Channeling Ezekiel: A Daily Guide to Inner Beauty, Wisdom & Balance

Channeling Ezekiel: A Daily Guide to Inner Beauty, Wisdom & Balance

by Tammy J. Carpenter


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ISBN-13: 9781452558868
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/09/2012
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

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Channeling Ezekiel

A Daily Guide to Inner Beauty, Wisdom & Balance
By Tammy J Carpenter

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Tammy J Carpenter
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5886-8

Chapter One

Daily Readings

Day 1

Dream through the eyes of a child and rejoice for a new time is upon us. The excitement is in the air. A chance to create a new intention filled with hope, joy, and peace for this new time. It is easier to dream big than to sit and worry about all the negative fears that enter our heads. Neglect your dream factor and lose hope for a better future. Excitement is made when we ponder the possibilities for a bigger, brighter future. We can all remember the excitement of daydreaming as a young child, anticipating a future event was half of the fun. Dreams of future careers led to many hours of play acting that were based on dreams of the future.

Return to your childhood hopes and dreams, and then reinvent yourself into the person you would like to become. Role-play this in your head until you have the courage to act upon it. Enter into the world of dreams and you'll never get into a rut again. Life will once again become an adventure filled with excitement and anticipation. Participate fully in this exercise and see if your life can become invigorating and new. Choose to look at life through the eyes of a dreamy child. Hope will return you your heart.

Day 2

Call in a year of positive energy and empty oneself of all negativity. Call in peace, love, faith, and appreciation. Empty the negativity by focusing on gratitude, forgiveness, patience, and inner healing. Guardians, please fill me and mine with this positive life force and love. Surround me with love and light in reverence of the beauty of all of nature. Fill me with hope and gratitude for my brothers and sisters, as we are all related.

Creator, please use me as a tool, a conduit of good, love, and hope. Here is a pen and paper for words to flow from you, the highest source. Today is a "great" day to begin new pursuits. The stars are in alignment and the energy is right at this time. Actions will have momentum, but action is required on your part. So work hard and do not falter. Success will follow. Today, surrender to the momentum and enjoy the gifts that the universe is sending your way. Alas, great change is in the air, be part of the positive change.

Day 3

Let's begin again speaking of hope, joy, and love: for of the three, love is the greatest of all. Focus on the love in your heart and begin this task of writing our words for the nation. This nation was based on brotherly love and freedom, but things have gotten misconstrued. Many now base all things on self-love and greed. This corrupts things and leaves all things in disrepair. These are hard times, times of great fear and doubt amongst the masses.

Tomorrow may always hold hope for a better future, but we must change our ways. We must gather courage and overcome these obstacles. Obstacles of fear and hopelessness stand in our way of a brighter tomorrow. Fear mongers amongst us only make things worse. We must focus on hope and cheer others onward.

Day 4

This is a time of great unrest. This is a time of great turbulence and great corruption. Do not fear though as things can and will get better through positive hope. Remember that all things are fluid and can and will change. Positive energy is the way and love is the key. Great hope lies in these just truths. Do not despair. Do not worry excessively dear child. Instead focus on the positive outcome that you so desire, one of peace and tranquility for all.

It is time we stood up and let others hear our message of a better tomorrow. Do not hesitate to promote this message as it is much needed and very timely. Let us proceed with joy in our hearts and righteous knowledge in our minds. Let us proceed with love for our fellow mankind as we march against the transgressors of the good of humanity.

Day 5

Today child, begin anew your relationship with mankind. Know that love truly will set you free. Know also that time will heal all wounds and carry yourself accordingly. This is a time of great possibilities. Choose to focus only on that that is in the best interest of all of humanity and the highest good of all. Seek the positive in all circumstances. Stand tall and stand up for that which is good and just. Be wary of false prophets and naysayers, as they are both up to no good. Choose wisely and live life accordingly for your destiny is the greatest when you seek the highest order of the day.

Do not walk in the misconception that you do not get to choose, for this is false. Choice is always yours for the taking. Think positive and fear not, for good is always at hand for you to focus on. When doubts arise, chase them away with thoughts of success. We are the way and the light ever after. We are the stars and the sun, the day and the night. We must grasp this concept and hold tight, for only then can we reach our true potential. Only then can we realize that we are the God part, the God love, the God piece that is so needed at this time on earth.

Day 6

So travel inward and realize your true potential as an interconnected piece of the amazing God source filled with intelligence, love and light. This God source can help the earth to evolve in a positive direction. Choose to be a part of this magnificent source.

