Charles Robert Maturin and the haunting of Irish romantic Fiction

Charles Robert Maturin and the haunting of Irish romantic Fiction

by Christina Morin


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Charles Robert Maturin and the haunting of Irish romantic Fiction by Christina Morin

A self-described "disappointed Author", Charles Robert Maturin (1780-1824) has been largely relegated to the margins of literary history since his death in 1824. Yet, as this study demonstrates, he exerted a fundamental influence on the development of Irish fiction in the early nineteenth century. In particular, his novels dramatically underscore the continuing presence and deployment of the Gothic mode in Romantic Ireland - an influence now frequently overlooked in critical attention to the national and regional forms popularized in Ireland in the wake of Anglo-Irish Union (1801). Working from Jacques Derrida's influential theory on ghosts, this study positions Maturin as the cornerstone on which to build a new paradigm of Irish Romantic fiction, one which accounts for the spectral traces of the past - cultural, social, and political - evident in early-nineteenth century Irish fiction. As it does so, it calls for renewed critical and popular attention to an author who himself continues spectrally to emerge in the works of his literary successors.

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ISBN-13: 9780719085321
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Publication date: 01/17/2012
Pages: 256
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About the Author

Christina Morin is an Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) postdoctoral research fellow at Trinity College Dublin, where she is working on a project titled 'The Gothic Novel in Ireland, 1760-1830'

Table of Contents

List of illustrations vi

Acknowledgements vii

Chronology of Maturin's life ix

Introduction: Spectres of Maturin; or, the ghosts of Irish Romantic fiction 1

1 Reviving Maturin: the life and works 21

2 Communing with the dead: the medium and media of Fatal revenge 33

3 Conjuring Glorvina: The wild Irish boy and the national tale 58

4 Witnessing the past: the textual ruins of The Milesian chief 83

5 Narrating history: the burden of words in Women; or pour et contie 106

6 Paratextual possession: rereading Melmoth the wanderer 129

7 Rethinking Scott's revolution: The Albigenses as historical novel 154

Conclusion: Room for more: the future for Maturin research 177

Bibliography 189

Index 203

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