Chasing Hunger: The 90 Day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge

Chasing Hunger: The 90 Day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge

by Kathy Welter Nichols


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""How can Chasing Hunger, the 90 day Bulimia Breakthrough Method help me with my recovery? Whether you are in recovery and taking care of yourself at home now, or attempting to help yourself make a decision about seeking help, this book offers specific step-by-step strategies to help you target areas that can trigger binge eating. In Chasing Hunger, understanding the source that can trigger such behaviour like having certain emotions trigger a binge ( feeling depressed, sad, bored, or tired), or it could be a deficiency in certain nutrients, or it could be just a pattern that becomes an addictive habit, that you've conditioned yourself into from the past.

Many people with disordered eating patterns have indeed figured out how to conquer this behaviour themselves, and clients have shared this with me. The fact is we all know that when it comes to making a significant change in a long standing behaviour pattern, or addictive habit, we really do have to want to secure the change for it to work and in fact, when others press us for changes to behaviour, we often resist because we don't see the problem. I've worked with clients with bulimia and disordered eating patterns over the past 15 years. In my book, Chasing Hunger, I share with you all the tips and tools you can use to help yourself. You can also use this book to help yourself stabilize your eating patterns once you are into a solid recovery program. Others who have read this book have used the strategies to help themselves balance carbs and proteins, helped themselves with regulating blood sugar, as the whole program is based on the glycemic index eating plan. It's one of the healthiest ways we can eat. So you will be learning how to help yourself and maintaining good healthy strategies around food, going forward. After all, ""Food is just fuel"". ""

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • How Bulimia/binge eating disorder Endangers Your Health & Wellness
  • Understanding Bulimia /binge eating disorder
  • 9 Challenges to the beliefs around bulimia & binge eating disorder
  • Reducing And Changing Bad Habits and addictive behaviours
  • How To Incorporate Healthy Habits
  • How To Eliminate What Triggers Binge Eating Disorders
  • How To Properly Allow your Body to go to its ""correct weight""
  • Strategies To Heal those Deeper Emotions
  • How To Stop Beating Yourself Up
  • Forgiveness, Meditation and living from Gratitude
  • Much, much more!
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    ISBN-13: 9781496917287
    Publisher: AuthorHouse
    Publication date: 01/30/2015
    Pages: 262
    Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.59(d)

    About the Author

    Kathy Welter-Nichols, Author, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed Trainer , Vancouver B.C. Canada

    Pioneer of the : Bulimia Breakthrough Method,

    Co-Creator of Mastery of Deep Trance States, Relaxation Circles,

    Author of “Chasing Hunger, the 90 Day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge”

    The Bulimia Breakthrough Method — Finding a true crisis in care for this addictive behavior, NLP & Hypnosis provide a vastly different approach to helping people with eating disorders. In addition, expanding the program now to provide training for NLP Practitioners, facilitating this recovery in their area. Either as a 3 day intensive or over 20 weeks, if the client is close at hand, both provide exceptional interventions for bulimia and binge eating disorders. for more details.

    Education & Studies:

    Accredited Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

    NLP Licensed Trainer — Dr. Richard Bandler, Society of NLP

    DHE — Advanced Specialty — H. Nichols

    HypnoBirthing® Marie Mongan

    Awards: Volunteer of the Year Award — Spirit of Community Award for Service

    Memberships: IMDHA, NGH, Society of NLP, ARCH

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