Chasing the Runaway Bride

Chasing the Runaway Bride

by Susan Meier

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When Marine-turned-rancher, Cade Donovan, inherits his grandfather’s grocery store, he has no choice except to return home. A couple problems with that:

1) The small, gossiping town still doesn’t know the real reason Cade left twelve years ago.

2) For some reason, his grandfather added an unexpected detail to the will – Cade has to share ownership with Piper O’Riley.

The O’Rileys and the Donovans have been at each other’s throats ever since Cade’s grandfather won the store in a poker game. And now Cade has to share his inheritance with the enemy? The gorgeous, tempting, all-grown-up enemy...

After ditching two fiancés at the altar, Piper’s earned a reputation as the town’s runaway bride. Ironically, Piper is woefully inexperienced with men. Her attraction to Cade and working side-by-side with him is torture. By day, it’s non-stop-bickering, but at night, she can’t stop imagining all the delicious things Cade could teach her.

With the family grudge and the secret of why Cade really left town between them, there’s no way they could ever be together. Right?

The Donovan Brothers series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Her Summer with the Marine
Book #2 Chasing the Runaway Bride
Book #3 Head Over Heels for the Boss

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633751064
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/17/2014
Series: Donovan Brothers , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 265
Sales rank: 12,310
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Susan Meier is the author of almost 60 books for Entangled, Harlequin, Silhouette, and Guideposts' Grace Chapel Inn series. Her books have been finalists for Reviewers Choice Awards, National Reader's Choice Awards, and Reviewer's Choice Awards. In 2013, her book THE TYCOONS SECRET DAUGHTER was a finalist for RWA's coveted Rita award, and NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRES TWINS won the Book Buyers Best Award.

One of eleven children, Susan was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and continues to live there with her husband, son, and two very personable cats. A one-time legal secretary and former regional director for a charitable organization, Susan found her bliss when she became a published novelist. She's visited ski lodges and candy factories for research and works in her pajamas.

But the real joy of her job is creating stories about women for women. She's tackled issues like infertility, losing a child, and becoming widowed. Her favorite stories are those that inspire laughter through tears.
Susan is an avid, but terrible golfer, and a woman who desperately wants to learn to cook without having to involve the fire department.
Visit her online at

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Chasing the Runaway Bride

A Donovan Brothers Novel

By Susan Meier, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Susan Meier
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-106-4


Piper O'Riley watched a silver-gray Chevy Silverado pull into the parking lot of Health Aid Pharmacy, the drugstore she managed in the small town of Harmony Hills, Pennsylvania. A tall man climbed out. His shirt displayed broad shoulders and tight abs. His jeans all but caressed his perfect butt. His close-cut black hair and the way he carried himself—his shoulders back, his movements smooth and efficient—reminded her of someone in the military. He reached into his truck, pulled out a black cowboy hat, and plopped it on his head.

Wow. Just wow. He had all the makings of the man of her dreams.

She stopped that thought. Stomped it out with the fervor of a woman determined not to make the same mistake three times. The absolute last thing in the world she wanted was to notice another man. Three short months ago, she'd left her second groom at the altar. She'd gotten halfway down the aisle to marry Ronnie Nelson, but just like with Tom Lashinsky—the first guy she'd ditched—she'd known, just known, there was "more" to love than what she felt for her groom.

And she'd bolted.


The cowboy walked up to the glass door, his head down, as if he were deep in thought, and pulled it open.

Of course, when he looked up, he saw her standing there in the middle of the aisle like an idiot. His dark brown eyes crinkled at the corners as his full lips lifted into a warm smile.

"Mornin', darlin'."

Oh, Lord help her. Where did a man get a voice like that, with a western drawl that trickled down her spine and sent goose bumps to her toes? The kind of chill bumps she'd never felt in any of her relationships. The kind of chill bumps that explained why she couldn't marry either of her previous grooms. The kind of chill bumps that made her wish that once—just once—she could be with a man who made her shiver.

"Can you point me in the direction of the cards?"


"Wedding cards."

His voice was as smooth as velvet. His smile probably dropped women's panties from thirty feet. He wouldn't be the kind to settle down. He didn't have to.

Piper's inner good girl shook her head. Was that what she really wanted? A sexy man who couldn't settle down? Sounded like a heartbreak waiting to happen—

Which explained why she always chose safe, ready-to-settle-down men. She didn't want to get hurt.