Choose this journey over gathering material wealth and choose this existence as a way of life. For never before has there been a time when so many have been called to the task of transforming our world into the better place that we know it can become. Do not rob yourself of the satisfaction of knowing that you took part and actively participated in the greatest evolution of spirit of all time.

Day 7

Alas, this is a day of new beginnings, a day to grow into the person that you were sent here to be. Do not despair and mourn the loss of the old you, as this is a change for the better. A better life and a better outlook on this life are yours for the taking. Do not trouble yourself with the details of this change for it is forthcoming. Know this as the truth and accept it now. Tomorrow is a new day, a new world, a new adventure for us all. Now relax in the knowledge that you will allow this change and welcome it in your heart as it is much needed. For the earth is in need of a revelation, its resources are dwindling as they are being overused by the mass populations. Allow this change and welcome it in.

Forget regrets or worries. This is not a time for could have been or should have been. This is a time of great expectations. This is a time of joyous, soulful uplifting. Find your way and find yourself. You are a most valuable contributor to this joyful celebration. Uplift your heart and mind and focus on what is needed of you now. Who are you to become, a help or a hindrance, in this great evolution? Today make a vow to become the positive change agent in this world, for you alone may be the tipping point for making this world a better place. Alas send this message on to as many people as you can as time is of the essence.

Day 8

Today, child, write of hope and love. For the future is a great adventure where possibilities are endless. We begin anew each and every day, so choose to make this day one of hope and love. The light source is always filled with hope, love and joy. Tomorrow is not to be fretted and worried over. Ponder the positive! Destroy thoughts that otherwise negate this hope and send only a positive tone into your tomorrows. Alas, the future is uncertain, but we are one factor that is a constant.

We can and will overcome all adversities if we have hope and joy in our hearts. Child, you know your importance in this challenge is a vital one. Do not get discouraged by naysayers, as hope will keep us strong. Everlasting life and love are the keys to fulfillment. Do not tarry for there is much work to be done. Follow your heart and let your light shine.

Day 9

Today, child, write of hope and love and joy. Do not let life's small trivial trials bring you down. For in the scheme of things, they are but a pebble dropped into an ocean. Their waves are not lasting or far reached. Gather instead an array of stars and focus on their light, always reaching upward. This is the best way to lead one's life. Working toward goals of hope, love and joy is the best we can do.

Never give in or listen to naysayers as their spirit will bring you down. Instead live your own life filled with a positive focus. Ignore those that predict impending disasters. We are in a time of great tribulation, but justice will be served. Do not fret about tomorrow as this will get you nowhere. Instead focus on the now and the love you have for those around you. Insist on clarity, respect and a willingness to dream of a better tomorrow. Alas, the stars in the sky are too numerous to count, so do not bother over the details. Let loose and live.

Day 10

Today, child, never stop dreaming of a brighter future as dreams do come true. Travel toward this dream and your path will be well lit. Know that happiness is yours now, but it is always good to focus on dreams of a more fulfilling tomorrow. A life filled with great rewards for you and all those around you. All those who will benefit from your dream actualized, as blessings are sweeter shared.

You child will spread the good cheer and benefit many. A life well lived is one that touches the lives of many. So remember to spread the good cheer and actualize that great dream that you so desire.

Day 11

Today we will write of love, hope and prosperity. Hoorah for it is on its way and much nearer than you think. Follow your heart and it will lead you home. Knowing this truth will set you free. The heart chakra is the highest power for good and light. Focus your intention here and send this energy of love to yourself and out into the universe.

Tomorrow will be a day of love and hope. Tomorrow will see the light of the heart- centered intentions that will change the universe. Love will and can conquer all as it is the highest vibration level. We must focus our intentions here, in our heart chakras. We must send our loving intentions to the world. We can be the change agents for a better world if we do so now.

Day 12

Today let us write of the connectedness that we all have with one another. The sharing of joy and love that takes place mostly with those that we are closest to. It is the connectedness in life that really matters. It is the human interactions with loved ones that make us whole. Know your worth is multiplied by the family and friends that you love in this lifetime. Know that life is short and that we need to grow all the love that we can in order to lead a happy, joyous life.

So do not just think your way through life, feel your way through life with love and light. Create a better world for yourself and those around you. Spread your loving energy to a world much in need. This is the way of an enlightened mankind. This is the way of a future worth living. Love and be loved and then share this love with the world around you. Let your heart light shine its effervescent light on a world in need of hope and brightness.

