Character and Virtue in Theological Education: An Academic Epistolary Novel

Character and Virtue in Theological Education: An Academic Epistolary Novel

by Marvin Oxenham


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Dr Marvin Oxenham expertly uses the genre of the epistolary novel to help the reader understand the nature of character and virtue education and their relationship to theological education. This book will help educators respond to the increasing demands for formational and transformational education and enact concrete virtue related practices. Dr Oxenham draws on a vast array of disciplines, from educational philosophy and political science to theology and andragogy, in this winsome story that explores how global theological education can better contribute to the formation of virtuous students.

Written from the perspective of a seasoned educator from the Minority World who engages with correspondence from his friend and peer in the Majority World, this is the honest story of two friends who struggle with their challenges and dreams. Academics will find this book compelling reading that, like good works of fiction, they won’t put down, and, like good reference works, they will return to again and again. This book offers a chance to rediscover an ancient tradition and explore a new frontier in theological education.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781783686971
Publisher: Langham Partnership International
Publication date: 07/31/2019
Series: ICETE Series
Pages: 414
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

As an educational philosopher and theologian, DR MARVIN OXENHAM is passionate about the trialogue between education, philosophy and theology. He has worked for thirty years in theological education in Europe and internationally as a faculty member, academic dean and leader in quality assurance. He presently serves as General Secretary of the European Council for Theological Education, Director of the ICETE Academy, and Programme Leader for postgraduate studies in theological education with London School of Theology, UK. Marvin was born in Rome, Italy, where he currently resides.

Table of Contents



Part I: The Vision

  • 1 A New Start
  • 2 When Crisis Strikes
  • 3 The Vision in a Nutshell
  • 4 Three Key Definitions
  • 5 Why Not Spiritual Formation
  • 6 Character and Virtue in Higher Education
  • 7 Character and Virtue in theological Education
  • 8 Virtue for Social Impact
  • 9 Virtue for Political Impact
  • 10 Discipleship as Virtue
  • 11 What Churches Want
  • 12 A Fresh Expression
  • 13 An Aristotelian Framework?
  • 14 Justifying Aristotle
  • 15 A Global Heritage
  • 16 A Manifesto for Character and Virtue in theological Education
  • 17 Considering Objections
  • 18 Whose Character? Which Virtue?

Part II: The Tradition

  • 19 A theology of Character and Virtue – with Method
  • 20 Virtue in Ancient Cultures
  • 21 Character and Virtue in the Old Testament
  • 22 Virtue in the Classical Era
  • 23 Virtue in the New Testament
  • 24 The Roman Road to Virtue
  • 25 Virtue from Cassian to the Carmina Burana
  • 26 The American Case Study
  • 27 Historical Fragments
  • 28 Virtue after Postmodernity

Part III: The Practice 2

  • 9 A Question of Practice
  • 30 Taxonomies of Virtue
  • 31 Virtues Described
  • 32 Character as Sought
  • 33 Character as Caught
  • 34 A Venue for Virtue?
  • 35 Virtuous Curriculum
  • 36 Character as Taught
  • 37 Andragogy of Virtue
  • 38 The Assessment Dilemma
  • 39 Assuring Quality
  • 40 Ten Years Later

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