Chaos, an Urban Dystopian (Agents of Evil, Book 2)

Chaos, an Urban Dystopian (Agents of Evil, Book 2)

by Megan Duncan

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BN ID: 2940014650090
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication date: 06/30/2011
Series: Agents of Evil , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 284
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About the Author

Megan is a professional nerd, oddity enthusiast and paranormal junkie. She is fighting her addiction to chocolate and living in her overactive imagination.

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Chaos, an Urban Dystopian (Agents of Evil, Book 2) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
FreeLoveMary More than 1 year ago
Chaos is the sequel to Released by Megan Duncan and the second book in her Agents of Evil trilogy. Abby, Carter, Max, and Taya made it to the base, but that wasn't the end to all their problems. They must rebuild the resistance, and with that job comes many trials and tribulations. The demons are still very much at large and killing off what's left of the human population. In Chaos, Abby is forced to make decisions that, while they save others, may jeopardize her life along with her teams' lives. Although the idea for Chaos was awesome, I had still had a lot of problems with this book, but we'll get to that in a minute. Duncan's writing style seems to have improved, or at least changed, in this book. There are still a lot of grammatical errors ranging from misspelled words, to missing punctuation, to completely missing words! I know she's self published, but I feel that these could have been fixed with a little proof reading. Anyway, tons of great new characters are introduced in Chaos, and the dynamics of Abby's team changes. We see less of Abby and Carter, and more of other characters that I absolutely loved! I won't ruin anything, but some of these new characters definitely made me tear up in a few places. Although I loved these new characters, I had some problems with our main characters- specifically Abby. I get that Duncan wanted to show she's been "hardened" but I think at one point it's time to still make her a little feminine. The fact is, Abby is still a girl, and although I'm all for strong female leads, I do feel there's a point when your female character might as well be a male character. I did not connect with Abby and her ideals in this book. Everything was "I HAVE to do this," with not much thought process as to the why. I think this more "hardened" Abby makes the chemistry between her and Max a lot less believable. In fact, I felt so little chemistry, that at one point I was hoping he would actually be gone to make room for other things and other people, and I NEVER do that in a book. I also felt that a lot of the situations that our characters find themselves in are not fully thought out, along with their actions to get out of those said situations. It just seems as it things are not completely thought out in this book. Things are very disjointed still, which in turn makes the character's actions seem very disjointed. We, as the reader, can't know what's happening if the author does not explain it! I still love Carter's character in this book. I feel that he is very down to earth, and I wish he would have been more than a side character. As I said before, there are many new side characters introduced in this book, and at some points I felt way more connected to them that I did our main character!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book three, when will it be released?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The development of the characters and their resolve to survive and eradicate the demons was very well written. I was crying my eyes out from the intense feelings the characters evoked. Can't wait to read the next book of this series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CassayC More than 1 year ago
I don’t know why but Megan’s Agents of Evil novels just mess with my head and give me nightmares! I love it! I read this over the Canada Day Long Weekend and Saturday and Sunday night - I had nightmares about demon crows and demon spiders (I HATE SPIDERS) I actually have a “spider scream”. Chaos was too short for my liking. I wanted more of the story I love it so much! There was a ton of action in Chaos which made me turn the pages faster. We met some new characters which I kinda sorta love them all. Some reminded me of characters from The Walking Dead and I totally pictured them like that. My two apocalypse loves mashed together = awesomeness. We learned a hint of how the apocalypse might have happened and I can’t FREAKING wait for book 3 to come out!!! I seriously need to know what Abby and crew are going to do and what is out….. Sorry I’m not going to finish that sentence and ruin the storyline for you :P. I love Carter and Taya I wish we saw a bit more of them but what we did see of them I loved. I loved how they added so much to the story when we saw them. I love how Abby and Max’s relationship is growing; I’m starting to feel what Abby feels with their relationship.
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Agent of Evil series and it ROCKED! Loved it so much. The beginning automatically sets the tone for a darker book. After surviving months on their own they are trying to find a safe place. They issue out a radio plea offering a safe place and instead found themselves much more deeper than what they thought. I like that they plot had lots of twist and turns. The great world building of the demise around them is awesome. The characters have once again, grew so much. They learned more about each other and about the world they live in. As much as they want to save the world, they must learn how to survive in it first. They love interest progressed as I thought it would. Great friendship, stolen peaceful moments as well as self sacrifice to save one another. Totally loving and joyful to read! I'm glad that their grows stronger with each other. Their passion is uniting and lovely to read. Chaos is an exhilarating sequel. The never ending action thrusts the reader into a great thrilling read. The moment when Abby raises her gun to defend the ones she loves, the story explodes! Exciting yet strong, Chaos is amazing!
