Charlotte's Magical Adventures

Charlotte's Magical Adventures

by Ellena Michnik


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ISBN-13: 9781524620189
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/23/2016
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Charlotte's Magical Adventures

By Ellena Michnik


Copyright © 2016 Ellena Michnik
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-2018-9



Charlotte was a friendly, curious, and beautiful girl, full of charm and bubbly energy. Her light chestnut hair ran down her back in long, shining curls. The large blue eyes had a mischievous sparkle and her smile was warm and inviting. Lanky and bright, she looked a bit older than twelve, only her round face and a soft, round tummy gave away her true age. Charlotte loved to spend summer afternoons playing computer games, talking with friends on the phone, swimming, riding a bicycle, or kicking a football into a net in her backyard practicing for soccer. Summer was her favorite season of the year, full of freedom and offering endless little treats: walks in the woods, trips to the ocean, visits to a horse farm, camping, traveling, or sleeping over at friends' houses.

She often swam in the backyard pool with her younger sister, or flew high and fearlessly on the swings. Tired and hot, she would retreat into the kitchen and eat her favorite chocolate ice cream, sticky gummy bears, or smooth and colorful plain M&Ms. Charlotte especially enjoyed reading an old and very thick book of exciting, sometimes scary fairy tales, full of vivid, thrilling adventures that ignited her imagination.

It was full of mysterious, breathtaking legends and favorite tales, many of which she knew by heart. Alone in her playroom, she often imagined herself as one of the princesses, dreaming of dancing at the ball with a handsome prince or running down the magnificent steps of a castle before the clock struck midnight. When she was younger, she acted out those exciting tales by dressing up in beautiful ball gowns that her mother still kept in a special trunk.

"I am so happy! This summer is going to be an especially great one!" Charlotte thought to herself, as she dreamed of the most wonderful places in the world.

She grabbed her beloved book from the shelf and settled down on the large, brown suede sofa covered with big, fluffy pillows. It was facing the sliding double glass doors leading to a flower garden in the backyard. As the sun was at its zenith on that steamy afternoon, Charlotte wore her favorite light-pink spaghetti-strap dress covered with tiny white flowers. She slowly sipped cold apple juice from a large paper cup, munched on tiny chocolate chip cookies, and leisurely leafed through her favorite book full of mysteries and magic. The off-white linen curtains were drawn over the sliding glass double doors leading to the garden, leaving the darkened room cool and quiet.

Suddenly, Charlotte was startled by the faint sound of rustling paper, followed a few seconds later by the even fainter sound of someone crying. She looked around the room, but not seeing anything suspicious, she quickly returned to her reading. Feeling calmer now, she gazed intently around the room, but nothing in the room seemed different. So Charlotte turned around and laid down on her tummy, gently stooping her body over the big, soft pillows piled up on the couch. It was then that, to her great surprise, she noticed a tiny, odd-looking figure slouching at the base of the couch, right next to her shoes on the floor. He looked like a miniature boy, head was hanging down and resting on his tiny chest. His whole body shook silently and his little hands were covering his round, shiny face. He wore a pale yellow shirt that seemed old fashioned under a fully buttoned- up, dark yellow jacket with a puffy, off-white lace collar that encircled his thin neck.

His off-white, knee-high pants were decorated with rectangular gold buckles on the outside of each cuff.

A large, elongated, heart-shaped pocket, adorned by a gold thread on the periphery, embossed the center of each trouser leg. His legs were bent at the knee and crossed in front of him. He wore off-white, knee-high socks and pale yellow, long-nosed shoes with gold rectangular buckles that covered his tiny feet. Soft curls of blond hair fell to his neck. His head was adorned with a tiny, shining diamond-encrusted crown.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? And why are you crying?" Charlotte fired off one question after another, a little bit scared but also very concerned with the plight of her little visitor. The odd little figure stopped sobbing for a moment and quickly looked around but did not notice anyone. He looked up at the sofa, searching for the source of that loud voice and was very surprised by a giant head with big blue eyes looking directly at him from above.

