Chasing the Serpent: A Time to kill, a time to heal

Chasing the Serpent: A Time to kill, a time to heal

by Andrew de Berry

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Andrew de Berry is a retired prison chaplain and vicar, who has long felt ill at ease working within the constraints of an Establishment (the Church of England), whose Christianity seems to be constanbtly undermined by what he would call a respectable 'Churchinaity'. Chasing the Serpent is a sequel to A Candle for Lucifer, both books being psychological thrillers. Chasing the Serpent focuses on a young Scot Shane McArthur, wrongfully convicted for his girlfriend's murder. In sharing Shane's torment in prison, might he be linked to an earlier troubled soul, more so when this presence materialises as a ghost in his cell? Nicholas de la Croix is also central to the story. As a disillusioed priest who chooses to bcome a prison chaplain he finds himself in the same prison as Shane, with both men discovering friendship from unexpected quarters.The story revolves around love, poisonous jealousy and murder, that further involves Freemasonry and corrupt policemen. Through it the author seeks to explore who we are whether through ideas of reincarnation, karma, etc.The serpent in mythology is a symbol of contradictions: Wisdom and cunning, healing and death. Its main association within JudaeoChristianity appears in the Garden of Eden story, where Satan the fallen angel disguises himself as a snake.An assortment of police officers (some retired) have had plenty to say on the book! 'An utterly compelling read' writes one, a retired CID officer. 'Bizarre, shocking. I can't wait for the sequel', writes retired Special Patrol Officer Tony White, QGM and arresting officer of Donald Neilson alias, The Black Panther

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ISBN-13: 9781908883001
Publisher: Andrew de Berry
Publication date: 06/01/2012
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