Chasing the Wild Sparks

Chasing the Wild Sparks

by Ren Alexander


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What would you do if the love of your life doesn't want the same life you do?
Hadley Beckett has failed in not only her career, but as a daughter, friend, and girlfriend.

Hadley's longtime boyfriend, Finn Wilder, who is Richmond, Virginia's local daredevil and favorite sportscaster, isn't afraid of anything...except for LASIK surgery, dancing, marriage, and kids-the last two being what Hadley desperately wants with him. Finn leads a very public life; however, he leaves Hadley in the dark about most of it. Despite his public persona, Finn is viciously protective of his private life. Excluding their families, his best friend and Hadley's friends, nobody knows he has been dating her for three years. Finn loves Hadley and he knows she wants to get married. Nevertheless, he has his own reasons for not wanting to marry her.

Fearing at 33 that she will soon be too old to have kids, Hadley wants Finn to change his mind and marry her, yet her insecurities about his seemingly charismatic personality and his constant rebuffs have her questioning her aspirations. With conflicting advice from her friends, Hadley concludes she should take things into her own hands.
Would he change his mind then?

Finn pressures Hadley into moving in with him, but being traditional, she wants to be married first and she wants to stick to her beliefs, just as he clings to his own. Finn has tolerated Hadley's stubbornness long enough and he's reaching his breaking point.

Finn Wilder has his own story to tell.

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ISBN-13: 9781492990345
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/13/2013
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

About the Author

Ren Alexander was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, but grew up in a nearby tiny, historical, college town in the Northern Panhandle of the state. She graduated from West Liberty University, where she received a B.S. in criminal justice. Although interested in that field, her true passion was reading and writing.

She currently lives outside Detroit, Michigan with her husband, two daughters and two cats.

"Chasing the Wild Sparks" is Ren's first novel.

