Character Education: The Secrets for Building Character Revealed

Character Education: The Secrets for Building Character Revealed



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ISBN-13: 9781880830697
Publisher: AEON Hierophant Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/2002
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 144
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It is essential that you both identify your own behaviors and those behaviors of the person with whom you are communicating. This is ignored by most, if not all, personality and type setting profiles. The exception is the Winning Colors� process.

In order to instigate any change, it is crucial that you assess where you are at and where you want to go. As the song sung by Fagen in Oliver : "I'm reassessing the situation�"

If you are interested in selecting a career: "What are the behaviors demanded by the job description?"

The major behaviors demanded by a paramedic, manager or carpenter are inherently different. (Careers Unlimited. �2000 Neilson and Thoelke. Aeon Hierophant).

If you are interested in violence prevention: "What are the behaviors of those involved in the conflict?"

The violence between persons biased to action (Adventurer - red) behaviors will differ intrinsically from those persons biased to team building (Relater - blue) behaviors. Those with Adventurer strengths may fight it out physically while those with Relater strengths may "shout" it out vocally.

If you are interested in self-esteem building: "What are the behaviors of the person who you wish to esteem?"

In order to build self-esteem in a person with bottom-line leadership strengths (Builder - brown), is very different from building self-esteem in a person with emotional team-building strengths (Relater - blue). Self-esteem in Builder biased persons is built by honors, recognition, responsibility and respect. Self-esteem in Relater biased persons concern for others, appreciation of feelings and personal interest.

If you are interested in motivation: "What are the invested behaviors of the person you wish to motivate?"

To provide motivation to a person with a strong thinking self (Planner - green), is very different from motivating a person with a strong team-building self (Relater - blue). A Planner will be motivated by being given freedom of thought and a creative opportunity to explore the universe whereas the Relater will be motivated by the opportunity to work with others who are considerate and team oriented persons.

If you are interested in change of attitude: "What are the present attitudinal behaviors and those attitudinal behaviors wished to be acquired?"

For example, if the acquiring of the Builder behavior of decisiveness is the objective, Personal Empowerment Statements (The word "Affirmation" is used by many goal-setting programs) is invaluable for attitudinal change. Personal Empowerment Statements embody the concrete visualization of the end result as already accomplished embedded in positive emotions and as many senses as possible.

If you are interested in the identifying a person's best learning styles:

Do I best process information in a tactile, visual, olfactory or auditory mode?" The sorting of the cards provides some clues. The Adventurer is more inclined to tactile. Various inventories such as those used by "Intellearn" provide more specific processing information.

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