She pointed to aisle three.

He smiled, put his fingers on the brim of his Stetson, and walked past her.

She smelled his aftershave, felt the heat of him as his arm almost brushed hers. Her heart tripped over itself. Her stomach fell. All her nerve endings glittered like a prom queen's tiara.

And her inner bad girl all but swooned. Usually she stayed quiet, but today she was wide awake and curious. Getting a broken heart might be worth a few nights with this guy.

Within seconds, he was back, shiny white wedding card in hand. Maybe if she had a red-hot fling, something to satisfy this crazy feeling that she was missing out, she could stop leaving fiancés at the altar and actually get married.

"Who's the wedding card for?"

"My brother."

She smiled. "If he looks anything like you, the bride's a very lucky girl."

There. She'd said it. She'd put it out on the table that she found him attractive. The next move was his.

He returned her smile and took a step closer. "Well, darlin', he's a little fairer than I am, but I think we're in the same category."

She drew in a quiet breath as glorious need combined with fear of the unknown and created a tingly feeling she'd never had before. A feeling that egged her on, made her say the first flirty thing that popped into her head.

"Then she is lucky."

He laughed. The sound walked up her spine and sent that feeling through her again.

"What about you?"


"Pretty girl like you working in a drugstore. That doesn't seem right."

She laughed. The urge to flirt was so natural now, she couldn't stifle it. "What do you think I should be? A stripper?"

His gaze rippled from her hair to her toes. "I'd pay to see you wind around a pole."

That just plain stopped her breathing. Her inner good girl gasped. Women who wanted to keep their reputations did not wind around stripper poles.

But her inner bad girl sighed. She'd really like to be able to flirt without the constant nagging.

Piper found the compromise position: "I'm really not the kind to pole dance, but I might take money at the door."

He laughed again.

Happiness surged through her. See, inner good girl? Flirting can be fun.

"You're funny. I like that."

She walked to the counter and slid behind the cash register. "I like a guy with a sense of humor, too." She peeked up and caught his gaze. "And I hope it was just a joke that you thought I should work in a strip club."

He leaned against the counter. "Man's gotta have his fantasies. But there's a lot to be said for living in the real world. You dating anyone?"

Her heart stumbled. Good God. He was going to ask her out. "No. Not now."

"Which tells me there was somebody."

She swallowed. How could he not know who she was? He had to be from out of town. "I kind of broke up with him about three months ago."

He grinned. "Three months. That's good timing."

"It is?"

"Sure. By now the residual hurt feelings are down to a bare minimum, and you're probably looking to move on."

Gazing into his sexy dark eyes, she was so ready to move on.

"I'm not in town for long, though."

She was right. He wasn't from here, and he was telling her he wasn't into a relationship, just a fling.

Could she do this? Have a fling? Could she try an affair, see what she was missing, and wave good-bye when he moved on?

Not quite sure what to say, she picked up his wedding card. A quick scan caused $6.99 to pop up in the digital readout of her cash register.

His eyes widened. "Seven freaking dollars for a card?"

She laughed. His façade of perfection cracked. Although, in some ways, his shock was cute. Clearly the man didn't shop. "There are cheaper ones."

He sighed, then winked. "I'm not cheap." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a five. "I just remembered the card when I was coming back from the diner. I spent most of my cash on breakfast for my brothers. I'll have to go home and get more."

"How about a bank card?"

"Don't have that with me, either. When I travel I only use it for gas.

Easier to keep track of my spending that way."

His gorgeous dark eyes met hers, and the zap of electricity that surged through her almost stopped her heart. There was no denying she felt a zing for this guy. But the things he'd said suddenly began to group together in her head.

Wedding. Finn Donovan was getting married today.

Brothers. Finn had two brothers.

When I travel ... Cade, Finn's older brother, lived out of town. In Montana. On a ranch.

Which explained the Stetson.

He might be older, his hair shorter, his face more mature, but now that Piper had put everything together, she recognized him. This cowboy was Cade Donovan.

She had to fight not to squeeze her eyes shut. She wanted to have a fling with Cade Donovan? The guy who'd left her best friend at the altar?