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Chasing the Wild Sparks 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book definitely had me chasing more than sparks...I kept chasing after the next page <3 One thing that this book does is you get both perspectives of the main characters in the book being Finn & Becks.  Becks wants the fairy tale ending, complete with wedding bells & babies. Completely in love with Finn, there is no other for her. Problem is Finn doesn't want to get married and just wants to move in together but with only enough time to see each other on weekends, she can't help but questions what is going in in his mind. Dating for three years is this all this will ever be? You just want to take Finn's arm and beat him with it for her! Than you get to Finn's point of view... Finn is in the public eye and everyone sees his public persona, only thing he truly wants is to keep his private life private. The girl he loves most is his only and he doesn't want to share with the public. As long as he knows and shows Becks that she's the one for him and no one else...that's what counts. I know...this is where I went "Awww" and when he says stuff like "your my soulmate, without you, I'm nothing." And just one more thing ROD! OMG this guy is something else! A potty mouth that keeps you laughing...everyone needs a Rod in their life...lucky me I married one like him lol.  Onto the next book...Daring is waiting for me ;)
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I am new to this author and of course, new to the series, but this is a fantastic story right from the beginning.  Hadley and Finn have been dating for 3 years and he is not afraid of anything except LASIK surgery and marriage.  Hadley, meanwhile, is ready for marriage and kids but her problem right now is no one knows publicly(like his fans) are dating.  This is a really fast read and a great story and really gives you the ins and outs of a relationship.  Honestly, the only problem I had was the language,specifically the use of the f-word and  it's common usage in the conversations of the story. But that is just me, maybe because of my age and background.
Heather Wamboldt More than 1 year ago
This story is so much more than I expected. So many couples today have the same problem when deciding on moving in, marriage, and children. Ren Alexander writes of this issue with side-splitting humour and common sense combined. The characters are terrific and you know that Finn and Hadley love each other but can they take that final step? I am ready to start the second book since this one ended on a cliffhanger. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Lily07 More than 1 year ago
An excellent story thus far, as this novel does end on a cliff hanger. Great characterizations. Delightful camaraderie between both the main male character's friends and the main female character's friends. There seemed to be the most "air time" given to the main female character's friends and also, to her employer. Both the main male and female characters appeared to be strong, focused and steadfast in their values. I voluntarily received an advance review copy of this novel via Booksprout and I am leaving an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation to this author.
Amanda_Kaye More than 1 year ago
Finn and Hadley. I must admit I didn't like Finn a lot because he tried to hide Hadley but this story is about more than that. It is how you can make a relationship work when you have so many things going against it. It was a decent read.
AmberatWickedGoodblog More than 1 year ago
Up until about a month ago, I had never heard of the author Ren Alexander. This polite email dings in my inbox one day telling me that she had found my blog online, read some of my reviews and would I be interested in reading her work Chasing the Wild Sparks? Well, yes.. I would, actually. After reading the blurb on GR, I definitely wanted to see what story this author was spinning. And so it goes... Characters - Finn Wilder. Who couldnt love someone with a name like that, eh? Hes the local celebrity, sports anchor, all around do-anything for an adrenaline high showoff. Hes really as good as gold though. And the one thing that he never waivers in is his love for his girl - Hadley 'Becks' Beckett. Becks loves him too, with all of her heart. But in her mind - life has to be done a certain way. They must date, be engaged, get married, live together, have children. IN THAT ORDER. Story - the first thing I absolutely loved about this book is the age of the characters. They were older than a lot of the characters in the books on the market today who are still wet behind the ears when it comes to lovin'. These people were in early 30s, which made them all the more relatable to the audience IMO. The next thing would have to be the friends/secondary characters! OMG - if only I could have friends like that in real life! They were hilarious monsters! I am hoping beyond hope to see WAY more of them in the sequels because they really 'made' the story. They brought everything into sharper focus because at certain times in the story (i wont give away any spoilers) I can honestly see some of my friends behaving like Morgan and Rod did. Meaning well but the timing just couldnt have been any worse. I loved Finn and Becks but im not sure I loved them together. There were times I wanted to yell at Finn to grow up, man up and just be the man that Becks needs you to be! But I could also say the same for Becks. At times I wanted to shake her and say... who does this crap? Just LET. IT. GO. But that, for the most part, is what makes reading so enjoyable, at least for me. Going through the emotional highs and lows with the characters. Feeling what they feel and experiencing the ride with them, first hand. And then.. it happened. The ending. I guess I should have seen this coming since its Wild Sparks #1. But I didnt. Yeah. Totally my fault. ........... grumble, grumble... cliffy. I happily give Chasing the Wild Sparks 4**** WickedGoodStars and will definitely be looking forward to more from this author! *Thank you Ren Alexander for the opportunity to read/review this book!*
booboo2004 More than 1 year ago
Hadley wants what every girl wants out of life.  She wants love, marriage and babies.  How hard is it to get when you find "the one"?   Finn wants Hadley to move in with him.  He is tired of not being able to see but 2 or 3 times a week, mostly the weekends.  He wants the love of his life to be there forever. Hadley knows that Finn loves her.  She is not moving in with him.  Under duress he said he will get her an engagement ring.  But she is not falling for that.  He can ask and then move on and still not get married.   What's a girl to do? Morgan, her BFF, is trying her hardest to help but it makes it all a bigger mess. Her love for her BFF Rod (He is like a brother) is making Finn jealous.   Finn knows what she wants and she knows what he wants. And never the twain shall meet? Great beach read.  Love the sexual tension and you can feel the love between these two. Must read.  
marincheto007 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book and I really liked it. The story drew me in and I finished it in two days. I cannot say that it is one of my favorite reads but it is close :) The only reason for that is that I usually like books with more dynamic story. One of the things I really loved about this book is that the story is different. It is not about 2 people meeting and falling in love but the story of a couple who is together for already 3 years and they are desperately in love with each other. Although they both have issues which they have to overcome so they can be really happy together. There were moments in the book that I was so pissed with either Hadley, or Finn. In a way I get both their points and I was just thinking that everything can be solved if they just talk to each other or stop being so stubborn. Unfortunately, as it happens also in real life, things never get resolved that easy. I really liked that there are few chapters in the book with Finn's pov. I would really like reading more of his thoughts because it gives a glimpse of his thoughts and actually explains quite a lot of the things he does or doesn't do for that matter. I would be definitely looking to read the next book in the series. I got hooked :)