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Charpentier: Rendez-moi mes plaisirs

Charpentier: Rendez-moi mes plaisirs

by Henri Ledroit

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  1. Rendez-moi mes plaisirs, air for alto (or countertenor) & continuo, H. 463
  2. Orphée descendant aux enfers, cantata for 3 voices, instruments & continuo, H. 471
  3. Airs on stanzas from Le Cid, for alto (or countertenor) & continuo, H. 457-59
  4. Tristes déserts, sombre retraite, air for soprano & continuo, H. 469
  5. Ah! qu'on est malheureux, air for soprano & continuo, H. 443
  6. Amour vous avez beau redoubler mes alarmes, air for alto & continuo, H. 445
  7. Auprès du feu l'on fait l'amour, air for soprano & continuo, H. 446
  8. Le Bavolet ("Si Claudine ma voisine"), air for bass, H. 499a
  9. Salve mi, Jesu, cantata for voice & 5 strings
  10. Cantabo Domino for 4 voices
  11. O dulce nomen Jesus, motet (Motetti, 1621)
  12. O intemerata, motet for voice & continuo
  13. O quam tu pulchra es, motet for voice & continuo
  14. O Domine Jesu Christe, motet for voice & continuo
  15. Illumina oculos meos, motet for voice & continuo
  16. Currite populi, psallite timpanis, motet for tenor, SV 297
  17. Venite, videte martyrem quam sit carus, motet for soprano, SV 336
  18. Regina coeli

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