Wow. She couldn't exactly remember the definition of irony, but Harmony Hills's runaway bride being attracted to its most notorious no-show groom? That was too much gossip for one town to handle, especially since the woman he'd left, Lonnie Simmons, was her best friend. So, no. She wouldn't be participating in that particular literary device.

But, more important than the runaway bride/no-show groom gossip was the notorious Hyatt/O'Riley feud. His grandfather had won her father's grocery store in a poker game, and most people in town believed Richard Hyatt had cheated. Cade Donovan was the grandson of the guy who had stolen her father's business. Taken away his livelihood. Half the people in town didn't shop at O'Riley's Market because they didn't want to support a cheat. She and her mom would cross the street rather than walk by anyone in the Hyatt/Donovan family.

She and Cade Donovan weren't just a bad bet. They were enemies.

Her spine stiffened. Her smile became cool. "There's no need to go back for cash. We have less expensive wedding cards." Though it was a struggle, she kept her demeanor professional. "And they're every bit as nice."


He smiled again, and she had to take a quiet breath to stop the surge of white-hot need that burst through her. As much as she wanted to feel this heat that she'd never felt before, she could not be attracted to him.

She refused.

"No problem. Let me show you."

* * *

Cade Donovan's gaze followed the unexpectedly gorgeous cashier as she came from behind the register. When she reached him, she pointed at the section with the greeting cards again and together they strode back down the aisle.

Slightly behind her, he let his gaze fall from her slim shoulders, down her sleek back, to her absolutely luscious backside. He swore his mouth watered.

Wearing a tank top that caressed her breasts and outlined her slim waist, and low-rise jeans that hugged her ass, she was the epitome of female perfection. Add long, straight black hair and bright green eyes to the mix, and his hormones were all but doing a samba.

She retrieved a pale yellow wedding card and presented it to him. "See? Two ninety-nine."


His voice came out rough. Standing so close, he could feel the heat of her, smell the light floral scent of her perfume or shampoo. His body responded the way any male body would. His breath might have stalled, but the rest of him came to vivid attention. He could virtually see himself sliding the strap of her tank top down and licking her shoulder.

Their gazes met again.

Her eyes searched his. A combination of heat and something he couldn't quite identify filled them. But from the way she'd been flirting before, he figured this wasn't a one-sided attraction. She was feeling everything he was.

His engines revved, priming for some fun. But she quickly looked away. "Um ... I should go check you out."

Thanks to cheating, lying Lonnie Simmons, he might have sworn off relationships forever, but he hadn't sworn off sex. And after his brother's garden wedding, he had an entire night with nothing to do but sleep. When a man found a woman like this, sleep took a definite backseat.

He smiled. "Darlin', I'd love for you to check me out."

Her face flushed scarlet. "At the cash register."

He laughed. "Right."

They headed back to the counter. But when she took the card from his hand, their fingers brushed, and his heart beat double-time as electricity sprinted up his arm.

Refusing to meet his gaze, she snatched her hand away to put the card in a bag.

Ah, come on. Does she seriously think we should ignore this?

He caught her hand again. "When do you get off work?"


"Feel like a beer?"

She shrank back and stared at him as if he'd spoken French or German.

"You don't drink?"

"I ... I ..."

He frowned, not quite sure what confused her. As beautiful as she was, she had to get hit on at least ten times a day. Plus, hadn't they been leading up to this? Talking about stripper poles and her last boyfriend. What the hell had happened?

The bell rang as the drugstore door opened again.

"I'll be right with you," she called to the customer, a teenage girl.

The girl nodded as the door opened again. An old man walked in. He pointed at the back of the store, as if asking the cashier to meet him in the pharmacy department.

She quickly gave Cade his change and scrambled away.

Cade stood by the register for a few seconds, more than a little confused. He couldn't follow her and demand she have a drink with him without looking foolish. So he headed out. He didn't ever have to demand a woman pay attention to him. And he wouldn't this time, either.

Still, there was something about this woman ... something ... He didn't know what, but he intended to find out.

Three hours later, he stood in the heat of the July sun, wearing a gray tux just like his brothers Devon and Finn, the groom. Sweat trickled down his back.

Sitting in the front row of folding chairs covered in white linen, his mom wept with happiness. The gaggle of church ladies referred to as the "Dinner Belles" sat in the row behind her. Barbara Beth Rush, his partner for the wedding, stood behind Ashley Lashinsky, Ellie McDermott's matron-of-honor.

