Charlie Called And Chosen

Charlie Called And Chosen

by Pat Charlesworth




The first report of the work done by 'the Cellar, Gutter and Garret Brigade' appeared in 1884. The 'lasses', it was stated, spent the whole day visiting from house to house, storey to storey and room to room, washing the little ones, scrubbing the floors, nursing the sick, listening to heartrending tales of woe. (History of the Salvation Army.)
A century later this work continues, carried out by the Goodwill Department which is still moving, working and caring amongst people of all ages who for a whole host of circumstances find themselves disadvantaged. This story, seen through the eyes of one of the 'lasses', is told with humour, pathos and a deep sense of vocation. Pat Charlesworth takes the reader from Belfast to Bristol, Leeds to London and other locations, and she provides a sensitive insight into one of the most important, but little known services provided by the 'Army'.
In this moving account the real stars are the individuals, families, children and neighbourhoods who overcome deprivation and replace it with hope, joy and a sense of practical well-being.

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