Charlie and Felicity Go Wild

Charlie and Felicity Go Wild

by David Driscoll


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Charlie and Felicity Go Wild by David Driscoll

Charlie and Felicity Go Wild is the imaginative children’s story about two fishcakes who meet on the river. Charlie is a male fishcake who wants to meet a female fishcake.

After Charlie meets Felicity, everything goes wild! First they take an exciting canoe ride down the river, where they have a dangerous encounter with a crocodile. Charlie takes on some elephants to rescue Felicity and just then, hippos pop up and say hello. A slippery snake sticks his nose into things, Charlie loses so much weight, his swimming trunks fall down! Felicity has fun bouncing on giant mushrooms and Charlie falls asleep in the boat.

Welcome to the crazy world of Charlie and Felicity!

David Driscoll is director at Homestead PDS Ltd commercial painting contractors in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. “The locals say it’s the oldest town in England.” He writes and manufactures film scripts, and supports local charities. The author has written a body of work; this is his first published book.

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ISBN-13: 9781625167422
Publisher: Strategic Book Group, LLC
Publication date: 01/08/2014
Pages: 56
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.15(d)

About the Author

David Driscoll is director at Homestead PDS Ltd commercial painting contractors in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. �The locals say it�s the oldest town in England.� He writes and manufactures film scripts, and supports local charities. The author has written a body of work; this is his first published book.