It seemed everybody but the drugstore girl had gathered for this wedding.

When the ceremony was over and they assembled for pictures, his mom was still crying. With happiness. He shook his head over the silliness of women. Especially when his mom burst into tears over how beautiful Ellie looked in her lace "mermaid" gown.

He didn't know what the hell a mermaid gown was, but he had to admit his new red-haired sister-in-law did look cute in her dress.

And Finn looked ecstatic. Cade had never seen anyone so happy. He and Ellie gushed over each other.

Four thousand eight hundred and ninety-one pictures and two overly long toasts later, he ate his late lunch with gusto; danced the introduction-of-the-bridal-party dance with Barbara Beth Rush, one of the funniest, nicest women from Harmony Hills; and finally, finally, he was set free. His wedding obligations were over.

Yanking at his goofy pink ascot tie, he stepped into the flower-covered gazebo and headed straight for the makeshift bar. Music drifted over from the DJ standing on the wide front porch of the yellow Victorian house that had been in Ellie's family forever. Wedding guests danced under a big white tent or milled about the grassy yard, the men dressed in suits and ties and women in flowery dresses and sun hats. Cade pulled off his tie and tucked it in his jacket pocket so it wouldn't get lost.

Brent Tulowitski strolled over. "What'll it be, Cade?"


Brent walked away, and Cade passed his hand along the short growth of black hair on his head, the cut a leftover from his time in the Marines. It didn't feel right to be outside without his Stetson. But he couldn't dwell on that. He had a mission. The woman in the drugstore might have brushed him off, but Brent knew everybody. If anyone could give him a name and a phone number, it would be Brent. And once he had those, he intended to turn that brush-off into a fervent yes. To everything he could think of.

The bartender returned with two fingers of Kentucky bourbon in a plastic cup, then swiped a cloth down the length of the bar. "So, Finn's married."

Bringing his whiskey to his lips, Cade snorted. "Looks that way."

"He's lucky. Ellie's a great girl."

Keeping up the small talk so he didn't look overly eager to get the drugstore clerk's info, Cade said, "She is." Because Ellie was a wonderful woman—a good match for his brother, who had resettled in their hometown.

Brent poured two tall draft beers for an older couple, then strolled back to Cade. "So, you okay being home?"

He shrugged and glanced around, not surprised by the question. This was why Brent knew everything and everybody in town. He chatted up his customers.

"I guess."

"No rumblings from your dad?"

"We're just glad he didn't crash the wedding."

"He's got some balls."

Cade sniffed a laugh, knowing exactly what Brent referred to. The year before, Finn had had their father arrested for assault. The whole town had been shocked that their dad had punched Finn, but they'd reeled over the news that the bank president had regularly beaten his sons and wife. Still, he walked around town like the king of the world, telling everyone his children and estranged wife were liars.

"Yeah, he does."

Wanting desperately to change the subject and get the information he was here for, he asked Brent for another shot. When Brent brought it over, he said, "So, I had to go to the drugstore for a card this morning, and I saw a new clerk."

Brent frowned. "New clerk?"

"Yeah, a woman with black hair, pretty green eyes."

Even before he was done, Brent burst out laughing. "You messing with me?"

Cade's eyebrows rose. "Messing with you?"

"Teasing ... come on, Cade. Are you trying to tell me you were checking out Piper O'Riley?"

Cade almost choked on his whiskey. "Piper O'Riley?"

"She manages the Health Aid."


