Charity in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat

Charity in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat


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ISBN-13: 9781597841238
Publisher: Tughra Books
Publication date: 01/01/2008
Series: Islam in Practice Series
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.09(w) x 9.11(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Omer Faruk Senturk is a former preacher in Bursa, Turkey. He is currently an official preacher in Uskudar, a suburb of Istanbul.

Table of Contents

Introduction     ix
What Is Zakat?     1
General Terms of the Obligatory and Voluntary Alms in Islam     3
What does zakat mean?     3
What is to be generally understood by zakat in Islam?     3
What is sadaqa (the voluntary alms)?     4
What is infaq (spending in God's way)?     5
What is ushr (the alms of agricultural produce)?     6
What is nawaib (supplementary alms for extraordinary circumstances)?     6
When was zakat decreed obligatory?     7
What is the Qur'anic evidence for the obligation of zakat?     9
What is the evidence for the obligation of zakat in the Sunna?     9
Did zakat exist in religions prior to Islam?     11
Can you provide information about zakat in Judaism?     13
Is there information about zakat in Christianity?     16
What is the general value given to zakat in Islam?     17
How was the economic life in the time of the Prophet?     18
How was zakat organized in the time of the Prophet?     22
How was zakat in the era of the Rightly Guided caliphs?     22
Totality in worship     24
What Are the Benefits of Zakat?     27
What benefits are there for the benefactor?     29
Zakat brings one closer to God     29
Zakat prevents miserliness     30
Zakat is a means for mercy     31
Zakat is purity     32
Zakat grants prosperity     33
Zakat eternalizes wealth     35
Zakat prevents hoarding wealth     36
Zakat hinders insatiable desires     38
Zakat is a means of "dua" (i.e prayer or good wishes)     40
Zakat is a compensation for sins     40
Zakat is security     41
Zakat liberates from material slavery     42
Other benefits of zakat     42
What are the benefits of zakat for its recipient?     43
Zakat liberates from slavery to sustenance     43
Zakat helps achieve working power     44
Zakat promotes employment     44
Zakat augments self-esteem     45
What are the benefits of zakat on society?     47
Zakat reduces class struggles     47
Zakat strengthens the middle class     48
Zakat cures social diseases     49
Zakat liberates society from interest     51
The other social benefits of zakat     59
Possessions That Are Subject to Zakat     61
Which possessions are subject to zakat?     63
How is zakat given on moveable goods?     63
The zakat on gold and silver     63
The zakat on cash, checks and bonds     65
The zakat on shares or investments     65
The zakat on jewelry     66
The zakat on collections     68
The zakat on additional accessories     68
How is zakat given on unmovable assets?     68
How is zakat given on commercial merchandise?     70
How is zakat given on motor vehicles?     72
How is zakat given on livestock?     73
The zakat on camels     73
The zakat on cattle     74
The zakat on sheep     75
The zakat on horses and similar animals     75
The zakat on other animals     76
How is zakat given on animal products?     76
How is zakat paid on agricultural products?     77
How is zakat given on mines and minerals?     79
Who Is Obliged with Zakat?     81
Who is liable for zakat?     83
What features must one possess to be obliged with zakat?     83
Islam     83
Freedom     84
Being debt-free     84
Sanity-maturity      84
What are the requirements of the property subject to zakat?     85
Ownership     85
Should zakat be given on loans?     86
Augmentation (The increase of possessions)     86
Nisab (minimum exemption limit)     87
The wealth must exceed basic necessities     87
The elapse of one year     88
How Is Zakat Paid?     89
Can zakat be paid by way of estimation?     91
Should zakat be collected into the same fund?     91
Can zakat be paid in worth?     92
Is zakat paid on wealth under somebody else's control?     92
Would insult and scorn annul zakat?     93
Is it better to give zakat secretly or openly?     94
Can defective property be given as zakat?     97
When is the most virtuous time for offering zakat?     99
Payment during Ramadan     99
Payment before the deadline     100
Avoiding overdue payments     101
What are the implications of deceitful behavior during payment of zakat?     102
Can property given as zakat be bought back?     103
Is there a worldly punishment for unsettled zakat?     103
What is the punishment for unsettled zakat in the hereafter?      104
Where Is Zakat Given?     107
Who are the recipients of zakat?     109
The poor     109
The destitute     110
Zakat collectors     111
Muallafa al-qulub (those whose hearts are to be reconciled with Islam)     114
Slaves     120
Debtors     122
Fi sabilillah (in God's way)     123
Wayfarers     127
Where else can zakat be given?     128
Is personal transfer (tamlik) a requirement?     130
Some issues concerning the places of disbursement     133
Can all of one's zakat be given to a single person at once?     133
Can zakat be given to close relatives?     134
In our day, what are the best places to give zakat?     135
Who cannot be given zakat?     137
The rich     138
Those with the power to work     139
Warring non-Muslims     140
Intimate family members     141
The descendents of the Prophet     142
Sadaqa al-Fitr     145
Charities apart from zakat     147
The Sadaqa al-Fitr     148
Does sadaqa al-fitr encompass a greater area than that of zakat?     149
What are the requirements for the obligation of sadaqa al-fitr?     150
When is sadaqa al-fitr given?     151
How much needs to be given?     152
How should sadaqa al-fitr be paid?     153
Who are the recipients of sadaqa al-fitr?     154
Conclusion     155
Notes     157
Bibliography     167
Index     169

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