Chaos in Medicine: Source Readings

Chaos in Medicine: Source Readings

by Robert Thayer Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw


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ISBN-13: 9781565939530
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 632
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Application of Chaos in Biomedical Research: An Overview. Fractal Mechanisms in the Electrophysiology of the Heart. Four Methods to estimate the Fractal Dimension from Self-Affine Signals. A Fast Algorithm to Determine Fractal Dimensions by Box Counting. Measuring the Strangeness of Strange Attractors. Application of Chaos Theory to Biology and Medicine. A Fractal Analysis of External Diffusion Limited First-Order Kinetics for the Binding of Antigen by Immobilized Antibody. Fractal Link Determinism and Randomness in Structures and Functions. Fractal Graphical Representation and Analysis of DNA and Protein Sequences. Fractal Analysis of Protein Chain Conformation. Fractal Analysis of Photolysis of Nitrosyl Haemoglobin at Low Temperatures. Fractal Analysis of a Voltage - Dependent Potassium Channel from Cultured Mouse Hippocampal Neurons. A Fractal Analysis of Cell Images. Applications of Fractal Analysis to Physiology. Fascinating Rhythm: A Primer on Chaos Theory and its application to Cardiology. Is There Chaos in Cardiology?. Fractal Nature of Regional Myocardial Blood Flow Heterogeneity. Jurassic Heart: From the Heart to the Edge of Chaos. Application of Fractal Geometry to the Analysis of Ventricular Premature Contractions. Modeling of the Heart's Ventricular Conduction System Using Fractal Geometry: Spectral Analysis of the QRS Complex. Heart Rate, Respiration & Baroreflex: Entrainment, Bifurcations & Chaos. Heart Rate, Respiration & Baroreflex: Motivation & Experiments. Phase Dependencies Of The Human Baraoreflex. Modeling Heart Rate Variability Due To Respiration And Baroreflex. Fractal Analysis Of Role Of Smooth Muscle Ca (2+) Fluxes In Genesis Of Chaotic Arterial Pressure Oscillations. Fractal Analysis Of Foetal Heart Rate Variability. Potential Fractal Analysis For Lesion Detection In Echograhic Images. A New Technique For Fractal Analysis Applied To Human, Intracerebrally Recorded, Ictal Electroencephalographic Signals. The Fractal Analysis Of Pyramidal Neurons In Mammalian Motor Cortex. Quantitation Of The Renal Arterial Tree By Fractal Analysis. Fractal Concept And Its Analysis Method For Doppler Ultrasound Signals. Fractal Analysis Of Ganglion Cell Dendritic Branching Patterns Of The Rat And Cat Retinae. Comparative Fractal Analysis Of Cultured Glia Derived From Optic Nerve And Brain Demonstrate Different Rates Of Morphological Differentiation. A Fractal Analysis Of Cultured Rat Optic Nerve Glial Growth And Differentiation. Lucifer Yellow, Retrograde Tracers, And Fractal Analysis Characterise Adult Ferret Retinal Ganglion Cells. Fractal Analysis Of Pulmonary Arteries: The Fractal Dimension Is Lower In Pulmonary Hypertension. Fractal And Morphometric Analysis Of Lung Structures After Canine Adenovirus-Induced Bronchiolitis In Beagle Puppies. Fractal Analysis Of The Normal Human Retinal Fluorescein Anigiogram. Fractal Analysis Of Renal Cortical Perfusion. The Application Of Fractal Analysis To Mammographic Tissue Classification. Fractal Dimension Analysis Of Aluminum Oxide Particale For Sandblasting Dental use. Intro A Chaotic Future. Irregularity Of Vocal Period And Amplitude: A First Approach To The Fractal Analysis Of Voice. Bifurcation Portrait Of The Human Vocal Cord Oscillations. Observation Of Perturbations In A Lumped-Element Model Of The Vocal Folds With Applicaiton To Some Pathological Cases. Bifurcations And Chaos In Newborn Infant Cries. Evidence Of Chaos In Vocal Fold Vibration. Analysis Of Vocal Disorders With Methods From Nonlinear Dynamics. Bifurcations And Chaos In Voice Signals. Bifurcations In An Asymmetric Vocal-Fold Model. The Human Voice: A Highly Nonlinear Dynamic System. Possible Mechanisms Of Vocal Instabilities. Synthesis Of Voiced Sounds From A Two-Mass Model Of The Vocal Cords. Nonlinear Dynamics Of The Voice: Signal Analysis And Biomechanical Modeling. APOLONN Brings Us To The Real World: Learning Nonlinear Dynamics And Fluctuations In Nature.

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