Chapel Street Signs

Chapel Street Signs

by RL Lane


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...unexplained connections between people that challenge us to believe. A woman one day finds herself in a secret world. It existed all her life, but she was too shy and timid to venture there until she became an adult. She learns that connections have a whole other meaning as she contemplates who and what defines us both past and present. Along the way, she learns to live and love in both worlds...her secret world and the real world.

"I lost my thought." I used to say it all the time. I do not say it anymore because I will never lose my thoughts. I look all around me and I see people. Everywhere I look. I don't see them to connect to them. I don't touch them to feel them. I don't even speak to them, but I can still hear their stories. My memories and their memories can still make a smile or tears or joy or fears...

Series Description:

A woman, a Dad a Doctor, a cat and mouse, a horse and tale tell their stories. "Do you beli ve in spirits?" I asked my friend. "Well look", he said, "I believe there are things that cannot be explained..." Oh. Plus, hear ov a Mom's battle with her struggle to connect to the woman...her little girl.

Welcome to EcarreT...a world
Where everyone cares
Why did I have to create it in...

A fiction fantasy world?

You may already know why, but you will see regardless of what you believe as a girl's journey of love and faith on her "Touring Machine" take her on the best journey of her mundane life. A life well on its way takes a turn in a direction that could've never been seen or even dreamed...

A series of three:
Chapel Street Signs secret Life OV an antE
Sri Town

Then you will go "back to Chapel Street" for the first series ending.

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ISBN-13: 9781505515442
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/25/2014
Series: EcarreT , #1
Pages: 406
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Who I am...

Well I will start with the easy things...

I am a human.
One who loves our flag. It waves to me a ll the time.
I want to help others.
I love my family. I do not get to see them very often.
My friends most likely do not know how important they are to me because of this.
I have a Bachelors in Psychology but never used the degree in my IT career. I like numbers. I know all my card numbers, identifying numbers, other numbers. I consider it brain exercise knowing my numbers.
I wanted to find the thing that makes me different. In my books, I call it special. If I can dream about Henry sitting in front of me in a chair, and then tie him into my stories in these books, then I think that meets the definition of different. I think a lot about Henry. He is one of my favorites. I think we will be hearing from him in the future...perhaps he has a secret.
I am a middle child. I do consider myself a connector. I am constantly connecting others wherever I go. It is much easier to connect others than it is to connect myself to someone. Perhaps that is a broken thing. I am a "broken connection". I think that must violate some kind of cosmic law because I am a middle child. It is important to not forget that we need to be connected. I do not mean connected in the sense of married, just connected. I am a fan of marriage...just not the broken ones that can't be fixed. My message is simply just find your connection. Why else would we be on earth with other people if we were meant to be alone?
I did not sit down one day and say I am going to write a book. I had a dream and just started writing and never stopped. I do really want to talk to Mr. King about the beginning of his book journey, because I think it would help me to feel more sane. It is not that easy to separate "book world" from "earth world" from "spirit world", especially if you are a person who believes there are things that can't be explained. I feel like my brain works differently than it did back on page 1 of Chapel Street Signs. I feel like there are parts of my brain that I use now that never got used before or used minimally.
I love that one of the last messages in Sri Town was to remember who I am. I will try to do that. I do already feel like I love all of you...the readers, even though I have never met any of you. It is possible to love someone you have never met.
Until we meet,
RL Lane

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