Excerpted from Chasing the Runaway Bride by Susan Meier, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2014 Susan Meier. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Chasing the Runaway Bride (Entangled Bliss) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this the book. Great story with some unexpected surprises. Excellent imagery and descriptions. The building chemistry between the Cade and Piper is flirty and sexy. Cade is the perfect mix of sexy cowboy and southern gentleman, any woman would love. I loved his use of endearments, very sexy. ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This sweet and sexy romance is the story of Cade and Piper. Their families have been feuding for many years and both have grown up wary of the other. But when Cade's grandfather dies and leaves the town grocery store to both of them, they make a reluctant truce to keep the store going. Forced into close proximity, a dormant attraction builds and won't be denied. Can the misunderstandings of the past be resolved and lead them to a new and brighter future? I loved this story! Both characters were fun, engaging and likeable. Cade is a strong, determined man, willing to make a go of running the store with Piper to fulfill the terms of his grandfather's will, but with an eye on returning to his distant ranch. Piper's opinion of him is based on false information, a fact she reluctantly faces as she sees Cade for the caring man he really is. Piper herself is a fun and friendly woman but one whom the town sees as flighty after leaving two men at the alter. When Piper finds that her attraction to Cade is stronger than any feelings she's had for any other man, she decides to let things play out and see where it will take them, at the same time wanting to hide their growing relationship from the town gossips. As the story progresses their feelings for each other deepen and the past becomes immaterial as the future looks brighter and brighter. The love scenes in the story are sweet and sexy, making their emotional connection all the more believable. Overall it was a lighthearted, sweet and sexy read. I really enjoyed the setting, the small town antics and the secondary characters in the story as well. 5 stars!
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
Enemies to lovers is one of my favourite tropes and Susan Meier has done it justice; I adored the latest addition to her Donovan Brothers series. From the allure of the storyline to the charm of the main and secondary characters, Chasing the Runaway Bride is a fun, sexy and sweet read. Piper O'Reilly and Cade Donovan are more similar that they realise. Both the subject of small-town gossip, she's abandoned 2 fiancés at the altar whilst he never even bothered to show up for his nuptials. And with an age old feud burning between their families, the last thing they want to do is work together. He may not be around anymore, but Cade's Grandfather leaves them with no choice and it's a hardship... "You like working with me?" "I wouldn't go that far. Though I will admit to liking that little lust thing we have going on." With a superb chemistry that brings flirt, teasing, snark, humour and intimacy, they were perfect together. A Stetson wearing marine turned cowboy is pretty irresistible in my world, particularly one who uses the word Darlin', and combined with a lady who will go toe-to-toe against him, I couldn't have asked for more. If a small-town romance with some spice is what you're after, then this is a novel I highly recommend. Can't wait to see what Susan Meier has in store for Devon. Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews. Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for an honest & unbiased opinion
tiggeruoSO 3 months ago
This book was a fun read kind of original in a round about way. The storyline is really good keeps your attention and draws you in. Piper at first seems to be this wallflower who is trying to stay behind the scenes because she has had enough gossip about her. However you almost see her grow with in the pages which was refreshing in away, she lets her stubborn side show in the beginning and that is something that's through out. Cade, he is just plain cocky I wasn't sure about him at first but he really does grow on you as you read the story. I loved the small town, the crazy characters and the gossip just sums up about every small town there ever is. I loved how close the brothers are an how they will not stop at anything to protect those they love. This book has sex scenes in it so it may not be suitable for all. Overall I felt this was a fun quick read and well worth it. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinion
nelriv 7 months ago
This is the second book in the series and I was pretty sure that I read it years ago after I started to read, I had not realized when I requested that it that it was a book written years ago, but nevertheless I continued. This is the second brother who was about to fall in love and would fight it. So Cade and Piper start flirting with each other not realizing that their families are enemies due to Piper's family thinking that Cade's grandfather cheating Piper's father in a game of poker and stole his store. The grandfather dies and requests that both Cade and Piper work the store for a year or if one of the them relinquishes the other gets, if they both relinquish it it becomes a parking lot. They are attracted to each other but there are so many secrets, Piper thinks that Cade walked out on her best friend and abandoned his baby, and let me tell you that her friend is disgusting there are no excuses for what she did it was plain wrong. Cade has to find the evidence that will exonerate his grandfather and he has to fight his demons..Back and forth, I liked Cade but was not really crazy about Piper, all in all we get out HEA. Rcvd and ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best i have read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## MARVELOUS. I had no idea this book was part of a series so it definitely stands alone. Also, there is NO cliffhanger. Yay me. I enjoyed this book a whole lot. During the first 2 chapters I thought there was going to be way too much arguing for me to enjoy, but I'm happy to say I was mistaken. As Cade and Piper got to know each other, their fondness and respect for each other grew with each day. They had a lot of fun, sexy banter and their chemistry was amazing. Do I wish there had been a little groveling in the end....oh hell yeah. HOWEVER, the rest was fantastic so I forgave. This book is a real treat and had quite a few twists that I didn't see coming. Highly recommended.
