relationship with the earth and space.
The artists and artworks confront a broad range of issues that are challenges to the future of the earth. These include climate change, water, energy and food production, population, natural resources, waste, and migration. Many of the works present atypical uses of visual art and photography to address these changes with new media, moving image, performance, and text.

The book Changing Circumstances is a collaboration between FotoFest International and Schilt Publishing.

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ISBN-13: 9789053308622
Publisher: Schilt Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2016
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 11.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

The Authors
The two lead essays set the scientific, ecological and biological context.

Geoff Rayner, a scholar and public health policy expert in the UK, looks at the evolution and impact of fossil fuel development and use. He will discuss the need, even in the context of human health, to redefine our relationship to the ecosystem of the earth and our fellow species with which we share the earth. This includes an understanding of limits in relation to co-maintaining human existence and that of the planet. He will discuss the rarity of the dynamic processes that came together to enable life as we know it, and the dangers of continuing to treat the resources of the planet in the way we are doing so today. Further, the planet itself is constantly changing and this change necessitates our understanding of the often imperceptible fluidity of the physical world in which we live and the need to accept that into our thinking.

Tom Lovejoy directed the World Wildlife Fund-US program from 1973 to 1987 and was responsible for its scientific, Western Hemisphere, and tropical forest orientation. A tropical biologist and conservation biologist, he has worked in the Amazon of Brazil since 1965. Currently he is a Senior Fellow at the United Nations Foundation and University Professor in the Environmental Science and Policy department at George Mason University.
The mission of his essay is to show the importance of biodiversity, one of the least understood mechanisms relating to the self-maintenance and changing circumstances of the planet. What does biodiversity mean to the health (and enjoyment) and sustainability of the planet? What does it mean to human society? Why should we be concerned? How does the eventual loss of endangered species affect human society and the planet? And how does the issue of biodiversity fit into the overall dynamic and impact of climate change?

Wendy Watriss, pioneering FotoFest Curator, provides the philosophical overview of the book in her introduction. Steven Evans, Executive Director of FotoFest, writes the prologue.

The Artists:
Amy Balkin (USA)
Mandy Barker (UK)
Daniel Beltrá (Spain)
Atul Bhalla (India)
Edward Burtynsky
Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay
Lochman (USA)
Pedro David (Brazil)
Luis Delgado-Qualtrough
Susan Derges (UK)
Nigel Dickinson (UK)
Dornith Doherty (USA)
David Doubilet (USA)
Peter Fend (USA)
Roberto Fernández Ibáñez
Karen Glaser (USA)
Gina Glover (UK)
Ingo Günther
Niklas Goldbach (Germany)
Lucy Helton (UK/USA)
Chris Jordan (USA)
Isaac Julien (UK)
David Liittschwager (USA)
Pablo Lopez Luz (Mexico)
Evelyn Messinger and Kim
Spencer (USA)
Vik Muniz (Brazil)
Robert Harding Pittman
Meridel Rubenstein (USA)
Joel Sartore (USA)
Toby Smith (UK)
Jamey Stillings (USA)
Martin Stupich (USA)
Brad Temkin (USA)

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