Day 13

Let this love shine beyond those closest to us and out into the community around us. Let this light shine to create a better, more loving world. Today dear child, spread your love light like a drop of water in a still pool and watch it send out ripples of joy and hope throughout the community and the universe.

Know that there is an invisible band, a band-aid of sorts that connects us all. This thread can be strengthened when we put time and energy into loving one another. We need to build human connections with one another. An interaction with others is the key to allowing our hearts to stay open and our souls to soar.

Day 14

Ignite a spirit of connection, not the spirit of independence. Know your worth is far greater when surrounded by family and friends. Reach out and amass human connections, for we must all learn to work together and not stand alone. Human connectedness is paramount to the survival of our species. In times of many natural disasters and great human strife, we must learn to ask for help and give help in return.

Earthquakes, floods, wildfires and tornados physically rip apart communities. The old saying, "United we stand and divided we fall" needs to be reinstated if we are to survive in the turbulent days ahead. Gather resources, dig deep and help one another. Make this a number one goal in the days to come.

Day 15

Today is a day of great movement as things that seemed stagnant are being resolved. The stars are aligning on your behalf. Energies are shifting for your highest good. The period that appeared stagnant was necessary to prepare you for what is ahead. Gather strength and resources for your life, and shift to become joyous and fulfilled.

There is much movement in the air for positive change and transformation. Convince yourself that it is so. Focus on inspirational love and hope, and begin now to transform your life into one of positive change. Tomorrow will be a better day for all. Begin anew with an attitude of self-love and self-acceptance. Be self-confident that we are always with you and surround you in all your endeavors. Live alive and aware!

Day 16

Ponder the possibilities for your options are endless for love, joy, and hope. Know your options are many for abundance so gather courage and proceed now. There will be no better time to begin anew than this very day. Today travel in your mind's eye to a brighter tomorrow, one filled with anticipation of your every movement as you fulfill your life's purpose.

This, dear child, is your destiny, your calling, your highest worth as a helper to the creator. You have been given many gifts and a great inner strength or fortitude to overcome adversity. Know these gifts are not given to all, so use them wisely.

Day 17

Wiggle your fingers and toes and know that the life blood flows from your heart to these extremities. So too, it is your heart that pumps your life blood into all that you do. So do it with love, not anger or negative emotions. Search your heart for the truth and know that it is so.

Know that you have an innate inner strength and are where you need to be on your spiritual path right now. Breathe and move to energize yourself. Believe in yourself and support your own best good. Always love yourself unconditionally!

Day 18

Listen to this advice if you will, do not tarry in your endeavors as time is of the essence. Life is short and precious and soon will pass you by. Begin your heart's dream today as you do not want to miss this opportunity for change or grow thin this positive direction. This is the window of opportunity that you have so desired.

Search your heart for direction and begin today as if your life depended on it, for your soul's life may just depend on this experience to evolve to its highest level. Many put off until tomorrow, what they fear to begin today. This is a mistake, face your fears and climb through your doubts. Never again will an opportune time arise as great as the present moment. Grasp this idea and run with it as we may never pass this way again. Jump at this good fortune and relish this opportunity.

Day 19

Today, child, is a day a new with great possibilities of hope, joy and love. So do not just think your way through life, feel your way through life with love and light. Create a better world for yourself and those around you. Spread your loving energy to a world much in need. This is the way of the enlightened. This is the way of a future worth living. Love and be loved and then share this feeling with the world around you. Let your heart light shine its effervescent light on a world in need of hope and brightness.

Amass this goodness in one's heart and then spread it to those around you. It is a good time to do this as a new world is just around the corner. Do not hide your love and joy from the world as it is in great need of hope. Follow your chosen path today and pursue your hopes and dreams. This is the time that you were born to live. Live well and fully pursue your chosen purpose of spreading joy, hope and love.

Day 20

Alas, child, today is the day to begin anew. Release old hurts, old grudges and focus on new beginnings. This is a day to express great joy and appreciation for all that you have. For to those whom much has been given, much is required in return.

There is more than enough to go around, especially when we all share our resources with our family, friends, and community. Here is a formula for health, wealth and great success in all you do. Begin giving back to your co-workers, your neighbors, and your friends. This is a time for giving more, not less. This is a time for great joy and cheer to be shared with all. Rejoice, feel pride in your community of acquaintances and enjoy sharing with one another. Rejoice in your connection with your family and other like minded souls and gather together and celebrate your great blessings now.


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