Channeling Harrison

Channeling Harrison

by David Young


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ISBN-13: 9781937907228
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Publication date: 05/22/2014
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

David Young has recorded 55 albums and has sold over a million CDs. His relaxing instrumental music features a unique technique of playing two recorders (renaissance flutes) in harmony at one time. He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist whose voice and songs have been used on numerous TV productions. Over 10,000 massage therapists, spas, healing centers, and hospital all over the world use his instrumental music every day to help people find peace in this stressful world.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Legend xiii

Chapter 1 1973 1

Chapter 2 October 2010 4

Chapter 3 This Change Is Gonna Do Me Good 6

Chapter 4 En Route to the Ashram 9

Chapter 5 The Flute and Krishna's Birthday 15

Chapter 6 I Sure Have Seen Better Days 18

Chapter 7 The Concert for Bangladesh 23

Chapter 8 The Online Dating Adventures 29

Chapter 9 Yogaphoria 33

Chapter 10 One Look 36

Chapter 11 Come Home with Me 38

Chapter 12 Whatever Road You Choose 44

Chapter 13 I Finish Everything I Start 47

Chapter 14 Foodbye 52

Chapter 15 Sir Paul, Heather, and the Standing Ovation 63

Chapter 16 Story Time with DAY (David A. Young) 70

Chapter 17 The Key to Your Heart 77

Chapter 18 Zarina, Zarina, Zarina 81

Chapter 19 And Still I Wait 84

Chapter 20 I'm Still Missing You 86

Chapter 21 More Soup 92

Chapter 22 One-Woman Man 96

Chapter 23 Gotta Get Close to You 100

Chapter 24 Miscommunication 103

Chapter 25 I've Given Up: I Can't Save You from You 105

Chapter 26 Are You Following Me Around? 122

Chapter 27 YouTube Link 124

Chapter 28 10/10/10 126

Chapter 29 Is He an Angel Now? 131

Chapter 30 No Direction Calling Me Home 136

Chapter 31 The Photograph 138

Chapter 32 The Painting and the Rolling Stone 145

Chapter 33 Layla 158

Chapter 34 The Beatles and the Bard 167

Chapter 35 12/12/12 169

Chapter 36 Harrison House 179

Chapter 37 Something in the Way She Moves 182

Chapter 38 Just Be 184

Chapter 39 Tom Petty and the Number 42 193

Chapter 40 Victoria and the Agent 199

Chapter 41 Grandma Returns 206

Chapter 42 Goodness 211

Epilogue: St. George and the Dragon 219

Appendix: In Memory of Mark Reale 225

Acknowledgments 231

About the Author 235



"Legend" by Doug Munson

A thousand years ago, according to English legend, a kingdom was threatened by a venomous dragon. The dragon would periodically demand a beautiful maiden as ransom. One day, the dragon claimed ransom of the king's daughter to spare the kingdom its wrath.

Upon hearing the princess was in peril of being consumed by the dragon, a gallant knight rushed to her aid on his white steed. A terrible battle ensued, but in the end, the good knight, whose name was George, slew the dragon in the soft tissues under its wing with lance and sword, sparing the kingdome and freeing the princess. Such is the legend of St. Goerge and the dragon. Oh, and by the way, St. George is the patron saint of England.

Today, a thousand years later, this story lives on in metaphor for David Young. The venomous dragon is fear. Its hardened scales are doubts of all shapes and sizes. Our spiritual welfare is the kingdom at stake.

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