Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid

Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid

by Nikki Giovanni


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With Chasing Utopia, Nikki Giovanni, one of America’s most celebrated artists, demands that the prosaic—flowers, birdsong, winter—be seen as poetic.

The poetry of Nikki Giovanni has spurred movements and inspired songs, turned hearts and informed generations. She’s been hailed as a healer and a national treasure. But if her reputation is writ large upon the national stage, her heart resides in the everyday where family and lovers gather, friends commune, and those no longer with us are remembered.

And at every gathering there is food, food as sustenance, food as aphrodisiac, food as memory. A pot of beans are flavored with her mother’s sighs, this sigh part cardamom, that one the essence of clove; a lover requests a banquet as an affirmation of ongoing passion; an homage is paid to the most time-honored appetizer, soup.

Chasing Utopia affirms once again why Nikki Giovanni is as energetic, “remarkable” (Gwendolyn Brooks), “wonderful” (Marian Wright Edleman), “outspoken, prolific, energetic” (New York Times), and as relevant as ever

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ISBN-13: 9780688156978
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/29/2013
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Poet, activist, mother, and professor, Nikki Giovanni is a three-time NAACP Image Award winner and the first recipient of the Rosa Parks Woman of Courage Award, and holds the Langston Hughes Medal for Outstanding Poetry, among other honors. The author of twenty-seven books and a Grammy nominee for The Nikki Giovanni Poetry Collection, she is the University Distinguished Professor/English at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, and an Oprah Living Legend.

Table of Contents

Chasing Utopia 1

A Short Essay Affirming Why 4

If a Lemon 6

Podcast for Bicycles 7

Why I Wrote The Grasshopper's Song 9

My Sister and Me 13

Spices 14

The Other Place 16

The Lioness Circles Her Brood in New Orleans 17

The Right Way 19

Spring Blooms 20

The International Open 21

The Giggle Bank 22

Kick Stretch Kick 26

Mrs. Scott 27

Where Did the Night Go 29

It's Just Love 30

Still Life with Apron 32

One Thing 34

And Everyone Will Answer 35

Day Pass to Heaven 41

My Dream 42

Artichoke Soup 43

On Knoxville, TN 44

Affirming My Birth Date 45

The American Vision of Abraham Lincoln 48

I Am at That Point 51

I Hate Mondays 52

A Song for a Blackbird 53

Icarus 54

When the Girl Became a Poet 56

When God Made Mountains 59

These Women 62

Cooking with Mommy 65

What the Fly on the Wall Overheard 68

Fear: Eat In or Take Out? 70

Biscuits: Dropped or Baked 72

Poets 74

For Mark Dressman 75

Postcards 77

In Defense of Flowers 78

Werewolf Avoidance 80

Exercise 81

I Communicate 82

The Lone Ranger Rides the Lonesome Trail Again 83

For Runaway Slaves 85

My Diet 86

Nickels for Nina 87

Blues for Roanoke 89

The Spotlight in the Sky 91

The Spider Waltz 92

I Wish I Could Live (in a Book) 93

I Wish I Could Live (in Music) 95

I Wish I Could Live (in a Painting) 97

Don Pullen 99

Making a Perfect Man 101

When My Phone Trembles 104

Still Life with Crying Girl 105

Robert Champion 107

Allowables 109

Flying in Kigali 110

Terezin 112

To the Lion Who Discovered a Deer in His Habitat: Give Him Ketchup! 114

The Significance of Poetry 116

Note to the South: You Lost 117

The Golden Shovel Poem 119

Morgantown, WVA 120

For Sonia Sanchez 121

For Haki Madhubuti 123

Our Job Safety Is Your Priority with Coffee 125

The Brown Bookshelf 129

Interior Vision 131

I Give Easily 133

People Who Live Alone 134

Before You Jump 135

You Gave Her Something 137

Thirst 139

The Scared and the Vulnerable 141

Author's Note 143

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Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nikki embraces the meaning of life in her eloquent and descriptive words of food, drinks, and flowers.   She makes it easy for the reader to cherish every moment on earth by celebrating the senses with flavors and aromas that involves family.   This zest for life continues and includes the appeal of familiar places and tastes.   Furthermore, Nikki makes you proud to be an Artist, Writer, and Poet.  Also, Nikki pays homage to the people’s and her own favorite Artists and Authors such as Nina Simone, Toni Morrison, and Langston Hughes.   Basically, it is a good idea to own this book, so you can have a constant reminder of what is really important in this life.   More importantly, it is a great way to incorporate reading for the food enthusiasts.  Now, just thinking about it, I am so hungry for more. Author Tomeka Rocquelle Davis
Anonymous More than 1 year ago