"Who are you? Are you an evil monster? Are you going to hurt me? The tiny stranger inquired.

-"Oh, no, no, no! I am just a girl and I live in this house. Please don't be afraid, I am not going to hurt you. How did you get here and what is your name?" Charlotte asked quietly, trying not to scare him even more.

She noticed that her new guest now looked at her with less fear in his eyes.

"My name is Prince Lollipop. I live in the wonderful Kingdom of Candyland and I am very, very sad today."

Looking deeply upset and lost in thought, the little Prince paused for a minute, his voice quivering. He continued almost in a whisper.

"My mother, Queen Caramella, suddenly died yesterday and I do not have a sister who can become the next ruling Queen of Candyland. My Kingdom is in trouble. You see, according to the laws of my country only females may become rulers of the Kingdom."

"Can you tell me what happened to her? How can I help you?" Charlotte asked without hesitation.

Once her eyes had adjusted to the dusky light, Charlotte could get a little better look at the Prince. Upon closer inspection, he seemed rather pleasantly looking, although a bit peculiar. He had a slender body and skinny legs and arms. His pale face framed a small nose, big blue eyes, and rather thin, red lips. His skin seemed to gently glisten in the twilight of the room and a sweet aroma filled the air around him. Vanilla, with just a hint of lemon, Charlotte thought.

As the young Prince wiped away the tears streaming down his face, he appeared to be fully immersed in his thoughts. He sighed deeply, as he began to tell his sad story.

"My mother, the powerful and benevolent Queen Caramella, was taking her usual early Sunday morning ride in the open royal carriage. I kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly before the carriage moved on, not knowing that it was the last time that I would ever see my mother. She wore a light blue taffeta dress with puffy sleeves that gently slid off her shoulders. Her neck was adorned by a large, star-shaped sapphire necklace. Delicate, atlas-blue high-heeled shoes graced her small feet. The royal carriage was generously decorated in silver and gold and ornamented with her favorite fresh gardenias.

A royal seal encrusted with precious stones shone brightly on the carriage doors, sporting in the center a profile of Queen Caramella.

A coachman urged on six magnificent bay horses, while a footman standing on the top step of the carriage held a very large umbrella made out of six layers of white lace and silk over the Queen's head. It was a beautiful day, clear and cloudless. No one could have predicted the horrible tragedy that was about to take place. The horses were galloping up a steep hill, pulling the carriage higher and higher. As the Queen savored the feeling of brisk, fresh air brushing against her face and hair, she joyfully urged the coachman to ride faster and faster. She giggled as she loudly sang her favorite childhood songs, feeling like a happy little girl bouncing on her father's knee. A sudden, strong gust of wind right at the top of a hill shook the royal carriage violently and threw the poor coachman down the hill and into a knoll."

Prince Lollipop stopped for a moment to catch his breath, swallowing frequently as he did so. His eyes were closed; he was sobbing intensely. After a long pause, he opened his eyes and spoke quickly:

"The royal horses kept running faster and faster up the hill. Soon the Queen's carriage had become uncontrollable. Suddenly, the carriage door flew wide open and my poor mother tumbled out and rolled down a steep hill into the valley below. The footman, meanwhile, was thrown into a deep ravine on the other side of the carriage and the white umbrella protecting my mother from the strong rays of the sun was blown away by the wind. The footman, his leg badly injured, hid behind a large bush in a shaded area. He was found later the same day and I learned from him this sad story. When the royal carriage did not return to the castle by midday, my father, King Consort Barbaris, dispatched a royal search party to find her Royal Highness and bring her home at once.

After hours of searching my poor mother was finally found in a field of flowers at the bottom of the hill. She suffered severe injuries and spent hours in the hot sun, sadly, she could not be saved." The little Prince was moaning and weeping uncontrollably as he paused.