artfullee More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars Cade returns to his home town of Harmony Hills for the reading of his grandfathers will and to look after his grandfathers store. He happens to walk in to where Piper is working and sparks fly between them. They don't initially recognise each other and unbeknownst to them, they are going to get way more than they bargained for with their flirtations. Piper is working at the local pharmacy and has strong family ties to Cade's family store, as her grandfather had owned it before he lost it to Cade's grandfather in a wager. For years Pipers family have resented Cade's family, always believing Cade's grandfather stole the shop from them. For years the secret and true nature of that wager has been kept hidden and when Cade's grandfathers will is read, requiring Cade and Piper to run the store together for 1 year or it will be forfeited, he vows to keep the shop in the family, honoring his grandfathers legacy, and to find the truth behind the rumors. Piper had her reasons for disliking Cade and they ran deeper than the ownership of the corner store. She believed that he left her best friend at the altar and left their baby behind. Because of this, Piper had sworn off marriage and, in the couple of times that she had been engaged and ready to marry, she ran out on her husbands to be, earning herself a reputation as the town runnaway bride. Although it took me a while to connect with Piper, I did end up liking her character. She seemed a bit naive and protected by her best friend and family but she did end up standing on her own and maturing. Cade, on the other hand, I connected with immediately and found his character easy to relate to. He had baggage of his own, much more than what he showed on the surface, and I liked how his character grew and developed. When their relationship started heating up, you could feel the chemistry between them and I did like how they grew from a transient affair into a couple. I enjoyed seeing how they grew comfortable with each other and their feelings for each other moved into something deeper. This was a quick and easy entertaining read for me and I enjoyed the plot and premise of the story. I liked the way the secrets were revealed and how the story played out. I read this book without realising it was the second in a series, but I didn't feel lost or if I had missed anything, but if you haven't read book 1 I would suggest starting there so you get more of a background. I will definitely be going back to read about Finn and Ellie.
psee More than 1 year ago
4 Star Review This is the second book in the Donovan Brothers series and this time it is Cade's turn. This former marine turned Montana rancher finds himself back in his small home town. He left twelve years before when he left a pregnant Lonnie at the altar after finding out the child wasn't his. The only problem is that the gossiping town still doesn't know that information. Piper is shocked when she finds out Cade's grandpa has included her in his will and now co owns the store with Cade. This is a big issue as Piper and her mother have had an ongoing feud with the Donovan's ever since the grandpa had one Piper's family's grocery store in a poker game. These two enemies struggle working together not only because of the feud but because of the scorching chemistry evident between the pair. The feud isn't their only issue though as Piper was Lonnie's best friend. This book is very similar to the first in the series in that it is a coming home book. The hero and heroine are at odds with each other and they are both doing what they think is best for their families.  There were just a few issues keeping it from a five star read and the main one is that the reason Cade commits to Piper is a little to close to why he had a bride at the altar a first time. The fact they were even in that situation was too irresponsible for me to condone. Top it off with the lack of true substance bringing the couple together. We get glimpses of something more than love but it wasn't enough for me. Aside from that it is a sweet quick read you can breeze through in a few hours. Though part of a series it is easily read as a stand alone and it comes with a HEA and a promise of yet another Donovan brother story to come. Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Sophie_Valencia More than 1 year ago
