Charlotte's College Days. Book Two.: Book 2.

Charlotte's College Days. Book Two.: Book 2.

by Kathleen Scotte


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Charlotte is sent to Claire Clifton College for girls. An exclusive boarding school for young ladies in England. it is the early 1950's when corporal punishment was de facto a part of the educational system. She diaereses both her own experiences and those of her contemporaries in College life.Charlotte's College Days. Extract."And who on god's earth, is this vision of innocence." The taller asked. "Let me make the introductions." Said Susan. "Charlotte this is Virginia." Pointing to the taller of the two. "And her toy girl is Jane. On the sofa are Sissy and Bryony." Each girl raising their hand as Susan spoke their names. Sissy looked at Virginia and asked. "Are you going to spank and play with your toy girl Virginia, or not? Bryony and I are in the mood for a little voyeurism, especially if you are going to make that big bottom really red.""Yes." Replied Virginia. "But if she stays." Nodding towards Charlotte, "She has to agree now to do what I ask of her later." Virginia added. There was silence for a while. Finally, Susan broke the silence. "Well do you agree or not Charlotte?" "Yes." Said Charlotte. "Yes what? We have an unwritten rule in Clifton that promises made must always, but always be honored. If broken then the punishment is to be taken into the woods and caned by all four School Prefects with a branch. So, you can understand it is not often this rule is broken. Yes, you agree or Yes, you are leaving?" Charlotte was worried that she was getting out of her depth. But one look at Susan, whom she did not want to disappoint, and so she said softly. "I agree to Virginia's terms." "Then go and sit between Sissy and Bryony." Said Susan pointing to their sofa. Charlotte was peeved a she had hoped to sit by Susan, she tried hard not to show it. She wanted to be perfect for her heroine. As she sat down a hand from each girl fell onto each of her knees staying there, but squeezing gently.Virginia led Jane to a sofa where she pulled Jane between her parted legs. Closing them round Jane and crossing her ankles Sissy reached forward to grab part of each large buttocks, pinching them till Jane moved her hips forward, presenting her naked pussy to Sissy's waiting mouth. Sissy sucked and licked hard making Jane moan. Lifting her head, she asked. "Have you been a naughty girl, tell mummy?" "Yes. Mummy." "Tell mummy what naughty things have you done." "I have been playing with myself." "Where? Show me." Jane's finger went to her now protruding clitoris. "Here mummy." "And what has mummy told you about rubbing down there?" "That I must not do it." "And." "And that if I feel frustrated I must come and tell you, and you will make it better for me.""What happens now?" "I get my bare botty spanked." "Yes, and how many times did you play with yourself?" There was a silence. "Answer mummy." The reply was a barely audible whisper. "Three times mummy." "Now tell mummy again what happens if it is more than one time?" "No, please mummy. Please no!" "Tell mummy, don't make mummy angry." "Mummy spanks my bare botty with a gym shoe, till this naughty girl cries." "Go and bring me a gym shoe, there are plenty to choose from here." "Please not in front of all these people." "Silly girl for arguing, now mummy is angry, and you bottom will know it." Jane disappeared into the changing room. Coming back with a grubby gym shoe."Now you have made mummy really angry. Go and wash it, I am not going to use a dirty shoe on your nice clean bottom that I have just washed for you." Charlotte could not help herself looking at Jane's large behind as she walked through the door, her two cheeks moved independently and very provocatively up and down. She twitched very slightly, but enough for Sissy and Jane to notice, their hands slid up on the inside of Charlotte's legs, gripping the soft inner thigh they pulled Charlotte's legs wide apart.

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ISBN-13: 9781717896698
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 07/25/2018
Series: Charlotte's Diaries , #2
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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