Charlotte was listening intently, as tears of sadness ran down her cheeks. The Prince could not continue his account, but instead sat silently on the floor of the playroom, staring intently at a shiny object that he pulled out of the right pocket of his trousers.

"My dear Prince, this is a terrible and sad story." Charlotte uttered, while shivering and wiping her tears.

-"What a heartbreaking fate! Your poor, poor mother!" She leaned forward and stroked his head gently and lovingly.

"Tell me, what happened next, and how did you get here and why?" Charlotte whispered quietly, trying not to break his train of thought.

She moved closer to the right side of the sofa so she could see and hear the Prince a little bit better. The quiet in the room was becoming almost unbearable, when suddenly the little Prince continued.

"Now, I will share with you my real problem. The royal funeral is planned for the next week and an official search for my bride, the future Queen of Candyland will begin on the first day of the next month of Pollen. As I said before, I do not have a sister who could inherit my mother's throne directly according to the laws of my country. So, the future of my Kingdom and the happiness of my people are heavily weighing on my shoulders." Prince Lollipop sighed deeply and carefully looked around, worried that someone is listening to him.

"The sovereignty of our country will be lost to the wicked King Strawberry Bismark of Gingerbread Kingdom, if I will not find a maiden that will be willing to marry me. She must be truly touched by the plight of my country and agree to enter into a union with me by the end of three months." The Prince continued with a noticeable intensity in his voice.

As established by a joint Royal Decree between Candyland and Gingerbread Kingdom a mandatory grace period of three months will be observed in case of an untimely departure or incapacitation of the ruler of Candyland. My country will continue to be independent without a living, ruling Queen on the throne only that long. If this decree will not be properly upheld for whatever reason, my country will instantly revert under control of King Strawberry Bismark. My beloved Candyland will become a permanent part of Gingerbread Kingdom forever."

The young Prince raised his head and gave Charlotte an inquiring look.

"What will we do? What will we do?"



"My father, King Consort Barbaris, was devastated by the tragic and unexpected news of the Queen's death. Thirty days of mourning were declared throughout the Kingdom. Funeral marches could be heard from every direction. The mournful blowing of horns, the sad, silver sighing of the violins, the loud sounding of the trumpets, the shaking of tambourines, and the slow, steady beating of the royal drums.

The instruments, like mostly everything else in Candyland, were made out of pure sugar of different colors, tastefully decorated with black licorice ribbons and bows.

All of the courtly Barons, Counts, Countesses, Queen's Cabinet Ministers, and Ladies in Waiting wore black arm bands made out of the purest dark chocolate." The Prince took a deep breath and continued, his eyes filled with tears.

"The Court Jester, Sweet Giggles, was dressed in a red shiny blouse topped around the neck with a very wide, pleated, white collar. His puffy, golden short pants buttoned below his knees; a motley colored shiny vest, white stockings, and red pointy shoes completed his attire. A long, wide, black-licorice sash ran across his chest, worn in memory of his beloved Queen Caramella. Sweet Giggles was officially ordered not to make any puns, jokes, or gaffes, an order the jester found extremely difficult for him to obey. From time to time, he sighed and shook his head, looking completely lost. The Court Jester did not know how a sad person was supposed to act.

The Prince stopped for a second, and continued on after wiping his eyes.

"The First Minister was completely stunned. He was caught by surprise by the news of the sudden death of Queen Caramella. He always felt hungry when stressed — now he felt a strong urge to eat something sweet and delicious. From the moment that he heard this unexpected and troubling news, he knew that he was in deep trouble, as it clearly meant that his unrestricted power as the First Minister of Candyland was seriously threatened. The new queen, he knew, would bring new courtiers, servants, and cabinet members to Candyland including a new First Minister. All those changes will definitely end his luxurious, lazy, and scheming life."

"My mother, the good-hearted and kind Queen Caramella, trusted him implicitly and allowed him to run the affairs of the country just the way he saw fit. Life in Candyland was happy, fair, and peaceful.