There is so much to love about this book: a good girl who likes to flirt, a marine-turned-cowboy, family feuds, misunderstandings, long-held secrets, and delayed sexual gratification.  And a satisfying ending.  Speaking of which — for those who believe in karma, the ending of this book is one of the best endings that you’ll read.  The. Best.    I enjoyed Cade and Piper as characters because they were perfectly matched.   Cade left town 12 years ago after he (apparently) left his bride at the alter.  Piper grew up in the town and never left, but she did leave two fiancees at the alter.  A runaway bride and a runaway groom?  Perfect. Unfortunately, they were raised to hate each other, Hatfield-McCoy style. At the center of their families’ feud is the ownership of the town’s grocery.  Ironically, it was the grocery that ultimately brought them together.  Under Cade’s grandfather’s final will and testament, Cade and Piper were forced to work together to manage the town’s grocery.  Along the way, they learned that their respective prejudices were unfounded and that not everything was as it seemed.  One of the best parts of this book was the build-up to the relationship between Cade and Piper.  This book isn’t going to knock you over with the physical aspect of their relationship, but it will keep you in a constant state of anticipation for when Cade and Piper will finally surrender to the chemistry between them.  The playfulness of this couple was also very refreshing.  Sometimes, these enemies to lovers tropes can turn guilt-filled or dark.  Cade’s and Piper’s personalities kept this story light. Although you might say it was unrealistic, considering they were both raised to hate each other, I actually think that it was pretty realistic.  Most people don’t carry multi-generational vendettas.   Overall, this was a highly entertaining story that will occupy an entire evening.  (Don’t make any plans if you start reading this book in the late afternoon.)  I’m looking forward to the next installment in this series.   Reviewer’s Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All errors and omissions are my own.
sissie2 More than 1 year ago
The book was good !
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This is sweet but spicy story features feuding families, a shared grocery store, love at first sight, and secrets in a small town. It is a recipe for a fun, well written romance. I really enjoyed the hero, Cade. He was both a cowboy and former marine, who left town after a scandal 12 years ago. Piper is torn between loyalty to her friend and family and her attraction to Cade. Eventually they earn their happy ending, surrounded by the gossipy, fun town. This was a fun, light read, that could be enjoyed by fan of both western and small town romances. I was given an arc copy for an honest review.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
what do you do when you fall in love with " the enemy" ? fight it =thats what Piper did...Cade was her enemy. Hating Cade was something Piper did well but deep down , she loved him hard and hated that she loved him--he was supposed to be her enemy-- ****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review**** I cannot think of how many good things I can say about this author’s book. The emotions that pour from the pages of the book really grab you and make you want to continue until the end. The mystery behind why Cade really left town to begin with, the reason there was a feud between Cade and Piper’s family, and the immediate sexual tension between Cade and Piper… where do you begin? Piper finds out she has been left part ownership in the store with Cade but Cade is NOT happy. Cade has finally come back home after 12 years gone from his home town. He left because of something very personal and painful. He is back to face some private demons and to take ownership in what he believes is his store, not have to fight Piper for his rightful ownership in the store. Piper and Cade were at odds over things but the sexual heat between them and the feelings that did develop caused some other bumps down the road. Piper and Cade were a wonderful couple- people who had been hurt in the past and were afraid to open up – I loved seeing them open up to each other. I had my tissue box beside me when reading this story. Other times, I was fanning myself when reading other parts to the story when the heat level was high. Cade would give as well as Piper gave.  This is an appealing story about two people who find love by surmounting the many challenges both in the former lives and current. .  My Rating: 4.5 stars ****  
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
What a great enemies to lovers story. Cade has returned home to run his grandfather's grocery store when he finds out that he has to run it with Piper. Their families have been feuding for years. There is an attraction there but they both try to fight it off. Can they move past the family feud and secrets to start a life for themselves. I really enjoyed the sexual chemistry between these two. I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
GinnyHoganKellum More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book.  Piper was smart and strong as a lead female character.  Cade was fun and exciting to watch as their relationship developed.   The flirting between the two characters was fun and added to the heat.  If you are looking for a fun easy read that lets you enjoy how the relationship builds, then this book is for you.   It definitely fulfills your hea quota and doesn't leave you hanging.
Michelle006 More than 1 year ago
The O’ Riley and Hyatt family have been feuding for the past 30 years due to the fact that Richard Hyatt won the O’Riley’s grocery store in a poker game. Now that Richard has passed away he has left the store to his grandson, Cade Donovan and the O’Riley’s daughter Piper to run together. It may sound easy but it’s far from it between the family feud and the attraction the two fell for each other, they must learn to work the best way they can together. The way Susan Meier depicted the small town, is spot on! Harmony Hills is full of gossip and everyone thinks they know all the facts, but of course they don’t. Their gossip made families take side on every situation. People who didn’t like the gossip about Piper or Cade wouldn’t even shop at the store. They even interfere with Piper and Cade’s relationship; they were always afraid what people would say. Cade was all sorts of sexy in my opinion, I have no idea if it was the fact that he was a cowboy or how he would always call Piper “Darlin”, that made me melt. I also enjoyed all the bath and forth between Cade and Piper was so great! I also enjoyed the development the two characters had from being enemies to friends to lovers.