Chartres and the Birth of the Cathedral

Chartres and the Birth of the Cathedral


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ISBN-13: 9780941532211
Publisher: World Wisdom
Publication date: 03/25/1996
Pages: 135
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When we hear the word “cathedral”, we think immediately of the large ecclesiastical buildings of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, with which the Gothic style reached its zenith. All these churches were indeed built as bishop's seats, that is to say as cathedrals in the literal sense of the word. Strictly speaking, however, the first of all Latin Catherals is St. Peter's in Rome, for it contains the late-Roman sedia gestatoria which, as the cathedra Petri, the chair or seat of the Prince of Apostles, is the prototype and model of all subsequent epsicopal thrones. At the time of the construction of the first Gothic cathedrals, this ancient chair – which, with the building of the new St. Peter's, was enclosed in Bernini's gigantic marble throne – still stood in the apse of the original basilica, which was by Constantine and subsequently underwent little change.

excerpted from Chapter One – The Earliest Modes

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