Bribes, along with the occasional trickery and conniving, were generously overlooked by the Queen, as a small price to pay for his guidance in running of the country." - He caught his breath and wiped his eyes again.

"Meanwhile, the First Minister became richer, meaner, and more treacherous with every passing day. He always sported a big, friendly smile and offered endless sugary accolades to all, especially so in front of the royal family, and above all, in front of Queen Caramella.

"Your eyes are like green emeralds, Your Highness. Your cheeks are lovely, blossoming red roses. The mere aroma of your skin could drive anyone insane, my darling Queen Caramella.", the First Minister would utter all in one breath, bending forward in a deep bow, while kissing the Queen's right hand dozens of times.

"He knew that Queen Caramella could see right through him, but she forgave his little games and allowed him freedom in administering power. The country needed to be governed by a strong hand and he was that strong hand. The First Minister did not trust my soft, sensitive heart and my inquisitive, sharp mind. He knew that I would not support either him or his cabinet of ministers once a new Queen was sworn in." The Prince added politely, describing the intricate details of his world.

"That Prince will need to be dealt with immediately," the First Minister often murmured to himself while pacing the floor of his chamber. Although he believed that no one could hear him, servants regularly reported his remarks to the Prince.

It felt like it was a very long day already. The First Minister was very tired, hot, and hungry. He hated everything but especially the heavy black garments he had to wear for this mournful occasion.

The puffy black jacket was squeezing his neck and the pleated velvet pants buttoned below the knees were scratching his skin. His knee-high black stockings were sliding down his wide calves, and his black, shiny new shoes were squeezing his fat toes.

The First Minister's black suit was bedecked with a wide leather gold buckled belt and two rows of heavy gold buttons ran down one side of his jacket. A large black rose picked from his special collection was surrounded by a golden ribbon shaped like the letter "C," all worn in honor of Queen Caramella. He loathed even more the big, black, multi-layered silk collar that fashionably decorated his neckline, squeezing the last breaths of air out of him.


Excerpted from Charlotte's Magical Adventures by Ellena Michnik. Copyright © 2016 Ellena Michnik. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Part I: New Friends, New Roads,
1. Charlotte Meets A New Friend. The Sorrows Of Prince Lollipop, 5,
2. Candyland In Mourning, 12,
3. King Consort Barbaris Is Inconsolable, 17,
4. The Emergency Meeting Of The Late Queen's Cabinet, 20,
5. The Decision Of The First Lady In Waiting, Caramelitta, 26,
6. The World's Search For Prince Lollipop's Bride Begins, 31,
7. Charlotte Gets Smaller And Starts A New Adventure, 41,
8. Prince Cupcake And Princess Honeycake, 52,
9. The New Royal Visitors At The Pudding Castle Gates, 65,
10. A Rocky Road To Gingerbread Kingdom, 74,
11. Count Almond Taffy Warns Gingerbread Kingdom, 82,
12. Prince Lollipop's Imprisonment In Gingerbread Kingdom, 93,
Part II: "Princess" Charlotte Saves The Day.,
13. Prince Lollipop Meets King Strawberry Bismark, 111,
14. King Consort Barbaris Receives The Most Wonderful News, 123,
15. The First Minister Is Outraged And Travels To Gingerbread Kingdom Himself, 129,
16. Sultan Rakhat The First Feels Unexpectedly Happy, 145,
17. King Consort Barbaris Finds A Life-Saving Answer, 152,
18. Distinguished Guests Arrive At Pudding Castle, 160,
18. The Glorious Wedding Of Countess Vanilla Pudding And Count Almond Taffy, 168,
20. A Tragic Accident Occurs During The Wedding Celebration, 184,
21. The Nuptuals Of Prince Lollipop And Princess Honeycake, 199,
22. Charlotte Says Goodbye To Candyland, 217,
23. Epilogue, 223,

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