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Chasing the Runaway Bride by Susan Meier is a Red-Hot Bliss, which means a little spice has been added to a typically sweet imprint. This book has a unique storyline, along with a cast of characters that are very interesting, funny and gossipy. Harmony Hills is a small town in Pennsylvania, where everyone knows your whereabouts and your business, even after you have been away for twelve years. The residents are very devoted and loyal to the town and each other. Twenty-eight year old Piper O’Riley has been to the alter twice, and has left her grooms standing both times. She was not in love with either of them, yet it took her until the very last moment to come to that realization. Due to her actions, she is the butt of jokes and whispering. She lays low most of the time in order to prevent the busybodies from making her life even worse. Piper is smart, beautiful and is the manager of the local chain drugstore. The O’Riley's are well known for being on one side of a family feud that has lasted many years. Her father lost their grocery store in a poker game decades ago and to this day, she has wanted to reclaim what she believes belongs to both her and her mother. Cade Donovan is a former Marine that left Harmony Hills to start a new life as a rancher in Montana. He had to escape, because the gossip mill was running rampant and he was unable to get a handle on things. He is a handsome and charming man that plans on owning the Double K ranch in the very near future. Due to his grandfather's passing, Cade is back in town to fulfill the requirements of his last will and testament. His grandfather owned the local grocery store and his will states that both he and Piper must share the ownership of the store for one year. Cade's grandfather was the other half of the family feud. Piper and Cade make a great couple. Ms. Meier does a wonderful job of evolving their relationship from enemies, to friends, to lovers. Their connection is sexy and hot, and I loved how they communicated with each other, both in and out of the bedroom. I felt their love developing, and was cheering for them to be together from the moment I experienced their tangible chemistry. The grocery store conflict is quite fascinating, as each detail of the past gets discovered and unraveled. This is an engaging story about two people who find love by overcoming the many challenges both in the past and present. Complimentary copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
Anytime you have a kind of enemies to more than that kind of  story AND it has a cowboy in it, I am so there and this book did not disappoint. Great description, sexual tension, and small towns. It doesn't get any better than Piper and Cade. I can't wait to read the next story.
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating! This book had all the right ingredients for a really fun read. You have a small town, a decades old rivalry between two families that's divided the previously mentioned small town, a girl who's run off from her previous two fiancés before even finishing her walk down the aisle, and a cowboy who has a history of running of his own. Yep this book has fun written all over it! Did I mention the cowboy thing? Just checking... I love watching two people who can't stand each other fall head over heels in love. All of the bickering and eventually trying to fight off the realization that they're attracted to one another. The denials, the eventual heated kisses, the "what are we thinking?! This can't happen!" Ahh it's so much fun. In this case it's got so much more to it because entire families and even the whole town basically have a line drawn and taken sides for the past 30 years. There was a lot of humor in Chasing the Runaway Bride and I found myself grinning and giggling on more than one occasion. There was also quite a bit of frustration as well. When you have a rift that's hanging over all those heads for more than 30 years there's bound to be some very opinionated people and in a small town where secrets are hard to keep and rumors spread like wildfire, some of the people really had me ticked off with how hurtful they could be. The characters were very likable. Piper was sweet, determined and logical. She was so endearingly innocent, for lack of a better word. And man oh man, does she fight her attraction to Cade with a vengeance. As if she stood a chance. Did I mention that Cade is a cowboy? With the Stetson and the darlin's to back it up too. Having not read the first book in this series yet, learning Cade's family history was quite sad. He has a lot to work through that becomes a secondary obstacle to their happily ever after but he's definitely swoon worthy and he can darlin' me any day of the week! So overall I enjoyed this book and I will more than likely, hopefully sooner rather than later, be getting the first book and read Finn's story. He was pretty funny from what I could tell so it should be entertaining! And eventually even Devon's story who seemed more on the serious side. These Donovan boys definitely have me intrigued! Thanks Entangled for giving me a copy of this book to read and review!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
A great enemies to lovers story. This is a well written quick read that keeps you entertained. While it is the second in a series it is easily read as a standalone. Home for his brothers wedding and the reading of his grandfathers will, Cade suddenly finds himself the half owner of the town grocery store. The other half owner - Piper O'Reilly, the town runaway bride and the one woman that can drive Cade to distraction. Not to mention a member of the enemy family. Cade never expected to stay. There is a part of his past he does not want to face. I recommend this one!