Charles McClung and Charity Vandal: Family Tree Records

Charles McClung and Charity Vandal: Family Tree Records

by Nancy Richmond




DNA has now proven that Charles McClung, husband of Charity Vandal, is the son of William McClung, This volume of genealogical records was compiled by the GREENBRIER McCLUNG HISTORICAL ARCHIVES ASSOCIATION. The information has been verified and authenticated by multiple sources, including several of the top genealogy firms in the U.S. Documents include DNA,Bible, Church, Government, Military, Marriage and Burial records for the family and ancestors of Charles McClung and Charity Vandal, well known historical figures who were pioneers on the western border of the Kentucky wilderness in the early 1800s. The family survived floods, fires, Native American uprisings, and the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812.

Certified Records For:

Charles McClung (1782-1847)
William McClung (father)
Abigail Dickinson Carpenter (mother)
John McClung (grandfather)
Rebecca Stuart (grandmother)
Charity Vandal (1784-1860)
Abraham Vandal (father)
Mary Dillon (mother)
Henderick Wendell (grandfather)
Catalyntje Van Schaick (grandmother)

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