Naj More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for the sequel for ages and the second I received the Advanced Readers Copy, I tried as much as possible to read it whenever I got the chance in between work and Uni. But only today did I actually sit down and read it from cover to cover. And damn. It got scarier. I don't know how Megan comes up with this stuff. So, the book started out with Abby and the fighters or 'warriors' of the base getting ready to fight Spider Demons. It was intense, descriptive and entirely page turning. It gets gory sometimes but it isn't as bad as I thought. New characters came rolling in and I immediately grew attached to them. Abby, Max, Carter and Taya weren't the same after the attack they went through before they reached the base in New Mexico. Honestly speaking, I didn't remember much of the first book. I read it so many books back. It's hard to keep track. I was struggling to remember what happened last time and Megan gave us some peaks and ideas to remind us what happened the book before and I'm so grateful for that! As the story went on, the plot thickens and the demons began to get more complicated and harder to figure out. It terrifies me, that Megan writes about a world that could be ours. Hell literally breaking lose and demons of all sizes and shapes with different capabilities started to walk amongst us and nearly wipes out human race. It makes me wish, I owed a katana or a shotgun. Anyways, the best part of the book (besides the fighting and the demons) is probably how real everything seemed. How the characters are all big emotional messes, all trying to fight to hope and stay strong. How they experience real pain and emotions like they're supposed to in a situation like theirs and most of all, how each one of them have lost someone dear to them and they're fighting to stay alive just for them. All this really makes a reader connect strongly with each character. As usual, I hate it when the books end. Especially, when things start to get good, and we are left with such a huge cliffhanger. Either way, I loved going through another thrilling, seat wrenching, intensifying dystopian book by Megan Duncan! Now, Megan, you know the drill! Go write some more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Some grammer mistakes but overall great book cant wait to see what happens next
KikiD870 More than 1 year ago
Chaos follows Released, and continues the story of Abby, Carter, and Max as they struggle to survive in the new world that they have found themselves. A demon apocalpyse has changed the world as they know it, but instead of giving up, they have figured out how to fight them and keep their place in the world. Everything about this series is wonderful, from the characters to the story itself. The characters are easy to identify with because they are real, even living in this dystopian world. They have real problems, real issues, and that makes the alternate world absolutely believable. And that makes it that much more exciting and scary to read! Megan has created a world that is so much like our own that it is impossible not to fall into the story and feel as if it is happening right outside your own door. Abby and Carter have changed roles in a lot of way in this new book, and it has added a level of interest and tension that really added to the story. Several of the characters from the first book had their own stories in this book and that was great, getting to really know them as a part of this world. A slew of new characters were added and it created some great story lines that I can't wait to see more of in the next book in the series. This is a really great series that I highly recommend!
PrettyInFiction More than 1 year ago
Chaos, the second novel in Megan Duncan's Agents of Evil series, is an action packed horror adventure that will leave you breathlessly waiting for the next book to be released. The action, the romance (Abby and Max are just the cutest, even with demons around), the demons! Oh, wow, I love Duncan's demons. They're so creepy they'll make your skin crawl! I felt Chaos had a lot more action in it. Released focused more on the four original characters making there way in a desolate, demon-filled wasteland, whereas Chaos focuses more on survival and fighting back against the demons. The action really pushes the storyline forward in a great way. Duncan also has a way of leaving you terrified everytime the characters face off against the demons. I was, on more than one occasion, terrified for the characters and praying they'd be okay. I'll admit, sometimes I'd even turn ahead a few pages to make sure they'd be okay! There were a few things that got on my nerves while reading Chaos. The first and foremost was the overuse of the word chaos. I felt like it was used at least once in every chapter, which sort of made it cheesy. Really, the only other thing was that I read Released a LONG time ago, so when I was reading Chaos I occasionally felt a little lost. Not story wise, but just references here and there that I knew meant something, but couldn't remember exactly what. So I'm going to say, for maximum enjoyment, read Released (or at least skim through to refresh you're memory) before diving into Chaos. Sometimes with books and movies, the sequel just never stands up to the original. This is not the case here. Chaos is an awesome sequel. It's got all the action, without sacrificing the characters or plot. I highly recommend Chaos (and Released if you haven't read it, obviously) to anyone who loves paranormal romance, or just a good adventure!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book! Read it one day. Couldnt put it down ! Cant wait for book 3