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Charlie and Felicity Go Wild 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
LeoG2 More than 1 year ago
Charlie and Felicity Go Wild” by David Driscoll is an absolute precious and adorable book about animals which holds a young child's interest Perfect length - this book is not too long, not too short, and the length is just about perfect for a book for young children Great for toddlers and preschoolers - I think this book is best suited for the 2-7 age group, and both toddlers and preschoolers really seem to love this book.
BellaReadz More than 1 year ago
Fully imagined and realized, ‘Charlie and Felicity” by David Driscoll is an adventurous romp with animals and friendship. What more could you want? I was riveted to this book the whole way through and genuinely enjoy the author’s descriptive narrative style and way of doing snappy, fast-paced dialogue and prose that sounds genuine and authentic for the age range. These things really can’t be taught, in my opinion. Enough twists to stay unpredictable, and a heartwarming ending to make it all worth it. Great book!
SamRyan More than 1 year ago
I have somewhat mixed feelings on “Charlie and Felicity Go Wild” by David Driscoll. On one hand it is brilliantly written with some of the most interesting and compelling characters/scenes I’ve read in a long time, and I liked how each of them had their own personality. But on the other, at times I felt almost like there was a lack of focus or central theme. But it is a memorable read with some lovely image-provoking writing, and I can see people liking it!
JesseThomas More than 1 year ago
"Charlie and Felicity Go Wild” is about an assortment of animals and fun leads which is suitable for children aged 0 - 6. I like the fact that it includes several types of water animals- a hippo, a crocodile, an elephant, a snake… It will hold the attention of your little one and the drawings are large and colorful. It also has a fun adventure-type plot which is a welcome addition for a book for children.
ClaireBear74 More than 1 year ago
this is a charming book that captured my attention from the beginning, pulled me in, and never once let go. The narrative was riveting, imaginative, and flowed smoothly from one to the next… never a “dull part” where you get bored or want to skip ahead… you really just want to keep going. The scenes were unpredictable, and I liked that it wasn’t obvious where the story was headed. But in a way it seemed also to not have a specific focus or goal, either… things just sort of “happen” without real conflict or barrier. Would have like to see that more. But still an enjoyable read.
essieh More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars just finished “Charlie and Felicity go Wild” and my daughter and I loved it! The pacing was perfect, the editing nearly flawless, and I think some of the characters were the most interesting and creative I’ve seen. Hope these books by David Driscoll will be a series but it was hard to tell. I really think this one will have great appeal for a wide audience, young and old alike. Universal themes, strong, descriptive writing and a colorful cast of characters makes this a book not to be missed.
LauraClarke More than 1 year ago
"Charlie and Felicity Go wild” by David Driscoll has all the elements one could hope for from a fun children’s fantasy adventure. Although it is about two youngsters named Charlie and Felicity, adults will certainly enjoy reading it as well to their children. It has lots of interesting animals that kids go “wild” for – such as a snake, a hippo, a croc, and some elephants. The writing was strong and had very few errors from what I could tell. An enjoyable read that I would recommend to fans of young-readers’ adventure books without hesitation.
KMatthews More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars children’s picture books are not my usual fare, but every once in a while I check them out and see what the kiddo’s are reading these days. I liked the characters and the artists’ depiction of them in the illustrations. Liked how things go “wild” from encountering snakes and crocs and playing with elephants to bouncing on huge wild mushrooms… and eating it all! A delightful time for sure, one the children will certainly enjoy.
SDecker More than 1 year ago
I really liked “Charlie and Felicity Go Wild” by author David Driscoll. I thought it was excellently written and edited. It did keep me engaged, and I liked the shorter length… short enough to read a few in a sitting, but not to short that you don’t feel like you experienced anything…I like Mr. Driscoll’s writing style very much, and found myself completely lost in his unique worlds and characters. I was almost disappointed when I was finished because I would love to read more.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
Charlie and Felicity Go Wild, by David Driscoll , is a uniquely original story about the bazaar adventures of two eccentric fishcakes. Written for children, this story's synopsis on the back cover explains that the young reader will be introduced to Charlie, "a male fishcake who wants to meet a female fishcake", and after he meets Felicity, "everything goes wild". The book delivers that promise as the reader joins the fishy middle-aged couple on the inexplicable, action packed adventures of two eccentric and fun loving fishcakes. The poignant and expressive illustrations depict Charlie and Felicity fishcake in unforgettable detail. These middle aged fishcakes are a blend of human and fish in their physical appearance. Charlie's masculine features, exaggerated cleft chin with subtle unshaven stubble is the perfect partner for the middle aged, full figured blonde haired Felicity. Her face, adorned with just a hint of scaled texture, gives her a wizened middle aged, fishy appearance. The original impressionistic illustrations are quite unexpected in their graphic detail and distortion. Their day is packed with more adventure than one could imagine. In the first paragraphs of the story, not only does Charlie's bathing suit slip off as he takes a swim, he also meets Felicity and their long day together begins on a "funny shaped boat". They watch hippos together, and then they chase a snake. It isn't long before Charlie decides to catch the snake, and gives it to Felicity to hold. An illustration depicts a grinning Charlie as Felicity holds on to a big snake. Nevertheless, rather than finding it to be fun, Felicity stealthily releases the snake back into the water when Charlie turns to paddle. In the next scene, their boat becomes stuck in big, shiny bulbous rocks and twigs. Charlie fishcake, with his sagging pants and exposed buttocks, is still able to come to the rescue. Not long after, they escape from a crocodile attack . And without a break "a gray snake- thing" that "reared up from underneath them", turns out to be a playful mischievous elephant. Charlie becomes jealous, feeling left out of the fun, as Felicity rides the elephant's trunk and seeks revenge when he tricks the elephants into entwining their trunks together. And if that wasn't enough, they drift off into a magical woods with gigantic red and white mushrooms. Felicity has fun bouncing on the mushrooms until Charlie finds her and bounces with her. Then pulled back into reality, Charlie finds that he must explain to Felicity that their boat has a hole in it, which would leave them stranded. They come up with an idea using teamwork to find a "big mushroom to plug the hole". It is so large that Charlie hesitates, but with some encouragement from Felicity, he pushes and heaves it out of the ground and with effort they "squeeze the mushroom" and "plugged the hole". The boat repair is short lived when they become hungry and engorge themselves on a giant mushroom binge. With the demise of their boat, their day at sea comes to an abrupt end as an illustration of depicts them walking hand in hand into the bright orange sunset. In the end of the incredible saga of these two fishcakes, the reader most likely will feel as if he was on a big adventure himself! So many events are packed into this story. Yet in the end, there is a lesson about teamwork, and that even with poor choices, things can still work out in the end. As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
Given To Me For An Honest Review David Driscoll's book Charlie and Felicity Go Wild is such a must read it's too much. This is a cute book for children of school age. It is about two fishcakes. One is named Charllie and the other is Felicity. Charlie loved to swim. The only problem he had is that his trunks kept  falling down. One day he met Felicity. He asked her if she would like to go on a boat ride with him. She said yes. From that moment on they went on a wild adventure. The traveled through quiet river, through rapid waters, ended up within many kinds of animals. Their day was  one of many wild and fun experiences. They finally reach the end of the river. It was the end of the day for them. They both agreed that it was a good day. The words are easy for a child to read alone or along with a parent or sibling. The illustrations are big, bright and very colorful. I haven't seen a child's book like this in a very long time. I really loved reading it. I gave it 5 stars but wish I could it many, many more. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is a fun book to add to your child's book shelf. I look forward to more from David Driscoll.