Character Anew: Journal journey to a meaningful life

Character Anew: Journal journey to a meaningful life

by Dr Mario Denton DR


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Character Anew
To live a meaningful life is an inherent desire powerful enough to keep us going through adverse conditions. There is nothing as motivating as the hope created by our active pursuit of purpose. It is however sad to note that a purpose driven life, a life of significance seem to elude most. Some purely because purpose does not matter but others because they just don't know how they should pursue their life's purpose. Hopefully this journal will inspire and help you to embark on your personal journey to significance

The Legacy Journal is a thought provoking guide that will take you on a journey during which you will:

- Discover who you really are;

- Discover and understand your life's purpose;

- Improve what you are to become the person which God wants you to be;

- Work through the subsequent challenges that life will throw at you.

When starting this journey we need to realise that the outcome of this journey will largely depend on the questions we ask ourselves. Questions like - Why am I doing what I'm doing? If the ultimate gift that we can give is giving from myself in other words giving from who I am, then what impact will my gift have on those that I love, my Church, my community or even society at large?

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About the Author

Dr Mario Denton was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the study leader of over hundred and sixty MBA research projects, has published eleven books and two case studies, has contributed a chapter in book, published six international articles and delivered papers at thirty two conferences worldwide. He is an industrial psychologist and international teacher.

He holds two counselling diplomas and two masters degrees, M Econ and MBA and completed his PhD in Organisational Behaviour and Business Administration. He has presented People Management courses forty four times consecutively to MBA students and trained about three thousand participants, of whom four hundred were MBA students in Emotional Intelligence.

He is CEO of Strong Message Business Consultancy and True Africa Leadership as well as the Africa Director for FCCI. Mario uses his strong academic and corporate background and his uniquely effective coaching style to help people tap into their inner being to utilise their strengths and enhance their skills and to make a difference in the workplace.

He teaches people management, leadership, emotional and spiritual intelligence, organisational behavior and change management. He is an optimist who has a passion for people and tutoring and has a real love for life.

He has devoted his career so far to people management and facilitating complex and perpetual change Mario is an excellent practitioner in what he teaches. It is impressive when leaders are valid and current in who they are as it substantiates what they do. Mario believes that what we do should be an outward expression of an inward experience. He is strong on character building.

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